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Welcome to the Website Disclaimer page! All terms stipulated in the sections below have been updated on January 13, 2022.


Mecyll Gaspary or simply M Gaspary is committed to keeping this website is up to date. Should you encounter anything that is incorrect or out of date, I would appreciate it if you let me know. 

Kindly indicate where on the website you read the information, so I could review it as soon as possible. Please send your response by email to: 

Kindly and carefully read the full text to learn more about how you can use the information provided, as well as the liabilities you need to agree with. 

Should you encounter anything that is incorrect or out of date, please send an email to with the following: 

  1. A subject line that briefly describes your concern, and;
  2. A detailed explanation of your concern in the message area

Warranties & Liabilities

MG Consulting & Web Content Writing Services will be referred to as the (“Consultant”) and the representatives of the companies, as well as others who need my advice, as the “Contractor.” 

By viewing this website or anything made available on or through this website, including but not limited to MGASPARY.COM PROGRAMS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, OPT-IN GIFTS, EBOOKS, VIDEOS, WEBINARS, ONLINE EVENTS, BLOG POSTS, E-NEWSLETTERS, CONSULTATIONS, EMAILS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND/OR OTHER COMMUNICATION, you are agreeing to accept all parts of this disclaimer. Otherwise, stop using or accessing the information provided on the Website.

The Consultant provides on (the “Site”) may contain professional digital marketing advice, and is provided in good faith. 

However, the Consultant makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness of any information on the Site.

Under no circumstance shall the Consultant has any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the site or reliance on any information provided on the site. The use of the site and your reliance on any information on the site is solely at your own risk. 

Freelance Writing Services

The Consultant will prepare certain materials, such as the Freelance Web Content Writing Contract and other supplementary materials, for the Contractor. However, the Consultant makes no representation as a result of the marketing consultancy services provided. 

Thus, the Consultant does not guarantee the same results as others, as the outcomes rely upon the Contractor’s active cooperation and commitment to embrace the Consultant’s advice.

The Consultant provides professional advice to the Contractor, given that the Consultant has reviewed the overall website content. The Consultant does not claim that all users will have the same experiences and results. Nevertheless, the use or reliance of any information contained on this is solely at your own risk.

Contributors & Client Testimonials

The testimonials on the Site are submitted in various forms such as text, audio, and/or video, and are reviewed before being posted. They appear on the Site verbatim as given by the users, except for the correction of grammar or typing errors. 

The views and opinions contained in the testimonials belong solely to the individual user and do not reflect our views and opinions. 

The same condition applies to the views and opinions of the guest contributors. The Consultant must not be held responsible for the content, as they are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the view of the Consultant per se.

Website Forms

When using web forms, the Consultant strives to limit the number of required fields to a minimum. 

For any loss suffered as a result of the use of data, advice, or ideas provided by or on behalf of the Consultant through the Website, the Consultant does not accept and is not responsible for any liabilities.

The use of the website and all its components (including forums) is subject to terms of use. The mere use of this website implies the knowledge and the acceptance of these terms of use.

Email Request/Inquiries

Responses and privacy inquiries submitted by email or using a web form will be treated in the same way as letters. 

This means that you can expect a response from us within a period of 1 month at least. In the case of complex requests, the Consultant will let you know within 1 month if we need a maximum of 3 months.

Any personal data you provide in the context of your response or request for information will only be used in accordance with our privacy statement.

Content Downloads

Furthermore, the Consultant cannot guarantee that any file or program available for download from or via our website or from any website linked to our website is free from virus or any other condition which might or could damage or interfere with data, hardware, or software with which it might be used.

Third-Party Websites

The Site may contain (or you may be sent through the Site) links to other websites or content belonging to or originating from third parties or links to websites and features in banners or other advertising. Such external links are not investigated, monitored, or checked for accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, or completeness by us.

The Consultant accepts no responsibility for the content of websites to which or from which a hyperlink or other reference is made. Products or services offered by third parties shall be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the concerned party.

The Consultant does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites linked through the site or any website or feature linked in any banner or other advertising. 

The Consultant will not be a party to or in any way be responsible for monitoring any transaction between you and third-party providers of products or services.

All intellectual property rights to content on this website are vested by the Consultant or in third parties who have placed the content themselves or from whom the Consultant has obtained a user license.

Affiliate Marketing

M Gaspary is a participant in the ShareASale Affiliate Program, as well as other affiliate programs, to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to these sites at no extra cost to you. 

Posts and advertisements containing affiliate links can generate a commission on purchases made from clicking directly from this blog to the online retailer. Note that not all links published on this blog are affiliate links.

Clicking these links helps support this website which readers have been able to read and enjoy for many years for free. I do not recommend any product or service I never use and only do so when I am truly a fan of the quality and results they generate.

The Site may contain links to affiliate websites, and the Consultant will receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links. Our affiliates include the following:

  • ShareASale
  • Thinkific
  • Surfer SEO

If you have any questions or problems with the accessibility of the website, please do not hesitate to use the form below or directly via email using the email address mentioned above. 

If you love my work, your support will help me continue writing great content.