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6 Powerful Reasons For Freelance Writing & Why You Should!

What are the powerful reasons for freelance writing this year? Do you think this post has enough reasons to convince you?

The title may appear clickbait, and you would think that I might mislead you. But here’s the truth. You would be losing a lot of money if you won’t start freelance writing today.  

If you choose to stay towards the end of this post, you will understand my reasons for writing. While doing so, why don’t you also try spending a few minutes of your time right now scrolling the content mill’s job listings, you will understand what I am trying to say.

Here are the 6 powerful reasons for freelance writing & why should do it, too!

  1. I want to be rich because I’m tired of living in poverty.
  2. I don’t want to live resenting for a life I never had.
  3. I want my family’s financial freedom and to live in bliss.
  4. I want my family to become fearless to dream big.
  5. I want to choose whatever I want to do with my life freely. 
  6. I’ve got nothing to lose anymore.

Reason 1: I want to be rich because I’m tired of living in poverty.

A few years ago, I told my mother something that she thought was outrageous. “I want to become a rich person in the future,” I said with confidence. Though the ideas seemed crazy to her, the way she responded surprised me more than the statement I uttered. 

“Don’t become a rich person. I don’t want someone to kill us,” she replied. It caught me off-guard, and I was speechless. I couldn’t utter a single word for a second. Literally, my mind went blank that I couldn’t say a thing to her. I couldn’t even look at her. I was totally devastated by what I learned. I couldn’t believe that I heard those words from my mother—the person whom I owed my life. 

Instead of dreaming big, she rather wants me to live a simple and normal life like everyone else around me. She feels content with having debts and being stuck in boredom. Of course, I want to live that way! But that’s not what my mind and heart want me to do at all. I knew back then that if I do something otherwise, I would end up totally devastated and resentful for choosing mediocrity.

At that moment, it didn’t take long for me to realize that she answered the big question I have had as an eight-year-old. “Why are we always poor, and why should we suffer like this?”

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Reason 2: I don’t want to live resenting for a life I never had.

I remember my father asked me to guard a yard of squash in front of our house. He said that if I don’t do a great job, we will end up having no food on the table. At that time, I couldn’t gather enough courage to ask why do we have to suffer like this. Whenever I visit my cousin’s house just four kilometers away from our home, I could see the difference by looking at the way they live their lives. 

My cousins have been living an easier life with abundant and sumptuous meals three times a day. The foods I saw on the table all the time looked and tasted way better than we had at home. 

As a kid who was barely ten years old, I was confused, especially when I hear them say that they have gotten used to the meals to such an extent that they would vomit if they would eat a meal more. How could they? For me, it was a feast.

Every year, they could afford to buy nice notebooks and pens for school. They travel to different places and buy nice clothes and pairs of shoes; whereas, all I have were their hand-me-downs and my parents could barely buy a complete set of notebooks for the new school year. 

I am tired of living like this. I’m tired of being poor when I see my cousins live in abundance.

Me, 7 years ago

Reason 3: I want my family’s financial freedom and to live in bliss.

All this time, I’ve been asking myself why can’t we get out of these debts. Every time we paid off old debt, another demand letter from a bank or a law firm comes in. I grew up wondering why there was an unending cycle of paying debts. As an adult, it frustrates me that I also ended up having debts that I could hardly pay them off. 

I finished high school to college selling what I’ve got to get extra money, allowances to eat properly at school; while others simply buy a cup of Starbucks. During those years, I had to run a small short-term business in secret because my parents don’t want me to. 

To them, a young kid running a business is an insult to them, as if they failed to do their jobs as parents or generally, as providers. There was a point when I have to kneel in front of a director of a scholarships office to give me a full scholarship to finish a 4-year degree in a prestigious university. I was that desperate. 

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Reason 4: I want my family to become fearless to dream big.

Then, the time came when my mother and I discussed my sister’s plans after graduation. Although she finished college, my mother thought that my sister had no plans to search for jobs. From my mother’s perspective, she doesn’t know how to respond to her colleagues whenever they ask about her children. Consequently, she created white lies to cover us up, thinking it would help her escape the dire situation, though she didn’t have to. 

“Relax. I know she has plans. We just have to be patient. Let’s wait,” I said to calm her nerves. Although she went silent for a few minutes, I knew what went through in her mind by looking at her eyes. While observing her gestures, I could hear the words she wanted to tell me and somehow I tried to keep myself composed, so I would not add to her uneasiness. 

Though she was having doubts about our future, she managed to gather her courage to say something in response to what we have been doing. “No. It shouldn’t be like that. Tell her to do what everyone else does. She’s just wasting her time.” 

I knew she would say those words. Yet, at the back of my mind, I knew my sister could thrive in whatever plans she has in mind. My gut feeling knew more than my logic because I believe she can 100%. I had no doubts that my sister will succeed because personality-wise, she was more than willing to take risks however the future could be for her. 

Reason 5: I want to choose whatever I want to do with my life freely. 

“I wonder how people of my age are so relaxed. They can go shopping to the mall to buy something, but my sister and I go there to pay a monthly bill?” I asked my mother out of the blue. 

“Because that’s what you chose,” she replied without second thoughts. “It was your choice to become a writer. So, you don’t have the right to complain.”

“Yes. I know.” After I heard what my mother had to say, all I could do was leave a heavy sigh. What else could I say?

“Why are you doing that anyway? You could have applied for jobs and get monthly paychecks.” She asked one more time, trying to convince me to forget that dream and be like everyone else, living a rather easy life. No need to do so much work and a stressful way of life, especially for a twenty-year-old-something me. 

“Because I want to be rich,” I said that freaked her out. Her eyes widen out of disbelief followed by a frown. “I’m tired of living like this. I’m tired of living like poor people when my cousins could have so much!”

She shakes her head, “Don’t think like that. We don’t have to be rich as long as we have all we want.” 

“Come on, we don’t have anything we want but debts. Is that the life you want? If you want that, I don’t.” I continued my explanation without caring about how disturbed she was. “If you just knew how I wanted to become a billionaire, mama. I really want to make that rich man you see on television know me. I want you to see me speaking on stage with that man.” 

Reason 6: I’ve got nothing to lose anymore.

It’s either do or die. The reality has become more unbearable. Regardless, I won’t stop. Never in my life have I embraced the word quit

As human as I am, I am unfortunately tired. Honestly, I am already in a state where I question my decision seven years ago. Was it the right decision to pursue writing than searching for another teaching job? Was my mother right after all? Should I just quit? 

Besides, it has been too long to wait for miracles from what I have been doing. For seven years, all I did was work on something I wanted to believe was possible. In the end, the reality remained the same for me. Although I already moved to another country, I couldn’t see any remarkable change in my life as my husband believes. 

My life is unfortunate. I still have debts to pay, and the funny thing is, I have more debts than my parents had combined in more than two decades. So, what is there to be driven and inspired to continue believing that there’s something for me in writing? Is it really true that writing can make me a millionaire? 

My final thoughts on 6 powerful reasons for freelance writing

Here comes the question I am afraid to answer. Whether writing makes you a millionaire or not, the answer lies in your routines and habits. Your future depends on what you do every single day. I have no doubts that writing makes you a millionaire, though it took a long time before I could see possibilities.

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That will be all for now. See you soon. Ciao!

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