13 Best Pinterest Practices To Make 6-Figures As Writer Possible

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If you could master the best Pinterest practices most bloggers do to make 6-figures in income, you can live the life you want. The freedom to write anything and still making more money.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to help me monetize the site. Rest assured that I don’t promote products or programs I don’t recommend. 

IMAGINE: If you could see your money growing right in front of your eyes. The cents you once had on your bank account become hundreds of dollars in a blink of an eye. 

Is that even possible? 

Yes. But that’s not the real question here. It is how writers make a substantial amount of money by writing blog posts and sell millions of copies of their books or online courses (if they have). 

You can be like them. You CAN be a successful writer—an aspiring best-selling author.

You can earn more money as a writer by sharing your content and reaching out to billions of people scouring the internet. 

And to achieve the goal—your big goal—you need to have a tool that’s going to help you share your content without too much effort. Typically, writers believe that effort is doing more all the time.


It is by doing less for more. It rings true to me. For 6 years of writing, I realized that you don’t have to push yourself too far by producing content all the time. All you need to do is to learn the right strategy to hit your target. 

Among the biggest traffic sources, Pinterest has given me more traffic than  organic traffic. As you can see below, Pinterest helped me share a piece of content to my audience around the globe. 

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Applying the best Pinterest practices will change your pinning game. You—a successful writer, an aspiring author—can build your influence by creating valuable content, not on the blog traffic chasing game. 

How Pinterest Became Bloggers’ Preference To Leverage Writer Brand?

Before, Pinterest was a social media platform intended to share the best art. Most of the pins you see, especially before 2015, are 100% art-craft-handmade stuff. 

Nowadays, Pinterest morphed into a search engine, second to Google. More and more bloggers caught their attention on experimenting with various pinning strategies to reach out to more people. In a different way.

Pinterest, just like Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), shows pins. The moment you land on the app, you will see the suggested pins. Usually, the pins with the highest metrics will likely be shown at the top suggestions. 

Or, if a user searches the related keyword, your successful pin will be shown within the first few recommended pins. 

How A Con Artist Teaches You About Blogging Sales Funnel best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.
Pinterest allows you to implement your sales funnel without problems.

For instance, you wrote something on your blog and want to use pins to share it on Pinterest. That one moment when you hit publish, your content will be shared by hundreds of bloggers who are also doing the same thing—sharing. 

Finding out if many bloggers shared your content or at least looking at the pin by understanding how the Pinterest metrics work. 

Your traffic relies on 3 things. The pin impressions, pin saves, and pin clicks—the vital numbers that will affect your reach. 

The numbers you see in impressions are the number of people who saw your pins on their homepage or while scrolling to find some nice pins. Whatever they’re doing, the fact they see your pin is credited under impressions. 

Yet, this ain’t traffic. 

Pinterest landing page-min

The next thing you have to consider is looking at the saves. That means how many people click the pin and save it on their group boards or personal boards. 

Again, this ain’t traffic. 

Lastly, the clicks. This is the traffic. Pinterest tracks the number of clicks your pin got and visits your page to read your content. Among the 3, clicks are often seen as a high priority. But that doesn’t mean the other 2 are useless. 

Clicks will serve as your reference to determine how many people visit your content and engage. And the more you pin actively on Pinterest—using the 11 best Pinterest practices—you will see a great difference in your traffic. 

Pinterest metrics best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

Never did I imagine it was possible for me. Last year, my traffic boosted as high as 200% when I used these strategies. You can do it, too. 

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Psst! I have never shared these with anyone, not even on my blogs. But I will share them with you now. So, all ears now, my friend. Are you ready?

13 Best Pinterest Practices To Boost Blog Traffic And Leverage Writer Brand

Using Pinterest as a traffic referral isn’t limited to sharing pins for the sake of traffic alone. It is about connecting with other bloggers and building networks to make a presence. 

That means the 13 best Pinterest practices I will share with you are the ones that you can do to replicate my success. Learn it passionately and master the tricks to get results.

