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Hello, writer!

To make it easier for you, I compiled the following writing resources for you to review and see which of these will work out for you.

This page contains affiliate links, which helps me continue providing you the best content to help you in your writing career.

Are you scared? Don’t worry. I don’t promote anything I don’t use. So, rest assured that the ones I recommend are worth-sharing. 🙂

If you have more cool stuff to add in this list, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll look it up for you. If they’re okay for me (and enjoyed it), I’ll include those in the list.

Let’s help each other, writers!

For writing your first book:

For starting a blog:

  • Download free eBook “Becoming a Legendary Content Marketer”
  • Free 1-week email masterclass (additional bonus aside from the eBook)
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  • Refer to the SEMRush free SEO course for an in-depth discussion about the search engine optimization (This is my top SEO reference, too!)

For writing content:

  • Choose the best tool among the 75 writing tools to use from this epic list
  • Choose the best writing tool among the 10 tools from this list
  • Make use of Google Sheets or something related to record and organize your posts, publishing dates, and links (great for guest blogging and freelance writing)
  • Use MindNode App for brainstorming ideas
  • Use Grammarly for initial proofreading content
  • Read more books using the Blinkist App
  • Have a journal for your content ideas. Let me make one for you. Visit my Etsy shop to see my handmade pieces of notebook art.

For monetizing your blog:

For helping you increase your reach:

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  • I’m open to reviewing great reading and writing apps. If you have an app to share, feel free to shoot me an email.

For subscribers only:

  • Free 1-hr “Roadmap to a Successful Blog Launch” Masterclass (valuable resource for building a strong foundation for your blog)
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