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Today, more than ever, every business owner needs to scale up their efforts, not only to make their products more visible on the world wide web but to increase their products’ profitability and become a brand.

You need someone who can help you with great content and create the brand. Because it is only through hiring the best content writer that makes it possible for your content marketing strategy to work.

Here’s what I can offer you

Here is a complete list of freelance content writing services.

Web Launcher Writing Package

Your website represents you and your business. With my Web Launcher Writing Package, you will receive ready-to-publish and SEO-optimized content.

The package will include the following:

  • Landing Page
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Services Page
  • 3 Long-Form/Cornerstone Content (for an additional price)

If you need my help, feel free to let me know. Let’s talk.


If you’re wondering why your pages don’t convert, show it to me, and I’ll take a look. Schedule a free consultation with and submit your website link. Let’s talk.


If you’re searching for bloggers or writers who could write you sponsored posts, I am the person you’re looking for. If you like to take a look, here’s an example for you.

Interested? We can discuss it in detail and with agreeable terms. Use the contact form below to send me an email.

SEO Content Writing

Your business needs to generate consistent web traffic. And the best approach is to publish quality long-form content on your website. I can definitely help you with that.

Of course, I know you want proof. Check my case study here.


As much as you want to spare a few hours to write, it’s simply impossible. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. We can definitely work it out.

For example, you need eBooks as lead magnets to generate leads. To save you more time and effort, I can write different types of content you need for your business, from eBooks to blog posts.

If you’re uncertain or confused, I highly recommend you schedule a 30-min consultation with me. Don’t worry. It’s free. Let’s talk.

Voice Over for Ads

Aside from writing, I also provide voice-over services for ads. If you’re searching for an affordable high-quality VO for your business, you can hire me for the most affordable price.

Review my packages on Fiverr here.

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Why should you hire me?

At a quick glance:

  • A self-published author & independent publisher
  • 7 years of professional writing experience
  • versatile & flexible content writer with 100% client approval
  • expert writer for web content, guest blogging, ghostwriting, freelance writing, & ebook writing

I know what it takes to launch a business. Over the years, I have been working closely with company owners through content writing.

Despite being a non-native English speaker, I never failed to leave a positive, lasting impression on the content I’ve written.

My Writing Samples

If you want to review my writing style, I compiled a few of my written works as your references. The content can be in a professional/formal tone or in a friendly/conversational/informal tone, depending on your style.

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