The Secret Formula to Become a Professional Freelance Content Writer Fast

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If you’re a non-native English speaker like me, to become a professional freelance content writer fast is a myth. But I found the best, if not, a life-changing approach to turn things around.

Once you apply my piece of advice and inject the principle into your writing career, the way you see yourself as a writer won’t be the same again. You definitely want to find out how to become a professional freelance content writer fast, and, if possible, without spending a cent from your pocket. 

You’re in financial trouble, and I know you need money right now. So, there is no way for you to buy web hosting or pay for monthly subscriptions to access premium content writing tools. As much as possible, you want to earn more income from freelance content writing online without capital. 

If this sounds like your concern, you’re in the right place. On top of everything, you will soon find out that this secret is also considered the best approach to landing high-paying writing opportunities on the internet, especially for web content writing jobs. 

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How to become a professional freelance content writer fast and easy for free?

I know it is a boring headline, doesn’t it? But, I want to raise a few questions. Can you tell me if it failed to do its job or not? Despite the overuse, did it well catch your eye and get your attention to click the post first? Did the title make you feel a slight punch in your gut, though a cliche?

The essence of content writing

If you could possibly hear my voice in written words right now, you feel like I am directly talking to you. Whenever I point out your exact situation, you feel understood. This is when you feel connected to me, and you start to look forward to what I am going to say next. 

If there’s any emotion that is building up inside you while reading this text, that means the content works and the writing techniques I used in this post were effective. It is the kind of experience you want your audience to have when you try to come up with any piece of content to achieve a certain goal for a specific audience. 

This transformational experience you’ve just had is what content writing is all about. You are not only writing for the sake of having to look at on the web pages but as a modern storyteller. Didn’t you realize that you are basically the modern Jane Austen or Mark Twain in the modern business world?

Earn 4-figures from freelance content writing without capital?

First of all, let’s start with a serious question. Is it possible to become a freelance content writer fast without asking for investment? 

The answer is yes. Anybody can start freelance content writing and earn money fast for free. The internet offers limitless possibilities for making money writing online.

Over the years, I compiled exhaustive lists of different opportunities you can try and explore your writing potential and limits, such as the following: 

These are a few of what you can do creatively to find or open new opportunities for you to monetize your English writing skill. If this is something you want to work out for you, what you’re about to read next will blow your mind away. It is why I highly recommend you stay and reach towards the end of this post.

No zero scarcity for freelance content writers

Nowadays, you will see a continuous increase in demand for freelance content writers, especially for startup businesses. Many business owners would like to hire a content writer to set up their web pages to sell their services.

They may include, but are not limited to, the About Page, Contact Page, Services Page, Subscription Page, Shop Page, Home Page, or Latest Stories Page, which comprises 3-5 long-form pieces of content, also known as the website’s cornerstone content.

It is why there’s a 0% scarcity rate in the marketplace, as more and more businesses adapt to the online market. Each business needs at least one content writer on the team. If possible, the content writer must have the flexibility and enough experience before getting hired. 

On top of that, they must also possess soft skills unrelated to the writing skillset. Click here to see the list of soft skills most people look for in every industry in 2022.

What you’re missing out on high-paying freelance content writing?

To give you a real-life example of these kinds of writing jobs, this is the one I got from one of the most popular content mills right now. As you can see, the Australian-based client is searching for a content writer that can do exactly what I just mentioned earlier.

Example 1: A client searches for an email marketing copywriter for $30/hr to $60/hr.

Upwork Hiring Email Copywriter High Paying professional freelance content writer uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on November 10, 2021.
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Example 2: An SaaS company wants a content writer to join its team.

Hiring Creative Writers professional freelance content writer uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on November 10, 2021.
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Example 3: A business coach wants a content writer for a new website.

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There are tens of thousands more freelance writing gigs like this on Upwork alone. You have others like LinkedIn Jobs, OnlineJobs, or simply Google searches to find your prospects online. You literally have a lot of options to make money as a writer. But, there’s a catch. You’ve got to know something you probably never have heard of.

What’s the catch!

No clients would want to work with amateurs. So, if you don’t treat your writing career professionally, you’re definitely heading south. You certainly don’t want to end up like that, do you? 

