Dr. Clay (Cult of Eros #1): Details About My New Book, Etc.

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When I joined NaNoWriMo 2022, I was fortunate to have belonged to its Winner Circle, which was a positive thing for me. Since I began writing my new book, Dr. Clay, I planned it to be the first book of the Cult of Eros series.

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About Dr. Clay

Even though it would be a series, I thought of having each book as a standalone book, which means the stories will feature different characters and plots as the series moves forward to the following books.

Why am I doing this? This allows me to expand more characters and their corresponding stories without relying too much on one plotline.

At the same time, this provides me more advantage to tell more stories of each character, living in my head for a long time, who are now desperate to have their lives told and known to people.

If that makes sense, I also thought sharing the chapters with you would be nice, so you would witness how this story would progress. Besides, this is what I have been working on behind the scenes since November 2022.

As of now, the manuscript has more than 30 chapters with over 76,000 words and 280+ pages, and I’m still in Act 2 of the story. 🙂

Most of these chapters are available on Wattpad. So, if you like to read the chapters in advance, you can read them here.

If you’re curious about its story, here are the book’s details.

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Book title:

Dr. Clay (Cult of Eros #1)


Clay Elizondo is a young, prolific doctor whose prominence rose due to his family background and being a skilled medical personnel. He works at San Carlos University, where he meets Valon de Lara, an art professor and department head, at an unprecedented place and time, leading to an attraction they would have never imagined to take place. He has no idea how much Valon wants him in return.

As their relationship grows deeper with each meeting, Clay realizes that secrets surrounding Valon’s past may prove difficult for them to overcome.

Main Characters:

Clay Elizondo

Valon De Lara

Elizabeth Gutierrez

Agatha De Lara

I also thought of publishing these chapters here on Substack and my website, so they would be considered official channels where these chapters could be shared if I encounter problems with publishing them on Wattpad.

In most cases, I have issues with piracy, where platforms take my stories and publish them independently without my permission.

To resolve these issues, as a self-publisher, this is the solution—publishing my stories here and on my website. So, as a subscriber, I hope you’ll allow me to share the chapters as I update them.

By the way, so that you know, this is Draft No. 1 of the manuscript. That means when it’s up for self-publishing, a series of drafts with changes and updated scenes will come as they’re available.

I’ll begin sharing the chapters this week. 🙂

That will be all for now. Hope you have a lovely week and wish your writing success. See you in my next email.


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