What Is ‘The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind’ About?

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If you think of T Harv Eker, you immediately think of his wealth principles. So, what is ‘The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ about?

Hint: It helped me change the view about making money as a writer. If it does to a cynic like me, how much more to a believer like you?

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What is ‘The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ about? This is the first thing you think of whenever you came across the name T. Harv Eker. At the back of your mind, you consider whether his wealth principles work…or not at all?

Now, that we’re all set. Let’s dive into the details and decide if this is an excellent resource for building the right mindset and winning attitude. Otherwise, we don’t want to waste more time reviewing it. Are you ready?

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Who is T. Harv Eker?

One of the leading persons when it comes to the personal development niche, a name T. Harv Eker comes into the picture. Indeed, you have Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, among others. Yet, you can’t resist but know more about this man, who influenced a lot of people with his magic.

Born on June 10, 1954, T. Harv Eker came from a middle-class family from Toronto, Canada. Growing up, he dropped out of school to pursue his dreams towards riches. He did.

T. Harv Eker, author of "The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"
T. Harv Eker, author of “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

Within two and a half years, he reached his financial goals. Yet, because of his unhealthy mindset, he lost it quickly, akin to how fast he acquired millions. Due to the painful experience, he learned the need for a balanced spectrum of the wealthy.

Every fortune roots from a healthy mindset and the winning pursuit. A person who wants to win the game of money needs to be healthy inside and outside. She needs to be wealthy inside her being and out. It has to be balanced.

This is where the “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” came into existence, published in 2005.  

What is ‘The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ About?

I saw Eker’s Facebook ad some time ago, but at that time, I didn’t care. Although I have been a fan of personal development kind of stuff, I wasn’t really into it. Yet.

Until I had to review him and his program because of my full-time writing job. Initially, I had to collect all pieces of information to write a post. You know, for the sake of it. As soon as I started writing, it had me curious. Especially this book.

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For whatever reasons, I decided to download Kindle again after ages I had it uninstalled on my phone, and bought his book, which so happens to be specially discounted around 90% off of its original price. I said, “Wow, I’m fortunate enough to have this deal!” It seemed to me that I was meant to read the book for a life-changing course.

Definitely, the most valuable course of my life.

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So, I started reading it and man, it was a mind-blowing experience. It slowly changed my mindset in almost every aspect of my being. I cried and cried as I realized the most profound gaps in my life that also profoundly affected my financial life.

As a writer, I have to survive. In fact, Jeff Goins coined it as a “Starving Artist.” Most writers starve because we only have limited ways to show our prowess. If not to publish a book and succeed with royalties, where do we go next?

It hurts because I am so convinced that I have this gift of writing, but my finances are low. I have a blog and a skill of writing both fiction and nonfiction. But neither of these did a great thing for me.

So, what made me cry? In what aspects of the book had me caught off-guard?

“The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” is about changing your mindset and keeping it healthy to attract a healthy wallet. To be truly successful and wealthy, you need to get rid of what’s stopping you from having it.

According to Eker, these are some of those reasons:

  • Childhood Programming
  • Modeling from First Caregivers
  • Environmental/ Societal
  • Personal Inhibitions

As a child, we may be told many times that the wealthy are bad people. Many times in our young minds, these words are repeated over and over again until we unconsciously have it stored in our software.

As a result, we hinder our success and achieving our potential because of our belief that wealthy people are evil.

Similarly, we see our parents’ poor decision-making leading to grievous consequences. They’re arguing because of money, and it becomes a root cause of filial concern.

Now, as we grow up, we subconsciously keep the image of their fight labeling the money causes war. So, whenever we earn money, we spend a lot until they are gone because we fear it will cause great conflict in our lives as well.

What is The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind About Content Image 2 uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on June 1, 2019.

My family has been in a state wherein we reside in a middle-class situation. We live in a 40-square meter small house enough for 4 people.

Until now, we’re living in a small house. We can eat 3 times a day. But, there’s a but, all of these physiological needs are only possible to get because of making debts.

My mother signed up for another loan to get a new house and at the same time, she and my father made another loan for food. Monthly, my mother had to do grocery from a credit card to survive.

