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Just because English isn’t your first language, it doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive against native speakers at all.

Here’s All About M. Gaspary

About Becoming an NNS Writer

I believe every person can make money through writing online, even if they don’t have any writing experience. Like you, I started as a terrible writer. My first day of content writing was terrible. The editors, primarily native speakers, told me to improve because my article was bad. Really bad.

But why did I keep going instead of forgetting about my writing dream for financial security?

I could have stopped. But I know earning online as a writer gives me more flexibility to work around the world without worrying about commuting every day.

Writing online can also provide more chances to earn a stable income and more freedom to share my thoughts with billions of people worldwide.

For passion and/or freedom, my creative writing skill becomes beneficial for me and others who need it. Be it for marketing or entertainment. So, why should I quit?

About My Career Dreams

Helping you reach your fullest writing potential

1. Writing as a high-income skill

This site provides opportunities to improve your writing skills and make them your high-income skill set.

2. Sharpening writing for the web

This site helps you find the best writing tools and opportunities to sharpen your writing skills.

3. Mastering powerful content writing

This site will also teach you techniques for writing powerful content that appeals to clients and your readers/audience.

4. Boosting writing confidence

This site regularly publishes content to boost the writer’s confidence and attract more people to work with you.


Feedback from writers, readers, & former clients

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mecyll Gaspary is not just passionate about writing and storytelling; she is one of the few writers, who loves and respects her target audience. She can connect with a random creator and engage in deep and meaningful conversation about writing and life for hours!

She is emphathic, who understands the impact of words!

I believe everyone deserves a mentor like Mecyll, someone who would encourage a writer or a creator to dream, and execute it like a pro. We need more people like her to be able to overcome all the all the labels and take more steps to overcome the pay gaps! Kudos!

Arunima Basu, Columnist, Screenplay Writer, & Radical Feminist

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mecyll’s passion for writing can be seen in her posts. She knows how to use words to make her readers feel and ultimately act. Working with Mecyll is an absolute investment for your business!

Anushree Saxena, Freelance Copywriter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

[Mecyll] is a very talented writer and has a vast experiences as a content writer. Apart from being a wonderful content writer, she is also very good at creating social media posts. When I checked her website and read the content, I felt amazing. She writes from the heart and to the point. She is extremely talented, and I am happy that I know her and met her online through LinkedIn. I also want to her in advance, as I know she will touch more heights in her career in days to come. All the very best, Mecyll for your wonderful future ahead.

Vikram Brahma, Author of 15 books, Blog Content & Ghostwriter, YouTuber

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mecyll’s writing pieces are a treasure to read. They are so well-researched and the tools and techniques have been well used and applied. She also broadens her domains across multiple areas. This makes her an apt person for the challenging writing tasks. She is a wonderful person, always a pleasure to connect with.

Shivedita Singh, Climate Counsellor, Smart Cities Researcher at CarboFlow

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mecyll has got the best of both worlds—fiction and non-fiction.

While she has authored multiple novels, she also has practical knowledge about SEO, content creation, and blogging. This attribute distinguishes her as a writer because she comprehends the medium and is well-versed in the digital age.

Mecyll is also a voice for many non-native English writers who are doubtful of their abilities.

Masroor Ahmad, On-Page SEO & Lead Content Strategist, India

Rating: 5 out of 5.

[Mecyll] has truly a knack for writing, and [her] passion oozes out onto the screen. I could feel the emotion behind this article, and it was very inspiring for me as a newbie to the passive income game. I especially loved when [she] wrote:

“Even so, you have to commit to becoming wealthy. If you have to go through the hellish process of building a platform that will undoubtedly bring your smart passive income, later on, you must. No buts. No ifs. Just do it.”

I really needed to hear that, so thanks for keeping my fire burning!

Kate Wirren, Blogger

Achievements Received Over The Years

Awards, recognitions, & certifications

Semrush for Digital Agencies Certification

Writing so much in almost a decade had once challenged the status quo. This prompted me to become a certified digital content strategist granted by Semrush, one of today’s top-leading SEO tool providers.

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Acquiring a Handful of Content Writing Experiences in Various Formats

Since 2014, I have been earning an income from writing pieces of content online, such as Realty Today, Venture Capital Post, Movie News Guide, SportsRageous, Your Online Revenue, LLC (Finland), Heritage Wealth Planning (USA), and HeroHomes SG (Singapore).

Won NaNoWriMo 2018 and 2019 Consecutively

NaNoWriMo stands for National November Writing Month and comprises a team of bookworms assigned to organize the worldwide annual writing and awarding events for successful writers.

  • The Rival Uncensored by M Gaspary 20 sec video ad
  • The Rival Uncensored by M Gaspary 20 sec video ad
120,000 Novel Readers Worldwide & Still Counting

Since 2014, I have been writing fiction stories and have finished three novels on Wattpad, namely: 1) 30 Days with Mr. Weirdo, 2) The Rival, and 3) Accidental Quest, resulting in gaining more readers worldwide.

Guest Contributor for Established & Well-Known Websites and/or Blogs

While I pursued content writing, I’ve also written several guest posts on established websites like Thrive Global, Medium, PsychReg, Write to Inspire Publications (Medium), and Lifehack.

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  • M Gaspary's Published Works Featured Image
  • The Rival M Gaspary's Debut Novel in 2022 Featured Image
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From a Miserable Teacher to a Happy Professional Writer

Though it wasn’t an easy decision to quit my real-life teaching job, I have never regretted any decision, especially about my dreams and true aspirations.

