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  • The Rival Uncensored by M Gaspary 20 sec video ad
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My Published Fiction Works

Since 2014, I’ve been writing fiction novels on Wattpad and, recently, across web novel platforms, i.e., WebNovel, Tapas, Inkitt, Dreame, Goobnovel, and many more.

Over the years, I finished three books in Filipino and English. While they remain available for public reading (except for “The Rival”), don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy reading the stories my readers loved so dearly for free.

What Readers Say About My Works?

What I like about your books is the cover & the poignant amount of attention you present in your characters to make them diverse & different from all the stories I have read on Wattpad. Although, I do sometimes recognize the use cliches. But otherwise, I really enjoy your books!

Awesome-Jeanz, Wattpad Reader

I love reading your books because I couldn’t predict what’s coming. And it makes my reading exciting and thrilling. Your books makes me forget the time. One tip for the readers out there who’ll read her works, have your mind in blank slate. Because whatever you have in mind won’t happen.

Kryzsa Nicole Lopez, Licensed Teacher & Wattpad Reader

Your characters grow and progress, as well as easy to read and [sic] believable. Why I like reading your books is what makes them different from the rest. There aren’t many authors I go out of my way to read, though I will admit I can read almost anything to a point.

Luke Tam, Wattpad Reader
Dr. Clay Cult of Eros 1 Gay Romance Novel 1080x1080px Mock Up works uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on February 26, 2020.

Dr. Clay

(Cult of Eros #1)

Book Description

Clay Elizondo is a young, prolific doctor whose prominence rose due to his family background and being a skilled medical personnel. He works at San Carlos University, where he meets Valon de Lara, an art professor and department head, at an unprecedented place and time, leading to an attraction they would have never imagined to take place. He has no idea how much Valon wants him in return. As their relationship grows deeper with each meeting, Clay realizes that secrets surrounding Valon’s past may prove difficult for them to overcome.

Book Status

Ongoing (Available on Wattpad)

The Rival Uncensored Gay Romance Novel 1080x1080px Mock Up 1 works uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on February 26, 2020.

The Rival (BL/Romance)

(Available as Ebook)

Could Chen forgive Alex, who had such a tumultuous past? Could Alex be willing to let go of his shame and accept Chen’s unforgettably beautiful love? What will become of our two main characters? Will they be able to have a “normal” love life, or will their trust difficulties take over?

This book is intended for mature audiences.

My Boss is a Cat Book Cover 3D 1080x1080

My Boss is a Cat (Fantasy)

(Web Novel, Ongoing)

Stephanie is a young woman who is desperate for work. Her desperation leads her to intern with a mysterious boss who turns out to be a cat. As she struggles to adapt to this new lifestyle, she finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue and deception. Can Stephanie survive the new job?

My Beloved Death King Book Cover 3D 1080x1080

My Beloved Death King (Fantasy)

(Web Novel, Ongoing)

A best-selling writer, Aerin, pressured to create another best-seller in search of a novel inspiration from modern society, accidentally discovers an old diary owned by her grandfather, entering the fictional world of Cromerth as one of the seven legion commanders with a big responsibility.

The Accidental Quest Book Cover 3D 1080x1080

Accidental Quest (Romance)

(Web Novel, Completed)

A story of friendship, loyalty, family, romance, and mystery, “Accidental Quest” shows how Beth’s determination and persistence with the help of Kaiser, born with quick wits and cleverness, help her get through life’s difficulties.

Planners & Journals

M. Gaspary’s Published Low-Content Works

Your success, as you imagine, will NEVER be possible unless you start taking concrete actions. To ensure you’re on the right track, check out the planners and journals I’ve made for you.

My Life Planner 3D Book Cover

My Life Planner

Detailed Action Planner 2022 by BitchyChicken w/ 560 Pages A5 Undated Daily Calendar Organizer, Weekly, Monthly, And Yearly Life Planner Notes for 12 Months Coverage

*Available in Kindle & Paperback Editions

Letters for Your Soul Book Cover 3D

Letters For Your Soul

A 365-Day Reflection Journal for Women, 400 Pages for Reflective Writing Essay, 52-Week Self-Reflection, Daily Gratitude Journal Writing Self-Help

*Available in Kindle & Paperback Editions

This section includes the guest blog articles I have written over the years, submitted across websites, and featured on established blogs.

Blogger Magazine
Raelyn Tan
Thrive Global
Write to Inspire (Medium)

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