Take note: I am not promoting a quick-rich strategy. You cannot expect overnight results. Got it?

  1. Turn your Pinterest personal account to business.
  2. Writing a piece of content that attracts pinners
  3. Using the “magic words” in headlines to gain traction
  4. Never spam others
  5. Designing a pin that converts
  6. Optimize your pins
  7. Build networks with other bloggers 
  8. Be engaged with other Pinterest users
  9. Make your own group board/own Tribe
  10. Join other group boards as a contributor
  11. Join other Tailwind Tribes to share your content
  12.  Using a tool to automate your pinning schedule
  13. Keep creating fresh, high-quality pins
What are the 13 best Pinterest practices to make 6-figures as writer possible? pin image

1. Turn your Pinterest personal account to business account.

My sister has been using Pinterest for more or less 7 years now. She used it as a reference for her everyday fashion and other hobbies. 

With a personal account, she can enjoy pinning without the need to become an influencer or dominate. For people like my sister, they enjoy Pinterest as a personal tool.

On the other hand, for entrepreneurs, it is best to set up a business account to get access to the analytics, the chance to link your business profile with your social media accounts (and claim them as your properties), as well as your Etsy shop like I have. 

If you plan to build a transformative life as a writer—making a lucrative passive income from writing, choose the business account today and start working constantly to see results. 

2. Writing content that attracts pinners.

Here’s the secret.

Pinners like epic, fresh posts with “attractive headlines.” And an epic post means it contains all the necessary content needed to support your point. Not only it attracts Google organic traffic, but it also attracts pinners. 

This is why writing quality posts matter when you leverage your writer brand. Learn how you can write like a pro in this post. Be sure to apply the strategies religiously to deliver results.

3. Using the “magic words” in headlines to gain traction.

Now, for the headlines. To get many clicks on Pinterest, you have to understand the importance of using “magic words.” 

If you take a look at these pins with a big amount of shares, effective headlines perform well as it attracts more pinners than using boring ones. 

Sample pin with attractive headlines Final min best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

Here’s another example. 

These are my top-performing pins. What do you observe? 

Is Tailwind Worth It Tribes best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

This is one of the few secrets to effectively using Pinterest for blogging. Once mastered, getting more traffic becomes convenient. 

And through automation, you can focus on writing the next content that you like while your pins perform at par. We’ll talk about that in a while.

For now, take notes of the headlines most successful bloggers to use that convert—giving them a 6-figure business and still writing more content with more freedom.

Learn how to use Pinterest marketing with success.

4. Never spam others.

Spam is determined by group board or Tribe administrators when you pin your content more than the 40% ratio given to you. You shouldn’t focus on using the power of the pins to generate your traffic.

Blogging is about connection, building relationships with others. But you can’t achieve anything if you don’t follow the 60-40 ratio. 60% of the pins will be from other bloggers and the remaining 40% will be from yours. 

With only 40% reserved for you, take it as a challenge to create pins that gains traction from your audience albeit the lower ratio given to you. That means keep on creating fresh content, my friend. 

Learn how Tailwind App defines “fresh pins” here.

If you failed to follow this condition, the administrators might remove you from the group board or Tribe, leading to losing the opportunity to share your epic content with them, who were supposed to be your lifelong fans.

Spamming doesn’t help. It’s a selfish way to grow as a blogger. Uh-uh. It’s not good. Help others so they will do the same thing to you.

Remember, Confucius? Anyone?

5. Designing a pin that converts.

You don’t have to add unnecessary details on your pins thinking this works. No. As I mentioned earlier, it is best to do something that needs less effort, yet, it brings more impact. Not the other way around.

Strategically, pins with cleaner layout perform well than wordy-cluttered pins. And longer pins in length perform better than the regular pin size. 

Take a look at the differences.

Longer vs Shorter pins min best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

You can also make use of videos to showcase your writer’s brand. As a blog writer, showing videos of our posts attracts more bloggers to click and react. The more videos we share, the more we humanize the brand. 

