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Author’s Life with a Scorpio Moon; Astrology & Creative Writing

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Honestly, I haven’t seen anyone sharing what it is like to be an author with a Scorpio moon. Someone who has found a way to maximize the potential of this magnanimous energy through releasing layers of self in art. In whatever way or medium that the individual prefers.

Sure, some forums like Reddit and Quora have featured spaces for this particular moon sign, filled with personal stories from all walks of life, from different parts of the world, the good and the bad. However, I haven’t come across an article describing its intensity and how someone can mend this potentially destructive energy by channeling it through creative writing.

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About Scorpio Moon: Overview

Since I found myself in the rabbit hole of astrology and psychology in the last couple of years, all for the sake of mental health awareness and recovery from childhood trauma, you could assume that I have binged thousands of articles and videos on the internet; some were repeatedly read for the sake of review, monitoring every progress I’ve made. At least I have a few accomplishments to celebrate for myself now and then.

These things mean a lot for people like you who have a Scorpio moon. And if you aspire to pursue writing, creative writing in particular, this route could be an option for you.

If I think about it closely, this is probably why I decided to write this article to show you what it is like to pursue life with this placement. I can give you personal stories to describe how it is to grow up as a child with this “gift,” unconscious and unaware of the emotional volatility when uncontrolled and unhealed, to show you my life as an adult, married, just like any Scorpio moon individuals, bearing all the pains in the world.

Scorpio Moon: Overview (an image of two people, a big man and a smaller male with a big hat to cover their heads from the rain)
Photo by Nathan Ziemanski on Unsplash

If you’re a Scorpio moon with big writing career plans or at least the interest in discovering layers of yourself in a way that you can figure out what to do with that energy in any creative pursuit, e.g., fiction writing, this post might interest you.

When you’re done reading, I’d appreciate it if you leave your thoughts in the comment section below. I also recommend you to watch Meredith from Soul Navigation, an evolutionary astrologer, as she explains the essence of the Scorpionic energy in great detail.

In this article, we’re going to tackle the common stereotypes people impose on the Scorpio moon individuals, its nature (based on astrology), how it affects you as a writer born with a Scorpio moon personality, and how you’re going to deal with it for the rest of your life as an artist.

Because I’m a Scorpio moon person, writing this is already a leap of faith, knowing my comfort zone: secrecy. As much as I want to keep my life—my thoughts and feelings—private, the astrologers have said many times that the only way for the Scorpio moons to heal from the haunting past, grow as a person, and evolve as a Scorpio sign (symbolized by a mythical creature, the phoenix) with a Scorpio energy is to reveal oneself. 🙂

Scorpio Moon: Melancholic Junkies

If you’ve just discovered you’re a Scorpio moon person, congratulations. If you doubt it, you can try my favorite online Moon Calculator and set your birthday and time of your birth. You can also set the birthplace if you like, but it is optional if you have your birthday.

Anyway, if you’re a Scorpion Moon individual, welcome to the club of melancholic junkies. We’re the kind of people who love to drown ourselves in the deepest of the seas of thick weed air swirling in our mental abyss. We love to obsess with things that spark mystery and the unknown. Whatever catches our eyes, it doesn’t matter. Be it a thing, an idea, a person, whatever. You just know. And you keep it a secret for as long as you want, even bringing it to the grave if you want.

Scorpio Moon individuals: the melancholic junkies
Photo by Ilona Panych on Unsplash

And because Scorpio is a fixed sign, you can’t help but keep the routine, thinking this misery is part of you and will remain in you. You believe that your life is full of despair, helpless at times. Whatever that abyss might be. It could be your past, trauma, all the shit that happened to you as a child, as a rebellious, arrogant bastard, as a frustrated, given-up-on-life adult. Whatever is right in front of you, at this very moment while talking to you, good and bad, you know yourself how you fucked your life up. And your pride and ego are so important to you that you don’t give a damn about correcting your wrongs. Because acknowledging the wrong itself is painful, and you don’t want to add more pain than you already have.

