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5 Secrets To Writing Good Content For Beginner Bloggers

5 secrets to writing good content for beginner bloggers. Be personal. Provide value. Give exact information. Share irresistible shortcuts. Write strategically.

“Write content for people, not for search engines.”

To tell you the truth, it’s not easy to write good content. I mean, insanely good. It’s not easy to create something irresistible for you, your site, and your audience. However, by using the 5 secrets to good content, you can improve it even if you’re a beginner blogger. 

In the past few months, I started interviewing different people, inspiring bloggers to be exact, and learned their ways of running their blogs, as well as their humble beginnings.

Earlier, I started with Camille Deal’s thought of reaching out to bloggers and learning the value of blogging. You can read her story here

Today, Shekhar Chatterjee from Special Blogger shares his thoughts to us when it comes to writing posts that hit the bull’s eye. I mean, writing for the people, not for search engines. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

5 secrets to writing good content for beginner bloggers. Be personal. Provide value. Give exact information. Share irresistible shortcuts. Write strategically.

5 Secrets To Writing Good Content For Beginner Bloggers

“When I started, there were already millions of bloggers around the world and I know the number will increase in the future,” he said. 

True. Each day, hundreds of blogs are produced. And behind each blog is an aspiring writer and artist regardless of the niche. 

Otherwise, you can’t run a blog without the drive to showcase yourself against millions of new blogs around the world, standing out from the rest. 


The answer is simple. No matter how many times you see “blogging made easy” tips and tricks online, it will always be the most strenuous, risk-taking, nerve-wracking career you can ever take. This is why most people don’t believe this will work. 

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It does as for most people who earned 6 figures from their site. How does that happen? What did they do to achieve those numbers? 

To get your blogging to the next level even if you’re a beginner blogger. He shared the top 5 secrets to good content that you can apply in your next post. 

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1. Be Personal.

Nothing beats the human connection. The key to writing a great piece of content is the clarity with your message. Clarity not only is understood logically but understanding the meaning behind it. 

In other words, your readers should get the overall picture of what you’re trying to say. Great content pushes them to realize their situation and take action to get out of it or achieve their goal. 

If you aren’t able to do it, you have more time to improve your writing. Perhaps, your English language proficiency blocks you from expressing the idea. If so, spare time to read more materials to leverage your writing skills. 

Whatever reason there is, it’s important to successfully connect with your readers to ensure the effectiveness of your post. 

Do you understand what I’m trying to say? 

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2. Provide Value.

“Most newcomers fail because they optimize content for search engines,” Chatterjee mentioned during the interview. He explained that bloggers must understand their readers and their situations when writing a post. 

Last year, I wrote about how a con artist teaches you about blogging. In that post, I detailed how these people can convince others to take action, though uncertainty is present (no product at all). 

I stated, “[Con artists] employ emotional tactics to ensure their victims are trapped.”

That means marketing becomes effective⁠—I mean super effective⁠—if you manage to get into the minds of your audience. Once they feel understood, no matter what you create, they’ll follow you. 

People spend for something valuable to them. The same principle applies to blogs. When writing a post, always keep in mind that our post becomes someone’s life-changing motivation. 

So, don’t write something that doesn’t make an impact like writing for search engines. “I always try to value my blog readers,” he said.

What a beggar teaches us about earning money writing a book today?

3. Give Exact Information.

A good piece of content doesn’t have to be lengthy. All it requires are the elements that should be present to make it effective. 

According to Chatterjee, giving them the exact information they need means valuing their time.

As a content creator, you spare your audience from reading unnecessary topics (based on the post title) and direct them to the information they need. 

He also opposed the common blogging trick which says, “long content helps you rank higher.” 

How James Charles Drama Teach Us Writing Killer Blog Posts

Personally, epic posts can be good from time to time as it serves as the foundation of the series of content published on your site.

For example, most new bloggers tackle blogging as their starting posts. “How to start a blog” kind of thing. If we take that as an example, assume that Google expects you to create a better post than the ones on the top page. 


As soon as it crawls to your site, it detects the overall content and determines the identity of your site even when you aren’t aware of it. 

As I said earlier, epic posts are necessary if you’re about to launch a new project, a new brand, anything new. Your readers, especially your email subscribers, will know what you’re up to and the things they expect you to provide for them. 

Nonetheless, the average blog post has around 1,800 to 2,000 words. Others only require 1,000 to 1,500 words. It’s up to you. In my case, my posts have 2,000 words on average. 

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4. Share Irresistible Shortcuts.

This is why blogs exist. People naturally desire to be useful to find their purpose in life. And through blogging, they can share what they know. So, why defeat its purpose?

A great piece of content, as I mentioned earlier, pushes people to take action. No matter what your topic is, your audience should realize it upon reading your post. Otherwise, it’s not effective enough. 

With that being said, it’s also greatly appreciated if you share irresistible shortcuts. That means, you provide them the information they need for their convenience.

For instance, you reviewed a bunch of writing tools. For you, it’s a lot of work. Yet, to them, it’s a big time-saver. They don’t have to spend so much time and money to get the product or program⁠—whatever you wrote about⁠—because they trusted your review.

Do you get me?

Speaking of which, I wrote a separate post about the 75 writing tools to use to improve your writing and gain more traction from your posts for FREE. 

Click here to see the top 75 free writing tools.

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5. Write Strategically.

Writing good content is like precise engineering. You need precise measurements to build infrastructure without problems. The same with designing an insanely good post for your blog. 

You have to be strategic to provide a worthwhile learning experience for your audience. Just like writing a fiction novel, an author is responsible for bringing the readers from the first page to the next. 

If you take a look at how I structure my post, it’s minimal. I didn’t add a lot of stuff in between and simply target my objective.

But how come you reached this point?

What made you do so? 

Again, it’s about human connection. As a blogger, you aren’t there to provide information or simply share what you know. You’re there to help in building human connections based on your interests and needs. 

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Since I was able to manage to bring you towards the end of the post, it means this post resonates with you well. In simpler terms, I was able to build that connection with my interest in teaching you to write better content and yours.

If you want to improve your content and become a top-notch blogger, spare enough time to take your content writing to the next level. 

If you want to get serious with it, download your FREE book and learn the exact steps I did to make my first $500 as a writer and made an income from my blog. 

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Tons of information about content writing is out there on the internet. At times, it becomes overwhelming. However, you don’t need to master all the tips and tricks they suggest to you, including me. 

All you need are a few but efficient strategies that will smoothen your blogging experience. 

Writing your first blog post can be daunting. It’s frightening. As long as you keep my advice, as well as Chatterjee’s, you can manage. 

“Blogging is not a cake-walk. Try new things in the market… follow other blogs in your niche. Check what they do to get traffic,” he said.

Now, it’s your turn. 

If you want to improve your content writing skills, don’t forget to get your FREE book and download it. It’s a PDF file that contains all the necessary basics you need to engineer your content and take it to the next level. 

Are you ready to take action? Let’s do it!

About Shekhar Chatterjee


Despite the odds, his dedication pushed him to create his own blog as a platform to help other newbie bloggers around the world, especially in India. If you want to know his latest update, you can visit his website, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

If you like the post, share it with your friends and family. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me in the comment section below. See you again next time! 🙂

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