Come to think of it. Would you buy something from a seller who doesn’t appear presentable and stinks? No. You would rather stay away. 

Imagine your pins are like your book covers. They do the marketing for you. So, it’s best to learn how to design pins that are marketable. 

Your pin designs define your brand. From the color choices, layout, etc., it represents who you are. If you think your pins don’t make your brand, change them. But that doesn’t mean it is fresh. Do you understand what I mean? 

How to design pins that convert?

  1. Be minimal. Be direct. Show your headline, sub-headline, and call-to-action. Take my pin as an example.
15 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Pin best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.
I got the highest engagement from this post about 15 affiliate programs for beginners.
  1. Pins with more white background tend to attract more women pinners. This is why be a fan of designing with a white background for your pins. 
  2. Add a photo of your ebook or course or yourself. If people see the actual product, they will likely visit your page. This is why bloggers use Pinterest in marketing their business launches. 
  3. Follow Pinterest pin sizes. As I mentioned earlier, longer pins perform better than the standard size. 

6. Optimize your pins.

If you think the term SEO is only applied to Google Algorithm, you’re wrong. Pinterest follows the same system as to how big online shop platforms like Etsy does. 

When you know how to optimize your posts with Google using free tools like All-In-One SEO Pack or Yoast, doing it similarly on Pinterest delivers good results. 

Hence, it is best to master how to search the right keywords using tools like Jaaxy, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

Pinterest SEO basics min best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

Learn more about how you can successfully write a piece of content with consideration to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules + finding the right keywords. Read here.

What if your headlines don’t follow the same keywords as Google suggests? What should you do? 

Then, here comes the “magic words” into the picture. Using this trick will win the pinners—turning them into your loyal fans. 

Here are samples of headlines that use the same method to earn traction for your blog posts. 

  • How I Failed As An Overachiever, Got Up, & Succeeded As An Underrated Writer
  • Best Grammar Checker Online! #1 Recommended Tool For $11.66/Month
  • Get Traction! 11 Surefire Ways To Write Blog Posts Your Readers Actually Want

7. Build networks with other bloggers.

You can build connections with other bloggers in many ways. And Pinterest makes that easier.

Over 6 years of serious blogging (10 years as a blogger in total), I noticed that among the social media platforms I could use to get more traffic, Pinterest is at the top. 

After studying how this platform works, the only way to ensure your pins perform well as expected is by sharing them with others. You can take advantage of the Tribe messaging or Direct Message features.

As I mentioned before, Pinterest makes it easier to build networks with other bloggers of the same niche. 

Often, the pins with more exposure to these groups of people will more likely to succeed than those pins pinned only on your board. 

How To Succeed On Pinterest & Make Lasting Connections?

  1. Make your group board.
  2. Join other group boards.
  3. Join Tailwind Tribes. 
What a beggar teaches us about earning money writing a book today

8. Be engaged.

Keep pinning great content across different group boards and Tribes. Make sure you have an active Pinterest account without sharing shady content for your audience. 

If they left a reaction or whatsoever, respond. Be engaged. That’s how you can utilize the power of this “second Google” to your brand as a writer—no, as an author!

Pinterest profile min best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

9. Make your group board.

Once you hit publish, the pin will be seen globally. It depends on how you created an “attractive headline,” designed a pin that converts, and the effort to join other group boards (as a collaborator) and tribes (as a member).

I had this strategy back in 2016 with my old website (nulled) wherein I created a group board for bloggers.

It was basic. Nothing special. Except when bloggers sent me hundreds of emails telling me to add them as group board collaborators.

Why does making your group board work with building connections without spending money, though?

When you create a group board open for collaboration, you set conditions as the administrator.

What other bloggers do is writing a statement on the group board description, for example:

[su_note note_color=”#fb8b24″]“All about blogging and writing valuable content. If you want to become a collaborator, follow my group boards and my Pinterest profile. Once you do, shoot me an email with your account email so I can add you.”[/su_note]

For instance, you have several group boards open for collaboration, the higher the chances of getting more attention to your audience. Especially the new bloggers who are in a constant search for quality pins.

