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My name is Mecyll, and I am an indie author. Welcome to my home!

I’m a passionate storyteller who loved stories ever since. As early as 3 years old, I was labelled the “odd one,” suspected for possible undiagnosed autism. Born with an INFJ personality type, I’ve spent my life obsessed with being alone with books, paving the way to my love for astrology, spirituality, and psychology.

Published Books

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Essentialism in Self-Publishing

An Essentialist Guide to Simplify Writer’s Process of Writing, Self-Editing, & Self-Publishing Bestsellers

M. Gaspary’s nonfiction book “Essentialism in Self-Publishing” teaches you how to navigate yourself from writing to authoring books by making conscious decisions based on the Essentialist philosophy, which was first introduced by Greg McKeown.

Knowing more about your writing career will enable you to make better decisions that will propel you forward and to greater heights as an author.

My Name is Pepper (Sweetheart App #1) by M. Gaspary

My Name is Pepper by M. Gaspary


Sweetheart App #1

Meet Leslie and Alexander. Two different people. Two different lives. Both are desperate, feeling trapped in their own ways. But then, something happens that changes everything. From being hopeless and trapped, they became hopeful for the uncertain future—a future where they could be together.

But will this relationship work? Can these two find their way together despite all the obstacles? Or will they fall into oblivion?

Content Writing For Non Native Speakers Only By M Gaspary Ebook Cover

Non-Native Speakers Only by M. Gaspary

The Best Way to Start Writing as a Non-Native Speaker & Make a Living from Web Content Writing as Modern Storytellers

Learn how to build a successful and meaningful author brand as a modern storyteller with 100% control of the result you want for your writing business.

Not only does the book show the rulebook of effective content writing, but it also serves as transformative and inspirational material that will push you to take action and commit to changing the direction of your writing life.


The Rival by M. Gaspary

This is the UNCENSORED version of this book.

A love story of passion, music, and forbidden love, “The Rival” is a debut novel by M. Gaspary loved by Wattpad readers worldwide.

It is a must-read for anyone who loves Alex & Chen, and their erotic romance that will leave you breathless.

About M. Gaspary

I am a Filipino self-published author of fiction and nonfiction books and founder of MG Consulting, a German-based digital media publisher that helps writers find their unique voice and their writing style through soulful, personal conversations with a dose of psychology, astrology, and spirituality.

Since I began my writing journey in 2014, I’ve written thousands of articles for the internet. Some of my works were featured on Thrive Global, Lifehack, PsychReg, and Medium Publications. In 2022, I published my first book, and to this date, I have 3 books under my belt. (Click here to find more.)

Since creative writing came to me, it never left. It became a lifesaver for a hopeless wrecked artist like me. Where words, stories, and characters come alive is where my heart is. When not writing, I love to spend time in nature, having long walks, while running the Writer Warriors Podcast on Spotify, and doing what every publisher does—-book editing, marketing, etc.

In short, I am my own publishing house. Haha! 📜🌌

Feedback from Writers

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Mecyll has got the best of both worlds—fiction and non-fiction… has practical knowledge about SEO, content creation, and blogging.

This attribute distinguishes her as a writer because she comprehends the medium and is well-versed in the digital age.

Mecyll is also a voice for many non-native English writers who are doubtful of their abilities.

Masroor Ahmad
On-Page SEO & Lead Content Strategist, India

I believe everyone deserves a mentor like Mecyll, someone who would encourage a writer or a creator to dream and execute it like a pro.

We need more people like her to be able to overcome all the labels and take more steps to overcome the pay gaps!


Arunima Basu
Columnist, Filmspeak.org

Writer Warriors Podcast – New Episodes

21: Author Life with a Scorpio Moon The Writer Warriors Podcast

In this episode, Mecyll details how discovering astrology helps in self-discovery and how her Scorpio moon energy affects her creative work. BUY MY BOOK: https://tinyurl.com/2bujoezk — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/mecyll-gaspary/message
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