You’re too afraid to mingle with the mistakes because reliving anything that has punched your heart so many times is too painful. Because you happen to have a sharp mind that remembers every single thing—even the color of her pajamas when she was five years old—and you keep holding on to it like it is the most precious memory in the world, it makes the misery even way more unbearable to you.

You hold on too much. Sometimes, way too much. When you have the chance to let go and move on, no. You don’t like that. Because your unconscious is masochistic enough to endure the quiver, jolt, and fury combined. Your inner will is iron, an Eiffel Tower that could compete with its strength. Even when hundreds of years passed, even when modern construction has rapidly advanced tenfold, that damn thing that stood in the middle of Paris proved that time is nothing when true strength is tested to the limits.

Until now, that tower remains strong, still strong. Just like you. After all the abuses and pains you harbored, after all the years of mental, psychological, and spiritual berating, here you are, you stand, reading my piece of shit—I mean my post, talking about how shitty my life is. But if it actually resonates with you, let me know in the comments below. 🙂

White sorpion in 3D image to represent the Scorpio moon people
Photo by Hassan Sherif on Unsplash

Scorpio Moon: Misconceptions about this Placement

If you’re new to astrology, you may have scoured the internet and sponged all the information about this placement. Assuming you possess a detective mind, you have probably noticed a pattern or the two sides of the coin, if you will.

But first, let me ask you. How does it feel to you? Does it feel welcoming to be acknowledged and heard without being judged? The fact you figured out a layer of yourself feels liberating, right? Because in every memory you remember, there wasn’t a time when you weren’t wrong, too honest, authentic, genuine, odd, unusual, aloof, distant.

As a child, you may have learned how to build a fortified emotional fortress to protect your vulnerable, soft side; a well-hidden in a Houdini’s chest underneath the Marianas Trench. You have trained yourself to cover up the pain with anything from drugs, sex, to overworking. You have tried them all.

Scorpio Moon: Its Nature
Photo by Suhail Ra on Unsplash

But damn, they ain’t working, you thought. Nothing worked. Because every time you close your eyes to sleep, the images, those potent, quick flashes, will come to you with painful memories you want to forget. As you go deeper into your sleep, your eyes welled the tears or probably have dried up from too much crying. Then, you wake up the following day, feeling like you’re the most useless person in the world. Misunderstood. Broken. Lost.

Of course, none of the mental health tips and tricks would work if you are not prepared to let go, if you are not ready to give up the things your ego wants and desires, if you are not able to forgive yourself for all the mistakes, the wrong decisions you’d made, if you are not able to acknowledge the full spectrum of your essence as a bearer of this Scorpionic energy.

So what I’m saying is that you are a Scorpio moon. Period. Regardless of your sun sign, you can be an emotionally wrecked Cancer, the ever-bossy-overly-demanding Capricorn, or an arrogant Aries. The fact that you have this placement makes us one.

And I’m talking to you as a fellow soul. My soul to your soul. I don’t care who you are, but I care about what your soul says.

You’re the bearer of Pluto and Mars’ energies, so please be responsible. It’s the ice-cold truth you have to accept. You can’t just run away or hide from it. Because anyway, when you’re stressed or have less control over your daily, hectic, fast-paced life, this moon sign will make the decisions for you. It will control you when it is you who should control it. But because your fucking unaware, you’re living the life with your eyes closed. You’re ruining your life without realizing it. And even when you realize it, that pain screams again, and you’re a coward to face it.

You’re a Scorpio moon. You’re a fearless soul. How can you be a coward? What happened to you?

Tough question, right? To help you figure out the correct answer to this, you have to accept the essence of it entirely, which means offering your heart and soul to it, the good and the bad parts of you that you’ve tried to hide for a long, long time. That means not just physical, emotional, or psychological, but you have to include the full acceptance of your sexual power and use it wisely. You can turn your sexuality and mold the energy according to your will to get what you want in life. And I’m not talking about ego-based wishes like fame and fortune or as petty as greed. I mean something your soul needs to do while you’re alive. Do you get me?