I remember I had to guard the whole squash “plantation” in someone’s front yard to secure our food. Otherwise, we’ll eat nothing but used oil and soy sauce. I was around 8 years old at the time.

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As young as I was, I thought, “Why are we suffering like this? Why do we have to go through a lot just to eat something nice?

My cousins have been enjoying sausages for a meal, traveling from one place to another with their own car, buying expensive notebooks and pens for school. Why do they live easier than us?”

I ask myself many times when I had to sit down in front of that yard while studying for my next day’s quiz. Instead of enjoying an afternoon siesta, I had to study and earn high grades. At 8 years old, I had my self-actualization.

I’m sick of being poor.

We are used to making debts to survive because we have not enough support from relatives, too. My mother had a bit of dispute from her siblings, so she had to keep all the burden on herself.

The same thing happened to my father as well. Both of them don’t have a healthy family environment causing their distress. My paternal grandfather sold their lands for gambling, women, and alcohol.

Without knowing it, they put all the rest of the burden on me, the eldest child. “You have to be…” That’s what my mother told me when she tapped my shoulder as if she’s pleading. “You have to be…” I couldn’t forget that line.

“You have to be in the top 1.”

“You have to be class valedictorian.”

“You have to be married to a foreign national.”

“You have to be the best among the cousins.”

“You have to be rich.”

Have you ever gotten yourself annoyed standing in front of a beggar lately? Have you also thought about earning money writing a book today?

How Does “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” Work?

Basically, Eker provides an outline of Wealthy Principles you need to keep in mind and apply for your life. There are 2 parts of the book.

The first part details the Money Blueprint.

The second part, on the other hand, revolves around the Wealth Files, which comprise the programming we subconsciously kept inside our head from childhood until we grow up as mature adults.

The Money Blueprint

Within this Money Blueprint, it contains all the principles you needed to attract wealth, as well as the stakes involved to get rich inside and outside.

You have to wealthy by soul and by wealth. It has to be balanced, or else you’ll lose everything when you achieve being rich.

Further, it follows the adage, “Your income can grow only to the extent you do.”

If you keep acting like a victim or a loser, your finances will say so. It’s time to get brave and fight our way through to make things work.

The Wealth Files

As I mentioned earlier, there are subconscious programming we need to change.

If we must, we have to break free from something or someone that keeps us from achieving our fullest potential and our dreams of being financially free.

In this section, you learn the compromises you have to deal with upon breaking those barriers you used to.

It’s like you’re Windows XP in need of an upgrade to Windows 10. For an XP, it sounds crazy and impossible. Despite the fear and uncertainty, you go for it because you know who you want to be.

In addition to that, Eker wrote the steps to change the way we think of ourselves and the way we look at money and wealthy people.

And that is by determining the differences between how poor people versus rich people think about things. Generally, everything.

What is The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind About Content Image 3

How Do Rich People Think: 17 Ways To Act Like One

According to Eker, there are 17 specific ways wealthy people set themselves apart from the middle-class and poor people.

From there, you grant yourself a declaration, “I have a millionaire mind.” To be one, do these and you’ll set yourself apart from the rest.

1. “I create my life.”

The rich people don’t believe they’re victims. They don’t blame someone or justify their poverty as reasons for financial slavery.

They simply believe that they own their lives, and they have the power to change their status, whatever it may be.

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2. Rich people play the money game to win.

Poor people think they play the money game not to lose. In their minds, they believe they will lose it anyway. So, why strive when we don’t know if we could really make it?

On the contrary, rich people don’t think like that. Instead, they strive to win every game they play.

Whatever business they build, they make it possible. For an aspiring writer like you, if you want to become a great one, owning the domination on printed books or digital, you have to be one.

Don’t settle for less with your loser mindset.

3. Rich people commit to being rich.

There’s no quick scheme in becoming wealthy. You have to go process, and it’s not even expected overnight. It takes a very long time before you see the outcomes of your efforts.

Even so, you have to commit to becoming wealthy. If you have to go through the hellish process of building a platform that will undoubtedly bring you smart passive income, later on, you must. No buts. No ifs. Just do it.

4. Rich people think big.

If you think of Mark Zuckerberg, do you think when he presented the idea of building a social media platform that’s going to shake the entire world, everyone was delighted?

