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In 2020, an American hired me for a $2,500 project. It was my first job on Upwork. My task was to write mini blog posts with more or less 500 words. He assigned a specific playlist on YouTube, and all I had to do is to write a blog post on each video in it.

Within a month, I managed to finish more than a hundred videos but there were more left. So, I asked him if I should finish the whole playlist. He said yes. Then, I explained why I wasn’t able to finish the whole list of videos he uploaded.

Firstly, it was a time constraint. He hired me on the night of my birthday and his deadline was around a month later. So, I only had 30 days to finish everything. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. I need more than a month.

Secondly, he set the job up as a fixed project. That means Upwork will only credit the time a client writes on the platform, especially the deadline.

He understood the situation. It was supposedly the end of it because there was no way for me to accomplish what he tried to do for his goals. Something dawned on me that I suddenly had the balls to offer a special agreement with him.

Surprisingly, he agreed and asked me for details, which I happily submitted. What he did next caught me off-guard. He hired me again for an additional $3,500 to do the same task for the next two months.

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Start Freelance Writing Job on Upwork Now & Earn
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Start Freelance Writing Job on Upwork Now & Earn

Within a short period, I couldn’t believe my eyes that my bank account showed thousands of dollars coming in each month from 2020 to the first quarter of 2021. Who would have thought that someone like me could earn six grand in three months? How could a native speaker trust me so much that I can deliver content with a quality he knows best?

Look. I have no background in finance and not in any business niche, though I earn a few hundred dollars from selling handmade notebooks on Etsy, it’s not something I could brag about. Compared to other creative sellers on the platform, my sales aren’t stellar at all. Yet, he still hired me for one reason. Do you want to know?

Is Upwork The Solution You’ve Been Looking For?

I highly recommend you get a copy of my first self-published book called “Content Writing for Non-Native Speakers.” You’ve got to know what you’re missing out on, writer!

As you may know, some parts that you may have known before or at least have familiarized with, such as SEO and grammar, are not enough. I know it sounds harsh, but it is like that. Content writing, as an industry, is a highly competitive rat race.

But what I realized from my long list of professional content writing experiences as a non-native speaker, building a strong relationship becomes a necessity. Certainly, the internet may have spoken about it a bit. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of people who teach it in relation to content writing. This prompted me to write the book to share the knowledge I gained not only from experiences but from observations as well.

If you were only keen enough to see and notice the littlest commonalities and the pettiest regularities in everything that is happening in the online world, you would agree with what I will say here.

So, make sure you get the book today. It’s the only book written that reveals the untold stories of many non-native speakers around the world. And I’m pretty sure, you could relate to them.

Not only does the book inspire you to take action to turbocharger your writing career, but it can also be transformational by helping you realize that there’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with one thing you love. Writing.

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You Don’t Need Superpowers to Succeed!

Content writing does not require superpowers to excel in it. The fact is it only requires a bit of your English proficiency and writing competency combined. Hear me out, alright?

If you think you can leave a positive, lasting impression as a digital writer because your English teacher told you so, I will have to shut you up and don’t get excited.

Your teachers in grade school to college may not be entirely wrong about their judgment of your writing. But it is not enough to prove yourself when writing digital content, given that your role as a content writer affects businesses.

You have an unimaginable, if you allow me to use the word, colossal role in the content marketing industry as a whole. Regardless of your origins, what truly matters is your amplified confidence through writing. Though this is not a warning, consider this piece of advice. Your prospect clients, as well as your readers, smell fear and BS from desperate authors.

Mecyll Gaspary, Author

Our English writing experiences in the classroom do not equate to effective web content writing.

I mean, you are serving real businesses that adapt to digitalize their products and services and real people who are running the company. This group is not limited to typical businesses, but a group could comprise editorial teams whose role is to keep the quality consistent because not all of them offer physical products.

Most of them offer website content as their main source of income. They may earn from running paid advertisements on the sidebars or offering monthly subscriptions, such as Medium, and some writers, bloggers, news, and media companies who try to share exclusive content for those who paid monthly memberships for access.

As you can see, the role of a content writer is huge and the quality of the individual who aspires to become one affects the company’s strategies to achieve specific goals as most of them want to win the game. So, they have to make sure that that person is the right one to hire and pay based on what this person can provide.

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My Final Thoughts For Using Upwork As A Freelance Writer

Get a copy of the ultimate guide to content writing for non-native speakers now. Click this link here to check out the book now available for preorder on Amazon. When you preorder, you will get additional bonuses after you show proof of purchase or the checkout page screenshot.

Therefore, if you want to become a content writer as a non-native speaker, you have to work harder than anybody else. But it doesn’t mean you have to do it with your eyes closed. You don’t have to guess what works and whatnot because I have done all the shit for you. I have already spent seven years researching, guessing, and experimenting to figure out what truly matters.

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