How to Become a Beta Reader

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Hi, my friend! Mecyll here. 🙂

Six months ago, I began working on my novel “The Rival” after years of storing it on Wattpad as an unpublished manuscript. Though I finished it in 2018, I couldn’t work on it sooner due to my hectic schedule as a freelance writer.

It wasn’t until this year that I mustered enough courage to face this fear.

Although being “busy” was a thing for me — writing blog posts, newsletters, and content for clients — beneath the surface was an untold story of me as a novelist and my relationship with fear.

After unpublishing my first nonfiction book last March this year, which almost cost me my access to Amazon KDP, I remember my anxiety was through the roof. My whole body shuddered, and I was creatively paralyzed.

Little did I know the answer to my eternal search for purpose lies in my stories. I was born a storyteller, apparently working in the wrong writing field.

With the help of my fellow INFJ writers, including the bestselling author Laura Sapala, my family in the Philippines, and my husband, I found the courage inside me I thought wasn’t there.

And six months later, I am writing you this email to invite you to be a beta reader for my upcoming romance novel “The Rival (Uncensored): A Gay Romance Novel.” Click here to read more about this book.

What is a Beta Reader?

Wikipedia defines a beta reader as a “test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing.”

In other words, if you join the circle of beta readers for my upcoming novel, you are THE person who can help me provide constructive feedback after reading the book/s before the launching date.

Further, the manuscript I provide has been edited around ten times with the help of Kernisha Harris (one of my Substack subscribers) and several writing tools since I began working on it in March 2022.

Why do authors need Beta Readers?

Given the efforts in polishing the manuscript, authors (like me) need extra help to improve the book.

For instance, I’ve read my work a thousand times and spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on it.

Chances are, authors have already familiarized themselves with the flow of the story chapter-by-chapter. So, it’s more than likely that I may miss a lot of mistakes that I still need to fix before the book becomes publish-ready and available for release.

Having beta readers will make it easier for authors (me) to review the parts or chapters that work and didn’t work based on the feedback you provide.

How do Beta Readers assess the author’s work?

Simply put, your role is significant in the book publishing process. Therefore, your feedback must be objective.

To make it easier for you, I’ll adapt the recommendation of Tucker Max of

Here are the provided sample two (2) questions for you to answer:

  1. What did not work for you, and why not?
  2. What did work for you, and why?

That’s all. It’s simple, right?

Why should you become a Beta Reader?

If you opt to join my Beta Reader Circle, here’s what you’ll get from me in return:

  1. I will include your name in the Acknowledgement Section of the book.
  2. You will receive an advance copy of the book (ARC).
  3. If you leave reviews on eBook retailers where “The Rival” is available, your feedback will be displayed on my website, Author Profiles, and social media posts.

How to join my Beta Reader Circle?

All you need to do is fill in the required information and submit your info. Then, wait at least 24 hours after your submission before I could review your entry and send you a confirmation email.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Deadline for Submissions

Given the scheduled book release, which will be on October 31, 2022, I’ll need your feedback on or before September 30, 11:59 PM Central European Time (CET). Late entries will be excluded.

If you love my work, your support will help me continue writing great content.