Feiyr Review: Earn 90% Profit From Your Books?

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Writers make an income with self-publishing ebooks. Have you ever wondered how this works? How can Feiyr help you with it?

Writing isn’t limited to writing stories. You are a writer when you write blogs, posts, articles, and other pieces of content. You are a writer because you write. Period.

Yet, building a career around writing appears idealistic. Probably, you have heard your friends and family asking you these questions:

“How can you make money from this craft?” 

“How can writing make you a substantial amount of income to spend on monthly expenses?” 

“Why don’t you apply for a real job that gives you real money?”

Sadly, you don’t have clear answers as to where writing brings you to. But deep down your soul, you know there’s something in writing. 

You are convinced that sharpening your writing skills brings you money. Not only as hard-earned money but as a lucrative source of income, allowing you to live the ultimate dream—traveling, roaming around to get a novelty of inspirations, and, of course, writing. 

In this post, we’ll review a publishing company that will help you succeed in writing and become inspired to write more. 

A kind of writing success brought by constant action even when you don’t feel like it. You want to experience its euphoria. A success that’s only possible when you do everything to accomplish it.

Because you are aware that by writing a book and finishing it, it brings you an indescribable feeling nobody could understand. Unless they are writers.

It’s just you don’t know how it works. That’s why you’re here.

To answer that, we’re going to review a self-publishing company that WOULD help you in this endeavor. 

Are you ready? Let’s begin. 

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What Is Feiyr & Its Features?

I assumed the company name, Feiyr, a stylized word “fire,” which begins when you take action and do something with the fire in you. 

I’ve seen a lot of labels, bloggers, and others use the word “fire” a lot to push its audience to do the first step towards success—financial success—in whatever they do that’s related to writing, blogging included.

Since this is a German company, maybe, it came from the word “Feier,” which means celebration or ceremony. Could this mean your success, too? 

This is my assumption, though. It’s too early to judge. 

Let’s see what this publishing company does and how it helps in our goal of becoming an authority in our niche and make an income as a writer by self-publishing.

Feiyr Review Landing Page

Feiyr is originally a German recording company established in 2005. Armin Wirth founded the company in Traunstein, south-eastern part of Bavaria. 

Over the years, it hasn’t focused only on distributing music as the company morphed into a publishing company. Nowadays, they are responsible for distributing printed ebooks and other works with the help of their partners.

How Does Feiyr Work?

It isn’t inclusive to German writers, though. It is open for international writers to work with them.

For you—a writer and aspiring author—self-publishing with Feiyr will give you a fair share of royalties from each book you sell. 

With the advent of audiobooks, having your books recorded plays a crucial role in reaching out to more and more audiences in- and outside Germany. Especially the number of people who prefer listening to audiobooks on the go keeps on increasing. 

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/UV5veWJJ96k” width=”800″]

According to their official website, they partnered with 165 eStores around the world, making your books exposed and promoted to an international audience. 

Not only with eStores but Feiyr also partners with fellow publishing companies to make sure authors get the best deal. That makes it competitive with the big publishing platforms. 

Feiyr Review Digital ebook Partners feiyr review uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 15, 2020.

Feiyr services encompass the following, which is beneficial for first-time authors like you who have no idea how self-publishing works, as well as the companies they refer to make it possible for you to make an income from each book you self-publish with them.

  • Automatic online compilation licensing and management
  • iTunes charts tracking
  • iTunes Widget Builder
  • Email notification of iTune launching
  • Track booking on Feiyr Compilations
  • Create & give away free codes to download ebooks 

These features are involved in self-publishing per se. Lots of them are included in their list but I chose the ones which writers benefit the most. 

How Can You Make Money With Feiyr?

If you take a look at their registration costs, there’s none. That means you can register on Feiyr anytime regardless if you start publishing later on without costs. 

But that doesn’t mean you won’t spend a lot of money in between the self-publishing process. It is a lot of money, my friend.

Back when I tried to hire professionals alone, $2,000+ was almost exhumed from my pockets. 

This is why I decided to spend time researching the best publishing deals I could find in the public domain to share the insights with you. 

At least, in that way, it saves you more time on research and allows you to focus on writing instead.

