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What I’ve learned in 6 years as a content writer is in your fingertips

You are a writer. An effective storyteller that generate results.

Make money as a content writer. Discover how I transitioned from a full-time teaching job to full-time content writing and made more money using the internet.

Regardless if we’re writing fiction or nonfiction, writers like us create a world for our readers that helps them stay within their own fantasies.

Through our works, we are welcoming them as if this story really happens in real life. However, deep down our hearts, we know these aren’t really true. That’s why we call them “fantasies.”

Be it in content writing, fiction writing, freelance writing, and other realms of digital content. We are using the same tactics to tick our readers. And that’s what makes you an effective writer.

When you gain traction, improve audience engagement, and above all, increase income from tons of online opportunities.

I experienced both worlds as I was a news writer, blogger, and fiction writer for years. I’ve seen the different spectrum of writing. I see how different writing methods are applied from one field to the other.

I studied thousands of online content over the years and discovered the similarities of their writing strategies. They successfully maneuvered the flow of content while keeping their readers hooked. 

After realizing the secret sauce, I applied it to my content. Voila! I started gaining traction even from English-speaking bloggers. I started with my terrible writing and I admit I’m still learning. 

But… here’s the fact. 

The strategies I teach are the exact strategies I did that made me earn money as a content writer. 

I earned $5,000 as a content writer, $225 as an affiliate marketer in 2019, and more blessings to come in 2020. In fact, I just earned $25 for writing a post published on my site. 

You can read the paid post here. 

Learn how James Charles drama teach us about writing killer blog post.

If you were like me, if you ever felt like I did as a writer, let me tell you this. The fact you’re here means you want to get serious with your writing prowess. Always remember that:

  • YOU ARE A WRITER. Just write and believe you are one. You don’t have to prove to yourself you deserve the title.
  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO KEEP LYING TO ATTRACT READERSHIP. Be yourself and write nothing but the truth.
  • YOU CAN ACHIEVE MORE AS A WRITER. Never stop experimenting until you achieve “Eureka!”
  • YOU CAN EARN MORE INCOME WITHOUT CONNING. Learn the exact steps I did to make my first $500 without lying to my readers at all.

Do you want to get these praises in your content? 

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God bless you!

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