#1 Rule In Writing Powerful Content That Sells

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This article was written two years ago by a former affiliate of an affiliate marketing program. I edited the parts for relevance and added a few inputs to have the content updated, too. Despite all these changes, the message remains unchanged.

What’s the number one rule in writing powerful content?

Recently, I came across a comment from someone with a lengthy note about my writing style. In fact, he pinpointed the use of hyphens. He reviewed my article to such an extent that he sent me a long comment about the grammatical errors in my blog post, which I do appreciate. Yet, what struck me the most is when he said, “Your post should not be a conversation.” which I disagree with. 

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Why Grammar Isn’t The “Real” Issue When Writing Powerful Content?

You don’t have to throw away the grammar rules when you write content on your websites. It isn’t my point at all. 

You may familiarize yourself with thousands of grammar rules to produce a great piece of content out there. But remember this, my friend, you are not here not only to impress but to connect with your target market because you’re trying to sell something. 

You create content because you have a message to say to your readers. At the same time, you provide a viable option for them to solve their problems fast. 

Thus, your message is the most important, yet, the basic component of effective content. Any piece that can resonate well with your target audience brings money, influence, and above all, power through social media following. 

This is only achievable when the number one rule in writing effective content is resonance and not just grammar rules. 

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How Do Non-Native Speakers Make An Advantage?

I remember Robert Kiyosaki mentioned this in the book “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” in which he wrote, “I want to be a bestselling author, not a best-writing author.” This line struck me so much that it consequently led me to the place where I am now. Without it, I don’t know if I could survive this harsh world, especially since I am a non-native speaker who’s trying to compete with native speakers for years. 

So, I know how you feel to be in your place and understand the amount of struggle you have to endure to find work. Though you have the ability to write well, you have slowly accumulated a negative attitude towards yourself after a series of failures and rejections from prospective clients and content marketing agencies. 

Right now, I may be teaching you how to write better, but that doesn’t exclude me from creating mistakes. Like you, I also have my shortcomings. But that doesn’t mean it’s an excuse not to produce error-free content. That’s not what I was trying to say. 

Of course, grammar is a priority. However, the ability to tell a story and relay a clear message has more value than anything else. History tells us that human beings tend to act strongly on what they feel—not merely based on what they know. 

Your readers seek relationships and trustworthiness from you, so you better do a great job. They need you to tell them a story—whatever it is. This is content writing, my friend. A real deal. Even seasoned marketers are aware of how consumers behave when it comes to decisions like this. 

Only when they understand your story do they open up and invest in whatever topic you want to write about.

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Non-Native Speakers Can Write Powerful Content?

Non-native speakers tend to be careful in choosing the right words in their sentences, although we strive to expand our vocabulary as much as we can. We spend a lot of time reading and studying other people’s work to familiarize ourselves with the English language and write better. We are more than willing to work harder than anyone else, and we know that.

Despite our daily hurdles, it is not impossible for us to hone this skill set that pays more. It is a matter of knowing your position in building someone’s business, understanding the target market, and honing the skill set that generates more results. Therefore, we can write anything great and with power by simply using the English words we know. Yet, it’s not an excuse to avoid learning more.

We don’t need to become a bookworm to describe an event or tell a story effectively. In most cases, using simple words straightforwardly is enough. It is why we need to strive to create content on websites that will connect with our readers regardless of the niche we belong to. 

We may use the writing tools available right now to ensure we won’t annoy the grammar Nazis out there. However, this shouldn’t be the cause stopping us from doing what we love while monetizing the craft we value the most. The fact is, we are doing great!

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Non-Native Speakers Need To Write With Confidence!

Don’t compromise your message simply because you’re too conscious to write for fear of being criticized. As a writer from any developing country, right now, I hope you understand how valuable your words are.  

As they become a source of income, you want to write and make it work not only for yourself but for your loved ones. It is possible to earn as much as 4-figures (we’re talking about the US dollars) only when you have established yourself as a no-joke writer correctly. 

So, have a professional website to showcase your writing skills, as well as feedback from different people and companies you worked for. This will make it easier for you.

You see, you have the skill. You can write. For all these years, you have been working hard to arrive at the place where you are now. So, it doesn’t make sense to remain insecure, my friend. 

Aim to become a content writer known for writing any piece of content that resonates well. As a non-native speaker, you have the skill and passion to deliver the best. You only have to use it to your advantage, which is possible, if you understand your role better. 

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My friend, we’re building content for our readers—to build our writer brand. We aren’t here to make a research paper or a thesis, although you can make money from it from specific clients. 

We do our best to research to leverage our content. We want to make sure that our sources are reliable and that the piece of information they provide is correct. Yet, resonance in our writing should remain present in our content regardless of the target audience and the tone. 

Aim to become a conversational writer. You can be formal for some niches, but make sure your thoughts are coherent, resonating, and straightforward. 

Use your words to talk to people by trying to dig into their inner monologues and express their thoughts. The more personal they feel about you, the more they are likely to open up and be comfortable spending on anything you offer. 

Again, there’s nothing wrong with following the grammar rules. But building a relationship and real connection with your audience matters more in business. When you have loyal customers or people on your email list right now, whatever you do, they will follow and buy from you.

Time to get serious with building your writer brand!

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