This is how I can explain why you, as a Scorpio Moon person, need a channel or find a perfect outlet to express the unconscious. Because as a bearer of this unique Plutonic energy, you possess the unconscious understanding of death, rebirth, and transformation. In other words, you have the power to transform nothing into something, like alchemy. We’re the modern alchemists if you want to define that way.

As a modern alchemist, you also bear Mars’ energy, which involves the Yang, the action, or the ‘Now.’ You are meant to do something about all the things that happened to you, including your past lives, process them in the present now, and transform everything into something beautiful and magical, something that will heal and free the world spiritually and individually as a fellow soul.

This is your soul’s mission. But it’s up to you to pursue this calling or stick to the comfort zone you love so much.

Scorpio moon individuals underneath the RBF
Photo by Dymitro Tolokonov on Unsplash

Scorpio Moon underneath the RBF

For the average person, what they see is an angry, stoic pigeon, wearing a pair of hawk eyes and the hunger of a lion, waiting to attack like a jaguar. You don’t project your aggressive nature in an obvious way because you know that’s the best way to lose your power over yourself and others. You know we are a fucking aggressive person, but they will never see your true feelings nor know your most real thoughts about anything. Not even your closest ones. Underneath the resting bitch face are unshed tears you wish to cry someday. Only if you find the right person, the perfect moment to arrive.

Sadly, there’s no perfect in life. And there’s no perfect person. But deep inside, you’ve harbored enough trauma in your life that you would rather pretend that you’re dumb, stupid, and naive when you’re sharp as fuck; you would rather pretend that it’s okay and nothing’s wrong when there is. You simply keep your mouth shut, thinking it’s better that way. Life’s better when nobody knows how you feel and what you think. Because for you, this is control, and self-control is like your Holy Grail. You can’t give it up.

Even when you wish to cry and scream your heart straight to their faces, you ruthlessly swallow those tears, thinking that showing your soured face is a fucking weakness. That’s why if you’ve seen the published articles on the internet or have gone to several popular forums, you may have noticed how others describe you. We are these emotional people who mastered the art of intimidation by silent force.

True. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Quick overview of Scorpio moon qualities:

  • Emotionally intense
  • Overly secretive
  • Secretly/unconsciously masochistic (especially those who stayed in abusive relationships way too long)
  • Manipulative (to get what you want)
  • Controlling
  • Demanding (worse in close relationships)
  • Volatile (abrupt, spontaneous, extreme paranoia, physically dangerous)

The list could go on. Believe me or not, I have done them myself. But today, I’ll come clean to you and say that as a Scorpio moon, especially in my twenties, I was a hundred-eighty-degree different from how I am today. Back then, I wasn’t aligned with myself, trapped in COVID, stuck in a rut (real life and in my head), almost broke my marriage, and I didn’t know what to do with my life except to watch as it slowly fell apart.

Mecyll Gaspary in her early 20s; a Scorpio Moon person
This is me in my early 20s.

I was desperate for an escape, but I was too emotionally unstable to handle the truth. My pride was thick like my ego that blanketed me from head to toe. At the same time, fear struck me to the utmost, including the fear of facing myself and my demons. Even when I began my self-publishing journey two years ago, the imposter syndrome was real. Accepting criticisms was a hell of a ride. As bad as it already sounds, the impact it had on me was magnanimous and paralyzing, and it could be way worse for people with this placement, especially if unhealed.

As a Scorpio Moon person, I was too fixated on what happened to me and unable to receive third-party objectivity simply because I thought their advice was an attack.

To give you an example, let me share an excerpt from my journal entry. You can read the full text here.

“I just hated the book. Hated it. But I’ve been working on it for so long, and still, it’s crap. I could even throw it away in the trash bin so I wouldn’t see it anymore. Fuck! I can’t do anything better. Such a useless bitch. Give up! You’re such a worthless piece of shit! Better die.”

Journal entry date: August 22, 2022; Time: 4:29 PM; Day: Monday

As a Scorpio Moon person, I was too fixated on what happened to me and unable to receive third-party objectivity simply because I thought their advice was an attack. And their concerns did sound like an attack to me when it wasn’t. Yet, for some reason, my brain couldn’t recognize it.