I don’t think so. The same with Steve Jobs, Jack Ma of Alibaba, and the rest.

At this regard, I could relate myself to these individuals. Back in college, I told one of my staff, Renan, that our student council would initiate a general assembly for university scholars only. Also, a university scholar, he asked me how to do it.

I said, “I don’t know. But I will make it happen. No matter what.”

How I Failed As An Overachiever Me uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on June 1, 2019.
This was me in 2012, a lowly intern struggling to find myself; but was able to manage to achieve something big amidst the emotional instability.

With the help of Nikka, another scholar, and a few more university scholars in our course helped in building the event.

In spite of fear, I went to the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid (OSFA) and presented my idea to the director. She’s pleased.

She approved the idea and showed support to the assembly. The whole School of Education had its first general assembly for scholars. Its mission to orient every Education student about the scholarship was successful.

In fact, the program went on for years until it became a university-wide event. Every year, the whole university scholars in different college degrees followed the system.

Did everyone think it’s possible? No.

The other student council presidents laughed at me. They thought it’s impossible. The college dean mocked me and told me it’s some crazy sh*t going on. I remained adamant and went on.

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5. Rich people focus on opportunities.

For Eker, rich people have their eyes set on opportunities than problems.

For example, if you are an employee and you see your boss facing a crisis. If you think as most poor people do, you’d not be bothered by it.

The rich people see it not as an obstacle but an opportunity to show their worth. So, they help the boss and present the potential solution to resolve the issue.

This principle does apply to every aspect of our lives. We simply have to be observant and willing to be of help.

6. Rich people admire rich and successful people.

Instead of resenting those with Jaguars and Lambos, you admire them having it. It’s requiring you a 360-degree mindshift actually. But this is really important because you can’t resent being rich.

If you achieve earning 4-figures, for example, you can’t just think, “What would people think about me having this kind of money by doing less?”

Of course, you can’t do that. Don’t tell me, once you become a successful writer and/or author, you’ll throw it all away because you don’t want to be resented. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

7. Rich people associate with positive, successful people.

Concerning the previous point, the rich people mindset only joins to those with a similar mindset.

If you hang out with the ambitious group, although they didn’t make any cent year, you won’t notice how contagious the thinking is.

As the adage says, “Birds of the same feather, flock together.” The same principle applies to this principle.

To obtain niche domination in your writing, you have to be with people who already achieved or who are ambitious enough to realize that status. No matter what.

8. Rich people willingly promote themselves and their value.

I simply choose to be someone of value as shown on my posts and the amount of valuable content I publish on the site.

If it worked for me, only if you show that impression to your audience, it will work for you, too.

9. Rich people are bigger than their problems.

If you remember my previous point about the rich people seeing problems as opportunities, this principle has similarities. It’s just that this is about mindset; on how you see yourself than your problems.

“I’m bigger than my problem. It’s not the end for me,” this is what Eker suggests us to do regardless of what we do. Including writing.

10. Rich people are excellent receivers.

Most people think they don’t deserve a thing or two.  Eker mentioned that many people feel they’re unworthy or undeserving due to low self-esteem issues. Unfortunately, 90% of the people across the globe feel the same.

They only want to give based on the rule of thumb, “It’s better to give than to receive.” It doesn’t work that way for the rich. Again, it should be balanced. You know how to give, you also are willing to receive anything.

11. Rich people are willing to get paid based on results.

The rich people don’t worth a paycheck. They work because they know they’ll get a lot in the long run. “There’s nothing wrong with getting a steady paycheck unless it interferes with your ability to earn what you’re worth,” Eker wrote.

These are the kinds of people who see the need to work if it’s necessary. For example, they need to work for someone else for the sake of saving capital for their business.

For writers like you, you can start saving money by working for someone temporarily upon building your own writing career. Click here to know more.

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12. Rich people think of “both.”

The rich people believe in having both even if they need to strive harder to get it. They don’t consider choosing freedom over money because they will get both no matter what.

This is contrary to how poor people see the world in which they see as a world of limitations. As Eker wrote it, the average person tends to choose options they think are more comfortable to them.

But the rich usually don’t care about getting into the uncomfortable zone to get the freedom they want while having more money than the rest.