If you’re not like most people, follow my piece of advice. When you believe and follow every word I say, I guarantee your safety, if not, a successful and thriving future as a freelance content writer. Otherwise, it won’t take long before you see the uncomfortable consequences. Trust me. I’ve been there, so take it from my experience. 

The client’s no. 1 preference for hiring a freelance content writer

If you only spend more time researching potential opportunities on the internet, including the ones you think don’t match, you will soon realize how much financial blessing you can actually take advantage of. 

The thing is, you cannot attract high-paying writing jobs like this when you lack the basic skills it demands aside from your English writing skill. In this case, clients tend to choose writers who blog because the client does not need to explain more. 

The writer who also operates a blog knows what to do behind the scenes, such as writing posts on WordPress, knowing the functions of WordPress, the plugins, and the list goes on. To put it simply, if you want high-paying clients you want to work for, you must look professional in their eyes. That is a rule of thumb. 

With that said, you have to work on the first step, which is to start caring about your marketing. How do you present yourself on the web? Just a writer? It’s fine, but if you choose between a writer without an official website and a writer who has already a reputation, people would easily choose the latter. 

How does author marketing work successfully?

As an exercise, I want you to hover your mouse on the top right section to create a new tab. Then, go to the Google search page, and type in the following keywords, “content writing for non-native speakers” on the search box. After you click the button to search, you will soon be blown away if you’re about to see it.

Out of 2.35B pieces of content published on the internet, people will see yours first. Here’s the catch. The search engines, for instance, the Google search results gather billions of content available online related to the keywords, each tab will only have ten slots for the winners.

I felt the same way as I did when I saw the numbers. You know, you can’t argue with facts. There’s no way around it. But there is something in me that tries to deny what is going on.

Imagine doing some research, and out of the blue, you see your name at the top of the results page. In the back of your mind, you know that the topic you want to write about is a highly saturated and highly competitive niche. 

Nonetheless, I know that all you care about right now is to see your name, website name, book, or blog posts at the same spot, that lovely, sweet spot. If you could achieve the same as me, your content could win against the billions of information within less than a second. 

What does this mean to me?

If you do, well, I expect you would as this question, “What does that mean to me?” 

If billions of information from various sources online compete to be at the top page of the search engines, that’s also a billionth chance for any piece of content to succeed. 

When you have successfully built the foundation of your author brand, you can take advantage of free marketing and save a lot of money from useless strategies and tools. That brings us to the next point. 

What is author marketing?

Author marketing in a simpler explanation is a system that brings a writer through several processes to reach writing fulfillment. Of course, every writer should publish a book. It’s like a science wizard fulfilling the aspiration to become a full-fledged astronaut; like a bar singer to a superstar. 

Similarly, a writer’s highest contribution and the most meaningful contribution is leaving a legacy. And what you’re about to discover is the key to moving closer to high-paying and long-term writing opportunities. 

Is it possible for non-native English speakers?

As demanding as the writing industry is, you know how fast-paced and highly competitive you must be to catch up and get paid as a freelancer. 

If you are a non-native speaker, it must be a tougher fight for you. Many people don’t want to hire non-native speakers to write content in English, especially for native-speaking audiences. 

Despite the discrimination, it doesn’t mean we cannot do anything about it. The answer is simple, but it requires the writer’s millionaire mindset. The sad story is that not many NNS writers don’t know about the key to finding great writing opportunities as I did when I cracked the code. 

As a result, many of us, who have been doing for this a while, suffer from unimaginable levels of exhaustion. At our worst, many non-native speakers fall into a deep state of sadness, which develops into depression later on. This isn’t the story you want to tell your family and friends, is it?

Final Thoughts – The secret you’ve been looking for!

Here’s the secret. To help you build a strong author brand to increase your authority in the writing community, you need to know how to build a professional-looking website and turn it into a money-making machine. 

Building a machine for your potential passive income as a writer requires a strong foundation because this approach is easier to follow and, most importantly, the controlled variable of the study, it must be cost-effective. 

Certainly, you can become a professional freelance content writer fast. There’s no doubt that you can earn as much as $2,500 from your first freelance writing gig. It is possible, but you have to do the prerequisites to get started. Am I making sense to you? 

If you want to speed up your career from amateur to professional content writer, you need to increase your chances to become a freelance content writer with a higher value. Given that, having a website is the best option you have to showcase your skills than simply a landing page as your writing portfolio. 

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