The paranoia was real, too. It reached such an extent that I feel like the world is against me and believe this is my life—filled with losses, sacrifices, and compromises. Yet, I failed to recognize the power that has been hiding inside me, thinking this special feeling I feel in the middle of my stomach is insignificant, the itch in my palms to predict the upcoming financial abundance, downplaying it as mere coincidences, ignoring the dreams that fill my nights, assuming their insignificance.

My husband might have thrown advice in between, but the self-conceited me was always prepared to dodge everything, thinking I was right. And if I felt wrong, I would do everything in my power to manipulate situations for my own good, neglecting the reality, others, and the rest of me. You know, my childhood dreams, less egoistic goals, my unicorns, my soul.

I’ve had a fair share of what you feel. But I’m not afraid to be honest with you.

Scorpio Moon & the Weird Fancy on Control

You may also have heard a lot about how emotionally volatile and intense we are or how possessive, jealous, and controlling we become when we begin to attach and cling to someone or something. But none of them detailed why or how we even came to that idea of feeling it. Is it from a dream, or did you notice something off? Is that insight intuitive or fear-based, or a set of repeated actions you notice year after year that made a premonition evident to you?

If that makes sense, these are critical questions to ask that weigh more to, let’s say, define the Scorpio energy in its essence and meaning to the bearer. After going through years of shadow work, self-imposed CBT, and diving deep into the esoteric teachings, people with a Scorpio moon need to figure out the sources of this urge or what I call the ‘soul’s urge.’ And the only way to find out is through unlocking the unconscious.

So far, creative writing works for me. Because I can tell my story through a character’s lens without feeling the direct impact on me. You know? Like defining the thin line between fiction and reality?

It is best to set yourself in the meeting point between your unconscious, subconscious, and conscious selves. Only when you allow your unconscious mind to talk to your conscious mind while consciously writing those unconscious thoughts down onto something tangible will you discover the understanding you need for yourself. This approach will help you solidify the purpose of this placement and make it known to you. In your conscious mind. Then, make it a habit.

“Confronting my old self is part of letting go. The self who never believed in herself for quite some time, who never trusted her voice even once in her life.”

M. Gaspary, Author

However, only when you are healthy and evolved Scorpio will you experience the blessing and magic of this placement. Sadly, in reality, many hurting Scorpios are struggling to get through the day, trapped in their fixed minds and beliefs that the world is against them when they can transform their lives alone. If only they knew their strength and realized the full Plutonic-Mars combined energies to get something, to achieve the best life they want to live.

Yes, that’s true. Scorpio Moon, the Scorpio sign, in general, loves to be in control of everything. For many, it’s a big turn-off. For some, it could be seen as ‘too much.’ Too bossy, too demanding, too violent, too passionate. It’s seen as too much for the average person.

For you, of course, it hurts. Nobody feels happy when rejected and excluded due to unintentional intimidation, alright? You can’t even blame yourself for the in-built confidence installed in your system and inner strength to do everything you can imagine. The sky’s the limit for you.

But unfortunately, you’re surrounded by the wrong people. And your mind is fixed on the fact that this is the only group of people, the only way of life to live as a ‘Future’ for you. You always think you’re always right when it isn’t. If unaware, you become self-absorbed to the point of neglecting other points of view to ease your ego in tantrums.

Here’s the truth: They don’t care. Nobody does. So, why should you? You care too much without even asking them to care for you. But deep inside, you’re craving that sense of belongingness, the emotional drive swirling inside you. But you can’t do anything about it. It’s your deep-seated desire you’re afraid to reveal, fearing vulnerability to the bone. In your mind, this is love, and you love control. You hail self-control to the core, only to fail to acknowledge the reality: you’re breaking into pieces and alone.

warren wLEI1OuVGFA unsplash scorpio moon uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 2, 2024.
Photo by Warren on Unsplash

Being a control freak & issues with letting go

We control things because of our psychic ability to know what’s coming and the mindset and attitude required to act on something. I’m sure you’ve felt that special feeling in the middle of your stomach or somewhere in your sternum. Your gut absorbs the energies around you, and your skin flutters with the vibrations from every single thing in the room.