13. Rich people focus on their net worth.

How much are you?

If you think of it, you see it utter insulting. But on the other side, that questions your worth based on your assets, skills, etc.

Your whole self and your properties and income. All of you. How much are you in terms of value? Are you worth a dollar or a million dollars?

In the realm of writing, this is where you place yourself as a freelance writer, an author, or a best-selling author in various titles i.e., New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Which one are you?

Do you want to become someone like J.K. Rowling or John Maxwell?

So be it. Do something. Stop dreaming. Work your butt off to achieve it.

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14. Rich people manage their money well.

In this principle, you’re going back to how you’re programmed. If your parents taught you that rich people are bad people, this shows how you manage your money.

If your family or the people that surround you taught you not to keep the money for yourself because that’s being selfish, you would become a people pleaser. Unfortunately, this is where I belong.

Do you spend your whole month’s salary to please others? Or do you spend your money on investments?

Honestly, this is where I cried. Even if I got paid more than an average employee in the town, I still can’t save a thing because I’ve been paying debts I didn’t make.

In my parents’ eyes, I am a money-maker. A provider. Over the years, I thought I was made to be that way.

How I Failed As An Overachiever Me And My Hubby uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on June 1, 2019.
This was me and my husband shortly before we got married in 2017.

My husband, my cousin, and my sister told me that I should stop doing that. Instead, I should spend something for myself or on something I know I will need in the future; rather than pouring my whole month’s work for someone else’s comfort.

Because of that, I realized I need to keep something on myself, too. Eker dug into the cores of myself I didn’t even bother recognizing it’s there.

My negative emotional baggage has been with me all along. And somehow, just somehow, I saw how my mother acted the same.

Over the years, she’s not been spending on something she needs. But to my father’s gullible decisions.

She paid every single outcome of my father’s poor decision-making skills, like changing from one business to the other without looking at how my mother got the money for it.

Make Money as Writer Content Image 4 uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on June 1, 2019.

15. Rich people have their money work hard for them.

Passive income. Earning while you sleep. It sounds surreal. This is what most people want, but only a few people guarantee it. Why?

It’s not something you could acquire overnight or only a few attempts. It’s the outcome of those who survive the toughest points of one’s life.

Roope Kiuttu, one of the men I admired and at the same time, my boss, mentioned on one of his videos that his business works for him because he worked so hard for it at the beginning.

Now, he’s enjoying the outputs of his efforts years ago. That didn’t happen overnight or in 6 months of nonstop smart working. It’s measured by years.

16. Rich people act in spite of fear.

Just so you know, when I applied for affiliate networks last month, I wasn’t really sure I could make it. I was uncertain if they pay me commissions for doing the job as an affiliate.

Years back, I applied and was rejected after not making a dime for months.

What I didn’t know is that earning an income regardless of what we do (as a writer for me), I have to do because I should. No matter what it takes. And yes, I did.

In fact, I earned my first $25 in my account. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate for guiding me through the process!

This is made true with Eker’s principle. The rich people gained their riches because they acted, albeit the fear they feel. Regardless, they pursued and achieved great things.

What is The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind about - First SAS Income
My first income as an affiliate

17. Rich people constantly learn and grow.

Jim Kwik mentioned that the CEOs and other great peoples in the world are readers.

If an average person reads 1 to 4 books in 1 year, a leader, or someone with significant accomplishments, reader 1 to 4 books in 1 month. That’s a lot of difference, my friend.

With that having said, rich people don’t get stuck with what they know and learn. They continuously search for new things, learn new things, and see new things as new opportunities to grow.

Just as technology grows, truly successful people continue to thrive because of their capability to adapt in situations requiring newly acquired knowledge about something.

For writers, this is a must. We have to keep learning how to write and continuously improve nonstop.

Even if we already published a lot of best-selling titles under our belts, we have to continue learning. And that’s a must. Not a mere option.

How Do The “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” Help As Writer?

Eker’s “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” isn’t about how to become a wealthy individual but to become an irresistible writer. We have to learn how to leverage our writing from amateur to pro.

For instance, you’re blogging. You have to learn how to execute effective content marketing. ’That’s done through using premium writing tools like Grammarly to ensure a flawless write-up.

