6 Life-Changing Journaling Techniques For Lazy Writers

6 Life-Changing Journaling Tricks For Lazy Writers
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Journaling commitment can be a challenge. It can sometimes make you feel obliged or forced when you think about it. Knowing that you need to write several pages on your journal pages today, for example, you tend to be demotivated.

There are also times when you are already holding your journal and pen, or perhaps, already sitting on your comfortable couch, yet you still don’t know what to write about. You are just staring at your blank page, pondering what could be the first word you could scribe on that page.

Hmm, let me think, “Dear….” That’s it? Nothing comes out afterward.

If this is your struggle and you’re feeling bad about it, learn more about the six (6) easy yet life-changing journaling techniques for lazy writers, which you can try and see the results for yourself.

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6 Life-Changing Journaling Techniques For Lazy Writers

Before we continue, here are the 6 easy yet, life-changing journaling techniques and tips for lazy writers:

  1. Start bullet journaling.
  2. Create a list or an outline of your purest thoughts.
  3. Doodle your thoughts.
  4. Create Mind Maps.
  5. Try photo journaling.
  6. Start podcasting.

Times like these are standard. Some pro journalers can experience the same thing.

What makes you different from them is the knowledge of their alternative means if their “sloth episodes” come across in a week. They still have something to write on their pages.

You don’t.

This happens to me, too. I have been journaling since I was 12. So, in this writing, I’m in my 10th year of journaling. I know how that feels when you stare at your journal on the shelf. It took you time to decide whether to write or not. I think that my hands are too heavy to register today.

I admit, there are times when I really can’t write in a day… in paragraphs. But I still do use other strategies I do. Today, I’ll teach you how to do the journaling tricks during these lazy times. So, prepare your journal and your pen. Let’s begin.

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1. Start Bullet Journaling

This is the easiest and the most convenient trick you can do today. This is one of the daily journaling techniques that can be done to your journal or any device that supports “Notes.”

It can be a notepad, Evernote, anything. This will be optional. However, I advise you to have a Midori journal or any small or handy notebook in your bag if you’re on travel.

This is among of the journaling techniques that points out your primary thoughts, and you divide these into sub-categories. If this is shown in the format, this will look like this:

Main thought 1

  • Sub-thought 1
  • Sub-thought 2

Main thought 2

  • Sub-thought 1
  • Sub-thought 2

It doesn’t matter how many main thoughts you can place there, as you can still understand your thoughts after months.

Don’t just write vague terms. Make it as specific as possible. The sub-thoughts will be the specific tasks, events, etc., related to the thought.

2. Create a list or an outline of your purest thoughts.

When it comes to positive journaling techniques, list your thoughts and show creativity on this part if you want.

Some prettify their pages to add more art on their pages though the content is just a list of what they will do later. A lot of journalers are doing that – even the pros!

6 Journaling Tricks for Lazy Writers
Photo by JASUR JIYANBAEV on Unsplash

3. Doodle your thoughts.

Whether you’re an artist or not, you can doodle anything. And believe me or not. One of the most effective journaling techniques is doodling. That’s for sure. You can draw your thoughts though you can draw an abstract tornado.

“Mecyll, I feel so tired, and my sketch is hideous!” It doesn’t matter if you can draw or not. The critical point here is to sketch your thoughts to record them before they go from your hectic mind business.

You can add paints and washi tapes to design the edges or stain your pages to make them stunning. You can do anything you want on the page. It’s your entry. It should reflect your current ponders.

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4. Create Mind Maps.

One of the recommended journaling techniques, specially for aspiring writers, is to squeeze your mind with a mind map. Create a lot of maps if you want. It’s like bullet journaling, yet, it’s just in maps, not bullets. I did this last time, but it would be space-consuming.

Take note. It would be best if you had a lot of space to make this possible. If your handwriting is fit for this technique, this will be good. But this is bad for those with gigantic penmanship, especially if you have a Midori or any handy dandy notebook.

6 life-changing journaling tricks
for lazy writers
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

5. Try Photo Journaling.

As the word means, capture. If you’re into photography, you can do photo journaling if you don’t feel like writing something today, which is still among the journaling techniques you can try. If you have some old photos from your previous trips, you can stick them on your pages. That’s it.

Expats usually do this every time they have another domestic and international vacation.

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6. Start Podcasting.

Although this is one of your options when choosing the right journaling techniques, you can also start recording your voice and stream your latest episodes if you’re into podcasting or something like that. Click here to listen to Writer Warriors across podcast streaming outlets.

I did this same strategy while studying German in Manila for over two months. It’s a bit uncomfy for me since I’m used to writing. But if you opt to do this journaling technique, it’s your choice. Remember, just like the podcasting business, and you should be consistent with it.

Final thoughts

These six journaling techniques are the ones I use in my writing routines. So, I am sure they are also effective for you, especially if you’re an aspiring writer.

There might be some of these journaling techniques that you might find discomfort, however, feel free to choose the ones that are right for you. The key is to go and scour the internet to see how others pull these simply journaling tricks off.

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