It feels like a grip or a soft punch sometimes. I don’t know, but all I know is that once it activates (whenever, wherever), this feels like something with action. Either good or bad feeling, this is where it starts, then radiates throughout the body if you keep ignoring it. When it does radiate, it’s up to you to do something about it. This is where meditation, spirituality, etc., comes into the picture to release energy if you don’t need it ASAP.

The fact that you scan surroundings, people, and everything in your life, the more you become aware of your imagination (where overthinking, anxiety, and rage reside if uncontrolled and neglected), which then leads you to become a control freak. Because you often know what’s coming and the possible consequences, of course, you don’t want to sit around and watch your life going south. I mean nobody wants that, including you.

The problem is you’re the Scorpio moon, and your entire family isn’t. Maybe your aunt or your dear cousin, but they’re like you. For sure, they won’t bluff about their Scorpio energies with proud faces. Perhaps you’re not really close, or there might be some family drama going on that blocks the mission. So, you keep your mouth shut and do nothing. Because you know that inaction is better than disharmony because you know that if you give in to the urge, which happens all the time, it becomes intimidating to others.

Unless you have a Scorpio sun, which I don’t have. This is where they say, ‘You’re too much’ or too overly reactive or overdramatic, sweating on little things.

The ‘why’ & the misunderstanding of Scorpio’s aggressive nature

Oftentimes, people don’t see the ‘Why’ in our actions. They only see what they want to see—we’re stubborn assholes and nonjudgmental stoic bitches. They don’t see what is happening inside you, and because you are secretive and private as hell, you don’t give a damn explanation, thinking you know how they would respond anyway (which is sadly the case). Of course, for instance, you don’t want to be berated on your anniversary. You don’t want to be the killjoy at your daughter’s wedding. I mean, the compromise you feel during these times is a real deal.

But if you want to grow and understand the essence of your moon placement, you must acknowledge the emotions without judgment. In other words, you have to welcome the good and the wrong sides without dismissing them. It could be the details of the haunting past without skipping or evaluating your life’s progress, like a resume with an objective set of eyes. In this case, you’re like the HR with questions to ask and measure the person’s worth and potential if trained enough.

You think you can’t do it? You’re a Scorpio moon. You’re built with great stamina for this shit.

Why? Two reasons.

First, Scorpio moons and control are partners by default, and controlling someone is exhausting and way too heavy of a responsibility. I have a Scorpion Moon aunt, and I’ve seen how long she’d held onto a promise for more than thirty years to the extremes.

It was a simple promise of not leaving the eldest sister alone with her young children and an irresponsible husband. And because she is a Scorpio moon person, she took it by heart when her father died to such an extent that she unknowingly spoiled the entire family while depriving her own, to the extent of creating a concoction of jealousy within the two families (hers and the eldest sister’s).

If Scorpio moons could learn to let go of the uncontrollable and focus on what’s present, on what is right in front of them—their children, family, abundance, the chance to wake up the following day—their lives would be a bit better, less burdened. The next days would be lighter (spiritually speaking) because the more you have space in your heart, the more you free your soul.

When your soul is free (finally), you will begin to embark on a purposeful life’s journey, affecting everything you do. From tiny to big decisions, it matters. What your heart says matters.

Second, it is your soul’s calling to transform all the shit that happened to you into something that creates life on earth. Your life’s purpose is often marked by extreme experiences during the early years, which you can only understand when you’re an adult. It is because when you’re an adult with an adult mind, I mean a real adult with a child’s heart (not a childish heart), your heart is ready, and your mind is open to understanding the unique mysteries of life and the ‘Message’ sent to you. 

If that makes sense, only when you welcome this responsibility with open arms will you see changes in your life—the way you see how your world moves on will dramatically shift from despair to hope. You can finally maximize the full strength of your love for others, yourself, and the earth without bearing the same thick blob that once drowned you in the abyss, without the urge to utilize that gift for personal or egoistic reasons. Take it from my experience. 😉

Scorpio Moon & Creative Writing

Speaking of letting go, the best way to do that is through writing. And I mentioned that already a few times in this post.