Feiyr Review Process feiyr review uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 15, 2020.

Going back to Feiyr, let me take you to the potential income opportunities you could enjoy with this company and probably make it big time. 

Let me explain this. 

Companies like this will take the returns of their investment from the royalties of each book. As you can see, they take 10% of each book royalty and 20% if it’s on Print on Demand (PoD) because of the printing paperback.

They will give almost 100% of the royalties back to you. So, that becomes your income as a writer after covering the expenses you made. It’s like getting back the money you invested for the book you just self-published. 

Do you get what I mean?

Feiyr review reveals successful audiobooks they distributed across platforms and enjoyed around the world.

When you choose to register with Feiyr, you will enjoy the following benefits (some of them I stated earlier):

  • Set your own book price.
  • No registration fee
  • 9.90 Euro one-time activation fee
  • No monthly costs
  • No annual costs
  • 90% royalties from the book sales
  • 80% of it becomes your profit
  • No release costs and distribution

For Print on Demand (PoD) books, you pay 9.90 euros for the publication fee with 80% royalties. 

If you want your books recorded and wish to distribute audiobooks, too, you will have similar benefits except for 2.36 Euro release and/or distribution cost.  

The cost only covers your registration and distribution per se. The numbers may be low but keep in mind that the self-publishing process requires a lot of money. 

In this Feiyr review, you can see a few of the prints with one of its book publishing partners, Nova MD GmbH.

Is Feiyr Considered A Good Alternative?

Given the 80% to as high as 90% royalties, it is already an attractive offer to “broke” writers like me. If you are a blogger and want to leverage your writer brand, this can be your good option. 

Imagine how much you would earn when you choose Feiyr as a third-party platform to ensure success and an increased income. 

This becomes possible given the 90% royalties you will get after each book sold from different online platforms and distributed markets (for printed books). 

After all the expenses, you could still end up 80% of the profit to yourself, specifically from Print on Demand (PoD) books. This is why most writers prefer self-publishing as opposed to how traditional publishing works.

Read my experience with a traditional publishing company here.

Authors own the most of their income in self-publishing than they did with traditional publishing that takes almost every profit they could get from your book. Even the best-selling authors opt for self-publishing these days. 

If you want to write your first book and increase your chances to succeed and make an impact, download your FREE Epic Guide to Self-Publishing and start planning your book today. It is through your words that you can save troubled lives. 

Epic Guide To Self Publishing Lead Magnet 2 min feiyr review uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 15, 2020.

As I mentioned earlier, the total cost needed to self-publish your work may be a bit too much, especially when you have to hire professionals like copy editors and book cover designers to take over and process your book to make it competitive in the market. 

With that being said, Feiyr considers accepting services to help you with the entire self-publishing process, way before it’s good for distribution across global readers. 

This is because this German-based publishing company also accepts designing services payable in the royalties you make.

Feiyr sales partners in the book sector

When you opt for Feiyr’s Complete Self-Publishing Package, your book will not only be distributed as an ebook across 165 eStores, but they can also distribute it with their exclusive partners such as VLB, which is a German catalog for printed books. 

If you publish shorter printed book editions, Feiyr partners with Nova MD and works with the physical distribution without the need for assistance from a big publishing house. 

Other than the self-publishing package, your book will still be distributed to some major shops like Tolino, Amazon Kindle, the iBooks Store, etc. 

If you opt to include an audiobook with your order, they can also do that for you. That is if needed.  You can have an audiobook version of your work, too.

Trustpilot shows high ratings for Feiyr based on customer reviews.

Feiyr Reviews: How Others Experience The Company?

Surprisingly, many people love Feiyr as their trusted publishing partner. 

According to Hani Marzban, Feiyr satisfies its users because of its professional team. Their strong customer support makes them an ideal choice, especially to German writers. 

Another satisfied customer named Igor supported the Marzban’s feedback. “I chose Feiyr because of the price policy...I am very satisfied with the service. [They answered] my questions and helped me [with my concerns],” he wrote. 

Martin Tigermaan also commended Feiyr’s great service and fast payments, as well as other users who have tried Feiyr services for their respective endeavors.