So, make sure you do your task now and create good, non-spammy pins.

10. Join other group boards as a collaborator.

Concerning my previous point, you can join other group boards as a collaborator aside from creating your own and enjoyed the benefits.

You can see them when you type in the keywords on the search bar. The ones below the suggested pins or topics are group boards. See the image below.

Pinterest Group Board Collaboration best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.
This is an example of group board collaboration rules you have to follow before you can start collaborating with other bloggers, sharing content.

This is where building connections between bloggers happens so fast because, for instance, Blogger A emails Blogger B for collaboration. If Blogger B approves as per set conditions on her group board, Blogger A can share her pins. 

The fact that Blogger B allowed you to contribute on her group board, treat it with respect. You don’t allow spam pins on your group board, right? Do you think they will like it if you do the same for them? 

Of course, not. Pinterest will like you more if you share nothing but valuable, real content—blogging with 100% intention to help others.  It’s about building trust and loyalty between you as a blogger and your audience.

Is Tailwind Worth It Tribes best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

11. Join Tailwind Tribes.

What I love about Tailwind is the tribe option. It works like searching for group boards and requesting to join. 

Here’s the thing: my traffic boosted as soon as I started sharing my pins within the Tribe members.

The difference is that the Tribes are categorized according to niches (which is pretty reasonable, given the number of pinners nowadays). 

As you can see below, Tailwind organized the Tribes according to their nature. To start, choose the categories that fit your interest. 

Choosing the right Tribe on Tailwind App is one of the 12 best Pinterest practices you can do to boost your blog traffic.

And then, see the conditions to join. Follow the directions and inform the Tribe admin about your application for approval. 

Once it’s approved, you will see results. Great results! 

To see how Tailwind works for me, read my comprehensive post about it and learn how you can apply the strategies I did for my blog to your own. 

Tailwind Resource IMG best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

12. Using a tool to automate your pins.

Being a blogger makes you understand the value of time. When you are blogging seriously today, you know how much time we spend on our laptops to carry out the tasks needed to establish our careers online and make money. 

And one of those tasks involves social media—creating images to share in bulk.

For example, successful Facebook page owners create 10 posts every day. Imagine how much work you need to do to reach the goal.

10 posts per day x 30 days = 300 posts

How long do you think you need to finish 300 Facebook posts? What happens most of the time is bloggers choose 1 day or 2 to make these images. 

And once they finished the 300 posts, they use different tools to do the job: sharing it within the designated time they want, as well as the suggested time to post it.

Tailwind App helps bloggers to concentrate on creating valuable content than chasing the traffic through powerful Pinterest scheduling features.

This is the biggest reason why bloggers prefer to automate tasks as much as possible. Because blogging is a lot of work. I mean, it’s an understatement. We know that, right?

Because blogging alone requires a tremendous amount of focus, constant content delivery, drive, and presence. If not handled properly, it could take a toll on your health as I did. 

Read how blogging life is + strategies to work with your blog.

From directing its users to the landing page to their email list—and from their email list to customers, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to create a flow of your blog; hence, automation is part of bloggers’ daily life, making your blogging life easier.

I suggest you read the post about Tailwind App to understand why it’s best to use the platform to automate your pinning schedule. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on sharing your pins to group boards and Tribes. 

By allowing the Tailwind App to do its job, you’re giving yourself more spare time to do other things. And the best part is, you can enjoy it for 30 days for FREE. Get my Tailwind App gift here.

Is Tailwind Worth It Monthly Plan best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.
Tailwind App costs $14.99 per month. If you aren’t sure if this works best for you, click here to get access to this powerful scheduling tool for 30 days FREE.

13. Keep Creating Fresh, High-Quality Pins

Among the suggestions I compiled on the list, this is the most important. When you keep creating fresh, high-quality pins, Pinterest will likely prefer you, as a user, to obtain top searches.