At the same time, make sure you have a clean, professional-looking website layout as I do. You see, many people are impressed with my website because of that.

“I really like your homepage!! Would you mind sharing which plugin you are using and how do you create the ‘click here to get started’ button?” – CianDreamer

“I visited your website. It’s really stunning, congratulations.” – Karim

“Visited your website. Impressive!” – FaithGabriel

These are some of the feedback I got from the community when the members saw my homepage. Immediately, they got the impression of me as someone with the authority of my niche.

In addition to that standpoint, Eker wants us to become ambitious. Never be contented with your current standing as a writer based on your salary.

If you’re earning $500 now, strive to make more than that by becoming the best in the field to get paid more.

If you have to build a writing business, you should. If there’s a need for you to create courses or strive to get high-paying clients to earn 4-figures and beyond, you should.

Want to write a best-selling book? You should. As wealthy people, we should think big and out of the box. We shouldn’t settle for less.

Lastly, we should not be used to staying within the comfort zone. Instead, we have to be adept in every stage of our lives.

Be it uncomfortable or not because we need to attract wealth by upgrading our skills.

And these aren’t achievable if we remain in the status quo. We have to get out of our comfort zones and go through the hellish training to upgrade our writing.

There are many people out there who aren’t used to writing 2,000 words in one blog post.

I’ve met a lot of writers, who aren’t used to doing more in their writing process. They thought that writing one simple blog post is enough to attract traffic.

After I told them, it’s not enough. Since then, the members woke up from that fantasy.

Because of that, I really feel grateful that my promotion of writing high-quality content gains a lot of attention. Now, every person sends me notes about them trying to do what I told them.

Write high-quality posts, a killer blog post, and the best books. Indeed, this requires immense effort. Yet, in the end, they’ll see the outcomes.

Their readers will respect them and will see them as the authority of their niche. The same thing with writing books, fiction or nonfiction.

If people see your efforts of writing sincerely to them, even if you write fantasy books, they will follow you. That’s for sure.

Best Grammar Checker Online Content Image 1 uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on June 1, 2019.

Why am I saying this?

Currently, I am a writer for fiction and nonfiction, too. I write actively on Wattpad, my website, for someone’s website.

While working full-time, I wrote a novel with more or less 90,000 words, working for its publishing soon.

At the same time, I’m writing blog posts for my website with more or less 2,000 words and beyond and writing for someone else’s website of the same length.

What does that make me?

What I’m saying here isn’t BS.

They’re from my experience as well as the learning I got from reading a lot of books. I’m a reader, too. So, I know how that feels like.

This is why I want you to get serious with your writing craft even if you don’t want to. You want to get a lot of readers for your books, or you want to get a lot of traffic for your page.

Generally, you have to get used to writing the content high-quality regardless of the circumstances.

You have to accept the fact that writers can only improve if they are willing to take the challenge. All the time.

If you choose to be serious with your writing prowess, I suggest you get access to my MEMBERS-ONLY LIBRARY.

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What is The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind About Content Image 4


Personally, “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” changed the way I think about every single thing.

Although many bloggers have been doubtful of Eker’s principles here, I still have my belief in the book. I know it won’t be a shortcut, but I’m striving to achieve what I want. Financial freedom.

I’m a writer, and I don’t want to become a starving writer…again.

I believe in my prowess, and that brings me to a path I never knew existed. I’ve experienced how poverty felt like.

I don’t want to experience resentment towards my relatives living a more comfortable life.

On top of that, I don’t want to see my family regretting every decision (including those that make them happy) because of money.

With the help of my writing, I decided to continue writing and will use it for the best.

To inspire people, to motivate them to push themselves to the limits, and to drive them until they see the best versions of themselves, including the successful live of financially-free individuals.

Through my writing, I will build my platform and will dominate my niche in which I see nothing but my goals. Not my setbacks and self-doubts.

Without Eker’s book, I don’t think I could think this way. If you were going to ask me, did I regret spending money on this? I say no.

So, what is “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” about?” It’s not about validating the rich people nor about defining the wealthy people word by word.

It’s about changing the mindset and believing that money comes after showing your prowess and your worth across billions of people around the world.

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