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The Rival by M Gaspary Book Mockup in 3 Editions

The Rival

A love story of passion, music, and forbidden love, “The Rival” by M. Gaspary has been loved by Wattpad readers worldwide and is a must-read for anyone who loves MM erotic romance books, that will leave you breathless.

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Testimonials From My Happy Readers!

Empathetic, Passionate, & Rare Storyteller

Mecyll Gaspary is not just passionate about writing and storytelling; she is one of the few writers, who loves and respects her target audience. She can connect with a random creator and engage in deep and meaningful conversations about writing and life for hours! She is empathetic and understands the impact of words!

I believe everyone deserves a mentor like Mecyll, someone who would encourage a writer or a creator to dream and execute it like a pro. We need more people like her to be able to overcome all the labels and take more steps to overcome the pay gaps! Kudos!

Arunima Basu


Why Work With Mecyll Gaspary

With a 5-star-rating on Google Reviews, working with me is the best decision you’ll ever make for your business. Here’s why my clients love working with me which can be summarized in three main and critical reasons:

Highly-Gifted & Passionate

I am a passionate and highly gifted freelance writer, who has the capability of pulling positive factors to writing pieces of content and researching facts for your audience.

Experienced & Professional

I have been working with different clients from various fields of industries, niches, and needs. Yet, my writing style can tailor trendy topics with lifelong knowledge and expertise, which will motivate the readers to take action.

Results- & Quality-Oriented

As a professional website content writer, copywriter, or ghostwriter, I take pride in my writing skills and my ability to help you grow your small business and build the online reputation you and your business need and deserve.

Want To Work With Mecyll Gaspary?

I have an eye for SEO and the skills for writing effective website content. I have helped many small businesses to grow their online visibility and increase conversions. In fact, one company I worked for had increased to 10,000 pageviews in 6 months and even years afterward.

Trusted By Small Business Owners Worldwide

Of ALL the folks who responded to my proposal [on Upwork], Mecyll was the only one who actually asked questions about what I was trying to do. This is HUGE! People can tell you how great they are, but that’s not important. What’s important is how the person I hire is going to help ME.

Secondly, Mecyll was absolutely on time with every task I asked of her. She was also incredibly proactive with what she was tasked to do. Promptness, attention to detail, and eagerness [are] critical. Mecyll is all three. I definitely plan on using her again.

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Josh Scandlen, CFP, MS
Principal, Heritage Wealth Planning, LLC

Mecyll has written over 200 blog posts on my website It has been a pleasure to work with her and communication has always been easy.

All the articles Mecyll wrote for my blog were more than 2,000 words (as we agreed), so the posts are very comprehensive and detailed.

She is an experienced writer and based on what I have seen in practice, Mecyll can research and write articles about all kinds of topics.

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Roope “Robert” Kiuttu
Founder, Your Online Revenue, LLC

I hired Mecyll Gaspary, she is amazing. She listens, finished on deadlines, and contributes to the project. If you need someone to take the task at hand, and finish it the way you want it– Hire her!

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Kate Ross
Founder, Franchise Match Biz, LLC

Want More Proof?

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About Mecyll Gaspary

Author of “The Rival” and “Essentialism in Self-Publishing” from the Philippines; featured on Wattpad, Lifehack, Medium, and Thrive Global.

Hi, my name is Mecyll Gaspary. I am a self-published author and the founder of Writer Warriors, an online community, where I write and teach writers about finding their unique writing voices and developing their capabilities of curating marketable content for their audiences and clients.

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June 3, 2022 – Mecyll Gaspary

Despite calling myself a storyteller, ironically, I realized that I was never given the chance to open up my story after all these years of telling stories either for fiction or nonfiction readers. So, here I am today. I will be spending time with you telling my story, and I hope I won’t bore you with my mundane writing life. 

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This is my first video entry for my newsletter. In this video, you will hear me explaining why writers need a blog or a professional website.