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Write Your First $5K

This course will teach you to make money writing online and build a successful and meaningful writing career as an ESL writer (also known as English writers, who are non-native speakers).

So, don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage and gain access to free video lessons and activities today. Click the button below to learn more about this course – the ultimate content writing course for non-native speakers!

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The Ultimate Content Writing Course for English Writers Who Are Also Non-Native Speakers

Learn how to build a successful and meaningful career even as a non-native English speaker starting today. No excuses. No BS. If you’re truly serious about turning your English writing skills into a high-income asset, take this course seriously, though it’s for free. Consider this a rarely given special privilege for you because it’s my mission to help as many writers who continue to struggle financially and professionally.

What Makes My Courses Unique to Students

When it comes to teaching, I’ve never been a fan of the traditional methods of teaching and learning. Remember how dreadful it was for me to sit and do nothing else for hours at school? I know it’s never fun doing that. So, why would I do the same thing, right?

Given this, it makes sense to me to change my strategy in teaching you the foundation of content writing. I tried to make it more simplified as it sounds. (I did try my best that I can to make the oh-so-complex world of content writing as simple as possible). With that said, expect the following experiences once you sign up for any of my courses, including the first one I developed called “Write Your First $5K.”

  • Student-centered teaching-learning instruction i.e. video lectures, assignments, etc.
  • Extensive research studies as the basic supplementary materials for the lessons
  • Creative use of media to deepen student’s understanding about the digital writing industry
  • Encouraging active student’s participation in class discussions as observable learning variable
  • Encouraging students to ask questions without having negative thoughts or feelings

M Gaspary Courses Testimonials

This class is very well organized and provides insightful guidance for moving toward success as a professional writing in any capacity. Mecyll serves as a heartfelt example of someone who has found her ‘Writer Warrior’ path and generously shares her experience and wisdom with others. She inspires students to contemplate deeply about who they are and to set specific learning objectives for their work which is a fruitful foundation. Her information and example are particularly inspiring for those writing professionally in an Acquired Language. Thank you for making this course available!

Lane Lasater, Career Psychohologist

Monetize Your English Writing Skills.

These courses & other free content I produce will help you become the best in the marketplace. But wait, here’s a disclaimer. Please read.

I’ve provided free content for years. From free eBooks to free courses, I’ve done my part to fulfill my mission and personal advocacy. However, you also know that there’s nothing that I can do if you don’t have the desire to succeed. I cannot help you with igniting that fading creative and writing superpowers within you, though I could write pieces to try and wake it up. Nonetheless, the results of these resources you get from me will not work or not be guaranteed to work if you, yourself, are not willing to try and explore your fullest potential. Got me?

It’s never too late to learn how to turn your writing skills into a successful online business. That is if you choose to start today will make a lot of difference for yourself and for your future. Get free access to my latest online course and start building a meaningful writing career today. Click the button below to find out more and view the course curriculum. Start learning today! Don’t miss it.


Mecyll Gaspary

Freelance B2B Content Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist

I am your course instructor with expertise in website content writing, SEO copywriting, with 8 years of professional writing experience. My vast experience in website copywriting and content writing has opened a lot of opportunities to train my writing skills in various forms and audiences. Over the years, I have worked with small media companies to small business owners and have helped them grow their businesses through providing quality content for their websites.

If you love my work, your support will help me continue writing great content.