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Thank you for showing interest in writing a guest post for my website and sharing your journey with the rest of the writing community. I truly appreciate the effort that you put into your work.

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Write For Us Relevant Topic Ideas

I welcome guest posts from different people from all walks of life as long as the topics include (but are not limited to) writing and their transformative writing experience, regardless of the niches they belong to, such as:

  • Writing tips
  • Storytelling strategies
  • Book writing (fiction & nonfiction works)
  • Self-publishing
  • Writing for Web novels
  • Content writing, freelance writing, etc.
  • Writing tools & resources
  • Content writing, freelance writing, etc.
  • Writer’s life
  • True stories of amazing writers behind the screens
  • Simplified blogging for writers
  • Building your writer brand & find loyal fans

Here are a few of my recommended stories that will help you out in determining the right topic/s you want to write for us based on relevance:

*Refer to the published stories on my blog to understand and identify the topics, content design, and tone that I prefer using on this website (for consistency).

About M. Gaspary’s Blog

I believe every person can make money through writing online even if they don’t have any writing experience. Like you, I started as a terrible writer. My first day of content writing was terrible. The editors, mostly native speakers, told me to improve because the article I wrote was bad. Really bad.

But why did I keep going instead of forgetting about my writing dream for financial security? I could have stopped. But I know earning online as a writer gives me more flexibility to work around the world without having to worry about commuting every single day.

Writing online can also provide more chances to earn a stable income and more freedom to share my thoughts with billions of people around the world. For passion and/or for freedom, my creative writing skill becomes beneficial not only for myself but for others who need it. Be it for marketing or for entertainment. So, why should I quit?

Ready to Share an inspiring writing journey with Us?

If you like to write for us and submit a guest post, pitch your ideas by sharing a brief narrative describing that moment in your life and the important lessons you’ve learned based on the topic/s you want to cover. (See the topic list above)

You don’t have to have a finalized headline for your content, as long as you include the keywords to target. Don’t get stuck with it!

If you already have, however, feel free to submit using the form below along with the main points you want to talk about in the post.

Note: Designing an effective headline isn’t necessary when you’re about to start writing the post. Rather, it only comes after writing the draft just before you hit publish.

If your story is chosen, I’ll reach out to you with editorial guidelines and guide you in writing the article.

Why Write for us? The Benefits

  • Exposure to hundreds of writers and/or readers from different parts of the world
  • Portfolio building (for new writers who want to explore freelance writing work)

*All guest post submissions are voluntary. So, I don’t pay writers for their articles.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

Kindly pitch in your topic idea via email and wait until you receive the approved topic before you start writing the draft. Do not send me the entire content without an approved topic!

After submitting the info, wait for at least 24 hours before I can get back to you. I don’t have an editorial team to help me out, so bear with me. Thank you. 🙂

Ready? Click here to submit your topics.

If you love my work, your support will help me continue writing great content.