Feiyr review reveals positive feedback from the majority of its non-German customers.

Others also pointed out the downsides of Feiyr and left its users to dissatisfaction. One of them wrote, “Feiyr is not fair enough. They charge everything.”

Julien Vallone wrote, “I seriously suspect them of fraud. They are vague with their explanations because there are always problems of ‘displays.’”

He added, “We cannot settle for display problems. For 10 months, I think they are facing financial problems and do not think they will arrange the amounts.” 

Feiyr receives negative feedback from its customers.

Regardless of the opinions of various users, Feiyr remains a good company for both music artists and writers. It’s up to you whether you like to check them out if it works for you or not. 

If it does, I suggest you plan your book and start writing it first. Get your FREE ebook to learn the step-by-step process of how to get your book done faster. 

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Why Partner With Feiyr?

In case you missed something, here are the pros and cons for your reference to help you decide as to why you should partner with Feiyr.

Keep in mind that your self-publishing success depends on the partnered platform. So, be careful with your choices, writer.


  • You can set your book price.
  • 90% of the book sales go to you.
  • Lots of partners to make sure your book is well-distributed.
  • Offers low costs for Print on Demand (PoD) options
  • No costs for registration or membership.
  • Feiyr only takes 10% of the share from book sales. 
  • The book distribution goes across 165 eStores, excluding the book shops where your works are displayed and promoted. 
  • Offers complete self-publishing package for less hassle
  • No hidden costs asked upon registration and attempt to publish works except for book releases and distribution, which isn’t that much. 
  • Non-German writers can enjoy the same benefits as German writers do.
  • Great customer support.
  • Feiyr could succeed across Asia and Africa since it’s getting more popular in these areas.


  • Feiyr may only perform well with music distribution because it started as a recording company vs book publishing, which only started recently. 
  • Negative feedback involves expensive costs as soon as you self-publish. I believe this happens when you prefer Feiyr to do other tasks aside from distributing your book across platforms.
  • Feiyr takes a lot of time to assist users’ concerns, especially when a user noticed mistakes in their works. 
Epic Guide to Self Publishing Content Image 7 min feiyr review uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 15, 2020.

Conclusion – Is Feiyr Review Worth It?

When I made my attempt in publishing my novel, I never expected the numbers involved to make it possible. 

A few months ago, I was unfortunate enough to cancel my deal (not with Feiyr) before they would ask more than $2,000 of fees. If I weren’t successful, I could have gone bankrupt without being able to publish anything. 

To avoid this scenario, I suggest you do more research or read my unbiased reviews about these platforms. I don’t want you to experience the same thing as I did. 

That is because I know you are already occupied with writing per se. I do, too. You spend a lot of time in front of your PC or your laptop writing your drafts and other pieces of content online. 

Therefore, you don’t have that much time to do your research for the best publishing company to make your dream—becoming a successful self-published author.

To help you out, I am reviewing these companies to help you in determining the best companies that would work for you. 

Feiyr could be a great publishing company to work with IF you have written your book. 

If you haven’t written anything yet, researching the best publishing company could preoccupy your mind too much; rather than focusing on the content. 

If I were you, make sure you don’t miss this chance to grab your FREE copy of my ebook that teaches you the entire process of writing your book. 

Epic Guide To Self Publishing Lead Magnet 3 min feiyr review uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 15, 2020.

As a writer, you know how it feels like when you begin the writing process. It’s not pleasant at all. But as soon as you finish the work, you will experience something indescribable.

I remember when I finished the first draft of my novel “Accidental Quest” back in 2018. I cried when I typed in the last word. “Eternity.” For whatever reason, tears fell and crawled down my cheeks.

Do you want to experience the same as a writer?

If yes, begin your book writing journey albeit self-doubts and fear. 

Let the world hear your voice. Speak up and become an authority. Start writing your book today and you’re good to go. 

It’s your turn to choose your path. 

If you like this post, feel free to share this with your friends and family to help them weigh their decisions on choosing the right publishing company. 

If you have thoughts to share about Feiyr, let me know in the comment section below. You can also shoot me an email concerning the review post and I’ll be delighted to discuss the issues with you if there’s any. 🙂

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