You don’t have to start as a well-versed grammarian or become an extremely self-conscious beginner. You don’t have to be stuck and trapped with fear, caring too much about the words you choose. Instead, bring yourself to a silent room, alone with your thoughts. Then, listen to what your heart says. Let your fingers speak your soul, and your consciousness knows the little whispers you’ve been ignoring for so long.

As a Scorpio moon person, you have already acquired enough experiences in life to share them in words or art. Regardless, you have cried volumes of tears, feeling alone and misunderstood by your family and friends. Hopelessness and worthlessness are your friends at some point. At least, this time, allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic, not because you’re asked to do so, but because your soul needs it now.

Please know that you need those experiences to mold you to become who you are now. And if you’re at the crossroads of choosing paths for a distant future, pursuing a spiritual path through service and art, or teaching others the lessons you learned the hardest. The decision is up to you.

If you want to tell your story in narrative forms, you have options like journaling or expressive writing. You can also venture into literary fiction like poems, novels, novellas, and creative nonfiction work like essays, memoirs, and autobiographies. That is, if you want to share that story with confidence and the knowing that in the end, publishing this story will make you feel better. It’s a choice. Your choice.

king buwa Ea7pJhItRII unsplash scorpio moon uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on March 2, 2024.
Photo by King Buwa on Unsplash

The point is that writing tests your intuition and the magic of your imagination, which is, by the way, astute as hell. By the way, why write?

You heal through revealing your story. And writing is the best approach you have to start the spiritual healing process because you learn to let go without feeling forced. Because you don’t like to be told what to do. Yet, the art of writing entries in a notebook, for example, allows you to solo yourself with your deepest thoughts in the most private and sacred place you think you are.

By jotting down the words on the paper, you let go of your taunting past, the painful family history through writing the words you wished you’d said when you were a child or wished they’d said to you but didn’t. This is an unconscious first step to reparent your wounded inner child without feeling the impact first-hand. You’re a Scorpio moon person. Of course, you don’t want to feel threatened or attacked. So consider this as a baby step.

It is your chance to tell your side of the story that didn’t require a considerable investment. Go to Etsy and buy some beautiful journals and a pen to start writing entries. If you’re techy, you can opt for Notion, which I personally use both for personal and business, to record your thoughts and feelings in an organized way.

Final Thoughts as an Author with a Scorpio Moon

In general, you have tons of options nowadays, and the convenience of starting anything is undeniable. The possibilities are screaming in front of your face, but you choose to ignore it, thinking you’re weak, unable to move on with your life. I understand the anger you feel simply by remembering the wrongs you’d made before, possibly guilt that struck you, and you haven’t moved on.

As a Scorpio moon person, you have to acknowledge that you’re a fixed sign. Let your conscious mind know this is your unconscious urge. To hold onto things and people that no longer serve you well. It can be an experience, a past, a childhood trauma, a family property, whatever it is that you’re holding on to right now.

It is time to evaluate your conscious beliefs and see whether they truly align with your values as a person, as a human being. Ask yourself if it’s time to let go and welcome something new without judging your feelings. Feel it instead.

Sure, it’s painful. Saying ‘Goodbye’ to anything or someone has never been an excellent experience for anyone. There’s nothing good in a goodbye. Then again, it’s up to you what you can do something—good or bad—with that gift. All I’m saying as a fellow bearer is that life is short, but let’s say you live up to seventy years old, and you’re thirty years old now. You have forty years left to do something on this planet.

For me, as a fellow Scorpio Moon person, what you possess, what you think is a curse, is actually a strength, a gift from God. But only you—and only you—know how to use it correctly and with responsibility. What you have can either build a life or destroy the world. So, think about it. Think about the legacy you can leave for the next generation if you choose to be brave enough now to get your ass up, your head up with clarity and a purposeful journey.