Roope Kiuttu bio pic


Experienced & Versatile

“Mecyll has written over 200 blog posts on my website www.YourOnlineRevenue.com. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and communication has always been easy. All the articles Mecyll wrote for my blog were more than 2,000 words (as we agreed), so the posts are very comprehensive and detailed. She is an experienced writer, and based on what I have seen in practice, Mecyll can research and write articles about all kinds of topics.”

Roope “Robert” Kiuttu

Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, & YouTube Influencer


Prompt, Attention to Detail, & Eager

Of ALL the folks who responded to my proposal [on Upwork], Mecyll was the only one who actually asked questions about what I was trying to do. This is HUGE! People can tell you how great they are, but that’s not important. What’s important is how the person I hire is going to help ME.

Secondly, Mecyll was absolutely on time with every task I asked of her. She was also incredibly proactive with what she was tasked to do. Promptness, attention to detail, and eagerness [are] critical. Mecyll is all three. I definitely plan on using her again.

Josh Scandlen, CFP, MS

Principal, Heritage Wealth Planning

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Why Do You Write

Challenging family tradition

1. Mental health benefits

I suffered from depression and an eating disorder (I’m bulimic). My personality (a certified INFJ) and my (Philippine) culture don’t allow me to express my feelings overtly.

As a kid, I was grateful when someone bought me a Christmas gift—my first diary. And that was the first time I felt joy when I scribbled and saw my ideas turn into goals. (I guess that was the first time I realized I’m a writer.)

Writing has been the best remedy for an introvert like me to recover from an unhealthy lifestyle (depression and bulimia) by allowing me to say what I think and how I see things without speaking up on the stage.

2. Professional writing experience

Through writing, I explored various companies and different writing styles. I learned a lot from every people (fellow writers and bloggers) I met without being trapped in a cubicle or with a noisy co-worker.

3. Higher incomes.

I earned my first $500 income as a writer in 2018. That amount wasn’t possible for a low-salaried high school teacher.

Then, my first $2,500 income from freelance ghostwriting was in mid-2020, followed by $1,500+ in 2021, and I’m still counting.

For these reasons, I realized that writing could bring massive opportunities.

However, it was only possible when I applied the secret of powerful writing.

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Outstanding Writer

That was a [absolutely] tremendous read. Nothing short of outstanding. [Mecyll] certainly has a knack [for] connecting with [her] readers. I’m telling—[she keeps] writing like that [she]will go a long way—a very long way.

I wish I had [her] gift!

I’m telling—[she] WILL write a blockbuster of a best seller. It’s in [her]. It’s up to [her] to bring out that [masterpiece] and share it with the world.

Derek Marshall

Affiliate Marketer, Blogger

3 Keys to Achieve Effective Content Writing

Believe me, after 6 years of writing online in various forms and tones, the effectiveness of your content boils down to how you’re able to connect the 3 key areas and your ability to balance them:


What motivates you to write?


What’s unique about your story that keeps them interested?

Search Engines

Where in the world & how should the Bots/crawlers find you?

Reader’s Feedback

How readers worldwide love my works

Wow! This is probably the best post I’ve read. It has really informed [me] a lot about how I can improve as a blogger. This is great!

Fatsani Kafumbu

Once you fully understand the connection between these areas, writing wouldn’t be overwhelming. Your focus will become firm by avoiding the relentless guessing game.

This is an incredibly thorough, insightful article on apps that can assist with writing skills. I like how [she] uses Steve Jobs as an example because, with the [number] of tools reviewed in this article, [she wants] to match the same passion Steve Jobs had by getting through this entire article haha!

There are a lot of options here to try out, so I’ll give some of them a try. I’ll be sure to check out Grammarly since I write a lot. Thanks for all the research [she] did! I’ll be sure to bookmark it so I can come back to it.

Daniel. D

The M Gaspary Blog Covers Topics About…

The website exists to provide content that relates to the following topics but is not limited to:

  • Writing
  • Content writing, freelance writing, etc.
  • Writing tools & resources
  • Content writing, freelance writing, etc.
  • Writer’s life
  • True stories of excellent writers behind the screens
  • Simplified blogging for writers
  • Building your writer brand & find loyal fans
The Rival Uncensored by M Gaspary 20 sec video ad

About Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I’m Mecyll Gaspary, a writer with vast experience in writing—freelance writing, ebook writing, fiction writing, ghostwriting, content marketing, guest blogging, and affiliate marketing. Name it. I tried them all.

My long list of experiences in various fields allows me to explore where my writing can take me—financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Check out my published works here.

Writing certainly brought me a lot of benefits. Yet, the most powerful one realizes how powerful words are. Through words—written and verbal—one can either motivate someone to do better or otherwise. That’s why writers are the worst people to mess with for that reason.

  • Writing can bring money by writing bestsellers, profitable guest posts, freelance writing, and ghostwriting, as many companies need writers for their businesses.
  • Writing can inspire people to take action—changing their lives to achieve the best versions of themselves; it can make a global impact.
  • Above all, writing can heal one’s self, allowing the lost and the broken to find a sense of purpose, realize their potential, and make a powerful legacy through your story.

The point is you write because you can change someone’s life.

When you write something so powerful, you drive income. You get the attention. You create a buzz. You become somebody.

Through words, you create a war. An inner war. And through building a reputable blog, you attract the right people.

If you love my work, your support will help me continue writing great content.