This is what I experienced when I kept on creating new pins on my business account. It’s not for the sake of creating new images for one piece content only, but it’s up, in any case, when there’s a new update of a post, for example.

Let’s say, I wrote a post about 8 Best Korean Dramas before and I posted the pin shortly after it’s published. Now, I updated the post and turned it into 30. So, I can make another pin directing to the same—but updated—link of the post.

This practice is also applicable to those who strive for unique content. Pinterest likes it very much when you post new, fresh, interesting content for billions of audience lurking around the platform.

Do you understand what I mean?

Tailwind App encourages us, pinners, to not stop writing fresh, high-quality content; and, at the same time, new and unique pins for our target audience.

It’s not only for the sake of getting massive web traffic but for the sake of keeping blogging interesting.

As Tailwind App puts it, the strategy is the best way to keep you engaged with fellow bloggers and your target audience by presenting new blog posts, pages, product listings, etc.

It is through the app where it’s possible to engage with fellow pinners to collaborate through joining Tribes and group boards, to share our thoughts through the comment section of each pin we post, and the list goes on.

Tons of amazing, abundant outcomes await you when you do this practice constantly. Especially with the help of this amazing scheduling app.

With the help of its SmartGuide, it will take you through the process where it’s possible to save pins and share them to various groups and inform them of the amazing pin you came across.

Are you getting my point so far?

Rise of Writing AIs Content Image 5 min best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

Conclusion – Is Pinterest Worth It?

Based on all the personal experiences I’ve had with the platform, I could say yes. Pinterest is worth your time and effort in designing the best pins. Not only pins with the best layout but with the freshest content. 

Facebook could work for my brand, but not as much as Pinterest does for me. For writers, this is the perfect place for you to get started.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest only requires you to share 1 pin for one group board.

Depending on the conditions of the group board or Tribe administrators, you can share at least 1 pin not exceeding 3 or 5 pins per day.

All you have to do is to carefully review their conditions to ensure you have a happy pinning experience like I do.

In this way, you’re preventing yourself from further problems, leading to losing traffic and loyal fans. 

Overall, having the use of automation is a great way to save more time from scheduling pins each day. 

Gone are the days for manual labor. It’s already passed more than 100 years since the Age of Transformation; yet, we still do the same old thing over and over again. 

You don’t have to spend the whole day publishing one post to the other as I did. Save more time and maximize the power of automation. It’ll help you a lot, especially if your schedule is too hectic to take care of social media. 

As writers, we understand that we spend most of our time in front of our PC or laptop to constantly create content. We are in constant pressure to deliver progress and results in the long run. 

How To Brand Yourself As A Writer Content Image 3 min best pinterest practices uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 14, 2020.

With the help of this app, you can achieve a lot—way more than you expect. You can make a 6-figure business while writing the content you love. You still earn money while sleeping.

However, if you don’t have plans to write fresh, high-quality content, you’re going nowhere. Although Tailwind App can play a vital role in your blogging life, it doesn’t mean it can do anything to do without you showing efforts to do so.

[su_note note_color=”#e7e7e7″]You need to keep producing interesting, unique, fresh, and quality content to guarantee awesome success with Tailwind App. [/su_note]

Is that the kind of life you like to live every single day? The life without worries and rather enjoy touring the wonders of God, yet, you still make some cash while on the road.  

That’s only possible if you reach out to more people. And Tailwind App can help you with that. It boosted my blog traffic for as much as 200%. 

How much more can it do to your content?

You can make an influence by creating the most valuable content across group boards and Tribes. As long as you follow my advice, you’re on the right track. 

For 6 years in serious blogging, I started to see the results of my hard work. And you can do it, too. Try Tailwind App today and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends and family. Especially those who are interested in making money online through writing. If you have concerns, feel free to share them in the comment section below. 

Having more issues? Click here to see how can I exactly be of help to you. 

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