What can you say? If you ask me, I choose to write stories, as mentioned earlier. I prefer writing fiction to tell my life’s story. It’s the approach I found more effective than just writing nonfiction. Because, again, I like to draw the thin line between fiction and reality. Like you, I like to dance between the light and the dark. Both sides, right?

If you’re curious about my work, you can check out my latest book, “My Name is Pepper,” as an eBook and print. You can also subscribe to my newsletter if you’re interested in diving deep into my Scorpio Moon. This is where I share my raw thoughts and feelings with my subscribers.

If you’re a Scorpio Moon person who aspires to pursue writing to supplement your mental health recovery and progress, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Tell me if my story resonates with you. 🙂

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7 responses

  1. Richard Crawford Avatar
    Richard Crawford

    Wow, I loved the article (blog), related well to it. I’m a Scorpio moon, Sagittarius sun. I have a background in creative writing, but had setbacks getting into the world of publishing. I had to support myself with long distance trucking after a failed marriage and child support. At 44, I’m going back (to college), but your writing helps better accept myself, my all-consuming emotions, and the fact I’ve burnt some bridges. I thought I’d also add that I used to have a sense of humor growing up, but with seething anger underneath. Then I lost my sense of humor, and I wrote without one, too. It’s important to have one, however, as I tend to see the world as absurd and satirical more than anything, and I think this is healthier. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Richard! I also have a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising. We’re classmates. It’s nice to hear my story resonate with you well. The fact that I was able to give a soul call to your publishing journey makes my day. It is truly something you have to look into. 🙂

      I think it’s a Sagi power to add humor into anything because it is our nature to feel lighthearted into things. I’m not sure but I think that’s the Jupiter’s power kicking in—the ability to tackle the biggest challenge with a smile and positive anticipation. And because we have a Scorpio moon, we have the stamina to endure the direst of situations, bringing an “all-or-nothing” attitude upfront. The thing is, the bearer has to be self-aware. Aware enough to recognize the essence of the Scorpionic energy to allow the Sagi absorb the power when it’s time to fight the big fight. Satire is the best weapon for Sagi-Scorpio cusp. (Remember Sagi who loves to joke around? Then add the Scorpio’s smug on it? Hahaha!)

      Do you know what I mean? So, having a Sagi sun, Scorpio moon placement is actually a gift is used properly and/or the bearer is awake enough to carry out the essence of its power, though they’re entirely opposite in the astrological chart. I mean, as a zodiac sign alone, they’re in contrast. That means if the person with the placement can manage these two opposing energies into something better, like pursuing writing and art, that’s cool. Really cool. 🙂 Because it really fulfills the soul’s mission in the long run without really putting the person/bearer into the Scorpio’s ever-suffering mindset. I don’t know if that makes sense you.

      1. Richard Crawford Avatar
        Richard Crawford

        Fantastic insight, I’ll look up your book on Amazon, and I’ll contact you with future success (taken awhile to acquire quality material). I’m Taurus Rising, but we’re close on the chart, all right. Yes, I agree with what you said. Take care!

        1. If you could leave feedback, that will be much appreciated, Richard. Thank you for stopping by and for being brave —- sharing your personal story with us in this community. 🙂 Take care.

  2. Apurva Avatar

    Hi, I’m a Scorpio Moon Gemini sun Virgo rising, stuck in the career choices I made as a teenager (accounting). But my soul resonates more with creative writing and helping those in need, those misunderstood and those suffering in their own head. I’ve been looking for writing platforms. Reddit was good to begin with but I truly believe I can pursue writing with time, and my Gem sun will help me all the way!

    1. Hi, the fact that I was able to give you a nudge on a potential writing journey is a great deal for me. I think writing is the best approach for Scorpio moons to heal while inspiring others to do the same. You know, share the basic concepts of life: love, peace, harmony. 🙂

    2. And because you have a Gemini sun, that’s the best route to go. Because Gemini is great in the writing world, too. This individuals love to learn and to chew words like cookies. Sweet, doughey. You know. It’s an innate talent, which I truly appreciate from all the Gemini signs out there. (If only they realize that power hiding inside them)

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