6 Benefits of Using Typewriter To Writing Great Content

“It forces you to think,” Will Self, an English author, said in an interview with ShortList. Unknowingly, I wrote a similar line using my typewriter. Call it a coincidence. 

Many writers may not realize how awful and uncomfortable the feeling is when you have nothing but a piece of paper and a typewriter. 

A writer named Mira told me once on LinkedIn that she fears writing using a typewriter because it doesn’t allow her to delete a word.

It’s true. It’s old-fashioned. Yes, it’s antique. However, one can’t deny the authenticity it brings to writing the same way as it improved my writing process. 

It is why I want to share with you today how typewriting is a mind-blowing and life-changing experience to write great content. 

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Now that we’re all set. Let’s get ready to talk about the six life-changing benefits I experienced using a typewriter as a writer. 

6 Life-Changing Benefits of Using Typewriter To Writing Great Content 

  1. It forces me to write, nothing else.
  2. It makes translating ideas to content a lot easier.
  3. My writing process becomes more efficient.  
  4. It’s the best cure for writer’s block.
  5. It forces me to face my writing fear. 
  6. It keeps my content’s authenticity.

1. It forces me to write, nothing else.

Writing is my only way to express my thoughts, and I don’t want to hold myself captive to perfection in writing my drafts, which is my tendency. 

I always have problems writing any piece of content using a laptop or a PC because it’s easy to find myself distracted. On the computer, I have Grammarly installed, which is, honestly, a big distraction in my writing process. 

Typewriting removes my tendency to be my own Grammar Nazi and to improve my writing efficiency.

Mecyll Gaspary

It triggers my inner Grammar Nazi from the first paragraph or even from the first word, resulting in writing nothing. Not even a half-finished draft. 

When we have computers with us, it’s convenient to give ourselves a 30-minute break and binge-watch Korean dramas, YouTube videos, or Netflix. Or, it’s easier to click from tab to tab without knowing we already spent an hour unproductively. 

Typewriting is, by far, the best solution and the top-secret of writing great content that leaves every writer’s jaw dropped. 

2. It makes translating ideas to content a lot easier.

Simply because I’m free from every kind of distraction computers provide, writing using a typewriter makes it easier for me to translate ideas into content. 

I intentionally put away my phone or any other digital device when I sat down in the living room and focus on writing, at least for an hour. 

Here’s what I found out. 

Here’s a surprising fact. I write more when I use a typewriter than using computers.

Mecyll Gaspary

When I write any piece of content through this antique process, I wrote more than writing in front of the PC and on my phone (through Google Docs). 

Before I got my first typewriter, little did I know I could produce thousands of words in a sitting. 

Over the years, I never thought—not even once—that I can elaborately describe things and dive deeper into my thoughts and feelings about things. Not even when I wrote and finished 3 Wattpad books.

Do you know that a publishing company found me on Wattpad? Click here to read my story. 

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3. My writing process becomes more efficient.  

Can you imagine how I wrote a 10-page white paper for my writing business within a day using a typewriter?

If you would ask me, I probably wouldn’t. 

Look. Nobody manufactures typewriters everywhere in the world since 2012, according to the BBC.

Let’s be honest. Would you still expect someone uses it for digital marketing purposes? 

For most writers today, using a typewriter is impractical.

Mecyll Gaspary

I know none of today’s writers prefer to write that way. Well, except me. Unlike most of you who use computers for many acceptable reasons, I would preferably choose the antique process. 

As I said earlier, writing using a typewriter speed up the writing process simply because I am free from any types of distractions. 

As you can see, there are no tabs for me to click on to give a short-term but unproductive pleasure, other than the two tab keys on the keyboard. 🙂

4. It’s the best cure for writer’s block.

You may or may not have experienced it yet. Simply put, writer’s block is a fancy word to describe an extraordinarily uncomfortable feeling every writer faced at least once in his or her lifetime. 

When you have nothing but a piece of paper and a typewriter, there’s no way around it but to face your fears rather than constantly denying or looking for unnecessary coping mechanisms to avoid them. 

Writer’s block is avoidable if you simply write what interests you and letting go of perfection in the first draft.

Mecyll Gaspary

Here’s the truth.

Writer’s block is a by-product of combining perfection and disinterest in the topic. I know how it feels because I’ve suffered writer’s block, too!

Yet, if you go deeper within yourself, you will be in awe of how much you can write without looking into the technicalities of content writing way too much, especially in your first drafts. 

5. It forces me to face my writing fear. 

Every writer is a victim of their most brutal inner critics in most of their lives, including myself. But typewriting forces you to think and type the words, the exact words you desire to express.

It may take an insurmountable amount of time to write this way than using computers we own. And there’s no doubt that typewriting could delay you from a hectic writing schedule. 

But later, you will soon realize how productive you are and how brave you are to face your writing fear—the root cause for most writer’s unproductive writing life. 

Some younger people are tired of the soullessness of computers and digital technology and looking for a better experience.

Tom Furrier, owner of a typewriter repair shop in the US told BBC

6. It keeps my content’s authenticity.

When I started writing using a typewriter, I valued each word I use in every line and paragraph of my content. Honestly, I never felt that way before. 

Although I don’t want to point fingers to blame someone or something for it, I can’t deny how this process keeps me grounded and connect with the true purpose of writing, which I often forget because of the convenience and practicality I experience with computers. 

To my surprise, many seasoned writers discouraged many aspiring writers who are curious if typewriting works best in writing great content primarily because of economic reasons.

However, typewriting transforms your content writing style from soulless to soulful without compromising your values and goals. 

Your content becomes more resonating and effective because you become 120% authentic with your audience. Trust me. 

Conclusion – Is It Worth Owning A Typewriter As A Modern Writer?

Everything may seem digitalized nowadays. But the feeling of going back to the roots of writing remains surreal. As I said, it allows you to value your words more than writing on computers. 

It disintegrates you from every possible distraction that strays you away from your content’s intent. Above all, it forces you to challenge your writing fear by confronting both the positive and negatives events in your life.

For me, creating relevance to these things is easy, but bringing people for a cause or goal is. Isn’t that the core of content writing? Is it? 

If you like this post, feel free to share it with friends and family, especially those who have doubts about owning a typewriter lately. 

If you have anything to say or add, leave your comments in the comment section below. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Mira. I am truly delighted to know that you love my writing style and my way of telling a story. I love it when you emphasized the authenticity of my work. It’s what I truly desire for content writing and what content writers should do and learn to help their content stand out from the rest that seemed less emphatic. Thank you so much. 🙂

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