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M Gaspary

Independent Publisher

Voice for Non-Native English Speakers

Since 2014, I have been writing content for businesses and beginner writers to help them achieve their goals. I take pride in writing well-researched content by pouring my heart and soul into it.

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M Gaspary Writing Track Record

Since 2014 to present

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My Korean dramas for writers blog post remains on top SERP. Click here to find out how I did it.

1,000+ Articles

100+ Happy Clients


Hire M Gaspary for Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting is definitely my thing!

Whether you need blog posts, articles, or eBooks written from scratch, I can do it all. I am a driven person, and your success is my mission. So, I want you to take a look at some of the few pieces I’ve written for established websites, as well as other blogs.


M Gaspary Offers Full CRO Services

Hired for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Content Strategy Consulting, & Content Marketing Planning for Digital Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

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Screenshot of one of my published articles on my client’s website

For almost ten years, I have spent most of my time helping many small businesses like this Finland-based company. My writing services contributed largely to improving the web content quality and increasing high-quality leads. Will you be the next in line?


M Gaspary as an Independent Publisher

My Mission, Vision, & Values

Despite being a non-native English speaker, I have successfully helped others boost their morale using a simple technique. Vulnerability.

With a decade-long professional writing experience, I find it interesting to look back at my journeys, going through my highs, and my lows. Not only do they remind me of the countless humbling moments in my early days, but they also help me find a way to see a glint sense of life’s purpose.

Over the past few years, I have spent a great deal of amount of time building this online platform for writers; collecting inspiring and motivational real-life experiences and freemium tools, as well as the industry’s best practices.


Work With M Gaspary

Take Advantage of the following benefits

Whatever interests you’re truly passionate about, the outcomes will always start in changing how you look at your website as more than just a blog.

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Content Strategy Development

Every responsible marketer knows that your website will soon become the portal for people. With that in mind, every word must represent you and your business.

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Holistic Consulting Service

Since 2014, I’ve written thousands of content for various established websites, such as Lifehack and Thrive Global while working a full-time writing job.

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5-Star Rating on Google Reviews

As a freelance writer and business owner at the same time, not only am I aware of the costs at stake with a few writing mishaps, but I also know how it truly weighs.

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Build a Meaningful Writing Career

I consider my business English writing skills as the key soft skills that will guarantee you launch a successful and meaningful business.

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Effective Storytelling Techniques

Writing effective content for the internet will not only require knowledge of SEO and digital marketing but the writer’s effortless ability to flirt with the readers with words

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All-Around Content Strategist

Certainly, you can hire just anybody without any hard feelings at all. In most cases, you only find writers who are either great at storytelling stories or optimizing content for SEO, and vice versa.

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How M Gaspary’s Writing Service Helps Other Businesses

Client Testimonials

Since 2014, I’ve collected quite a number of positive feedback from different people from all walks of life. Here are some of the previous clients I had worked with over the years. Don’t skip this part!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Experienced Writer & Great Researcher

Mecyll has written over 200 blog posts on my website www.YourOnlineRevenue.com. It has been a pleasure to work with her and communication has always been easy. All the articles Mecyll wrote for my blog were more than 2,000 words (as we agreed), so the posts are very comprehensive and detailed. She is an experienced writer and based on what I have seen in practice, Mecyll can research and write articles about all kinds of topics.

Roope “Robert” Kiuttu
Founder, Your Online Revenue

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Prompt, Detail-Oriented, & Eager

Of ALL the folks who responded to my proposal [on Upwork], Mecyll was the only one who actually asked questions about what I was trying to do. This is HUGE! People can tell you how great they are, but that’s not important. What’s important is how the person I hire is going to help ME.

Secondly, Mecyll was absolutely on time with every task I asked of her. She was also incredibly proactive with what she was tasked to do. Promptness, attention to detail, and eagerness [are] critical. Mecyll is all three. I definitely plan on using her again.

Josh Scandlen, CFP, MS
Principal, Heritage Wealth Planning

What Others Say About M Gaspary’s Work

Feedback from Writers & Readers

I love to hear your thoughts about my content on this website or any of my published works. Some of my fellow writers and avid book fans have also expressed their thoughts about my writing style.

Voice for Non-Native English Writers

Mecyll has the best of both worlds – fiction and nonfiction. While she has authored multiple novels, she also has practical knowledge about SEO, content creation, and blogging. This attribute distinguishes her as a writer because she comprehends the medium and is well-versed in the digital age. Mecyll is also a voice for many non-native English writers who are doubtful of their abilities.

Masroor Ahmad
On-Page SEO & Lead Content Strategist, India

Honestly, I could not be thankful enough for the overwhelming support I receive from different writers across the globe and for trying to engage and build a strong rapport not only with me but with the community.

Can’t get enough? Check out my Testimonials Page to read more about what others think about me as a writer and my writing approach.


What’s In-Store For You?

What’s next?

If you have followed me long enough, you’ve probably noticed two things about me. First is the love to stay in an “incognito mode.” Second is my passion to help others. Although you’d find my generosity crazy, it is my ultimate goal to help you move closer to your digital goals.

This website isn’t only informative, but it also tackles the spiritual side of writing. After you get through the foundation of effective content writing, you will find it easier to figure out how the picture of your business look.

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