Under this category are posts tackling about story writing tips. Most of the time, novel writing and story writing meet at one point. The only difference is when the story becomes lengthy with a lot of subplots, which then becomes a novel. The posts under this category will contain story writing tips for you to make use and apply in your stories.

  • [UPDATED] Best Korean Dramas For Writers

    You’re struggling. You want some inspiration. As a writer, I suggest you check these 8 Korean dramas for writers, hoping they spark your writing spirit again.

  • Epic Guide To Self-Publishing & Become A Best-Selling Author Even If It’s Your First Time

    To make a voice, never be content as a writer. Yes, earning an income as a writer can be substantial to our financial needs. But there’s more to it. We are writers. And we’re destined to tell more in a book.

  • How To Plan Your Writing Using Snowflake Method – Healer 2014 Review

    To plan your writing using the Snowflake Method while having fun is the best strategy. Deciding what story to write should be a thrilling experience. Not forced by trend or short-term joys. Remember, a classic took at least 2 years before it’s finished. Yet, it withstands through time.

  • How To Create Villains Using Psychology Of Evil

    Learning how to create villains you love to hate is one of the most fragile things in the writing process. For me, this is one of the most difficult phases among the other character developments I do.

  • How An INTJ Writes Tear-Jerking Stories Readers Love

    INTJ writes tear-jerking stories sounds appalling. How could someone as logically-driven and indifferent as this group writes works that make their readers cry? Well, in fact, they don’t seem they’re emotional enough to show it.

  • 53 Best Asian Time-Travel Series To Use As Novel Inspirations For Your Next Story

    Loads of best Asian time-travel series you can make use as a reference for your next story. That is if you want to earn insights on how Asian writers challenge the cliche and reverse the impact of annoying tropes. Ugh! *shrugs*

  • 61 Best Ways To Find Novel Inspirations & Best-Sellers

    I compiled 61 best ways among hundreds of possibilities out there you can try and see the results whether they work for you or not. Some of these are taken from personal experience. The same methods I used to produce a series of finished works my readers love.

  • 17 Best Korean Drama Plots Hooked Us To Binge Watch

    Before 2018 ended, I posted a thread in a great community I found on Disqus about their best Korean drama plots they love to watch out. Initially, I didn’t have expectations, however, their responses were overwhelming that got me off-guard.

  • Dabble Writer Review – How I Finished 3 Books?

    Dabble Writer is an offline/offline cloud-based writing tool that helped me finish my books in 1 year for $10/month. Click here to find out more.

  • How To Start A Novel Even You’re A Sucker In Writing

    I understand the frustration when you don’t know how to start your novel, especially if’s yet your first time. Everything is difficult. Confusion sets in as you stare at your blank page, frustrated and clueless where to begin.