Text Blaze Chrome Extension Is A Promising Writing App. Here’s Why.

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Based on personal experience, repetitive tasks, such as answering emails and website comments, can be a dread. Consequently, online tools like Text Blaze Chrome extension have become an enormous help to keep up with the fast-paced digital workplace.

Disclaimer: This Text Blaze Chrome Extension review is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are based on honest and personal views from the author. Please read my Terms & Conditions to learn more.

For the lack of a better example, let me explain a writer’s temperament. Most of the time, people see a writer sitting at his desk as if this individual isn’t doing anything.

Yet, without others knowing it, this person juggles deadlines to finish the pending write-ups while keeping up with administrative-related concerns daily.

As much as I want to sugarcoat the writer’s lifestyle, being a writer isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Running an online writing business can be challenging for many writers, though most tasks are done closed doors.

With these considered, Text Blaze is worth sharing with all writers desperate to find a better tool to help them run their writing businesses efficiently and effectively.

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Image provided by Blaze.today

What is a Text Expander?

If you haven’t tried to use any text expander before, it is a tool that allows you to use commands to automate the encoding process in communication.

According to Text Blaze, you use shortcuts or snippets to replace phrases or sentences you often use, such as signature lines or replies to inquiries. I’ll talk about it in a second. But here’s an example.

Instead of typing the same “thank you” replies for ten (10) emails, you type in “/thanks” to automatically fill in the text. Thus, it saves your working time, which consequently helps you boost your overall productivity levels.

In my case, I receive many repetitive emails from writers or businesses asking about my guest post and sponsored content requirements. As a writer, I don’t have the luxury of spending the whole day replying to hundreds of them at times.

[Text Blaze Chrome Extension] allows you to create snippets and commands without having you write the same messages repeatedly.

Recently, it became an issue because I juggle writing many things. For instance, it takes around five (5) hours to finish this article based on the number of words.

But while writing this post’s draft, I’m writing three (3) books almost simultaneously, excluding writing for guest blogging and social media.

Considering these, it’s reasonable for me to use a text expander to help me finish my admin-related work faster. Because once they’re done, I could move my attention to writing new chapters for my books.

Thus, within the same timeframe, I saved half of the time spent on accomplishing tasks necessary to operate my digital writing business while increasing my time to things more valuable, like writing.

Text Blaze Chrome Extension Screenshot 2
Image provided by Blaze.today

What is Text Blaze?

With only a small team of like-minded individuals, Blaze Today, Inc. was established with Dan Barak as its co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

While it’s a relatively new company, they have an excellent product to offer. Personally, it’s one of the best applications I have used in my writing business.

This tool allows busy writers to reduce their working hours and save more time for writing. Suppose you’re running a freelance writing business or planning to build one.

In that case, it’s necessary to find solutions to reduce the workload to spend more time writing articles to meet deadlines rather than spending hours, if not the whole day, answering emails.

Speaking of saving time, I highly recommend you look at my gigantic list of Writer Tools and know the ones I use for my writing.

With Text Blaze, you can maximize its feature that allows you to create snippets and commands, which inserts the content automatically, without having you write the same messages repeatedly.

If that makes sense, I would like you to look at the next section and learn more about the key features you need to know about this tool.

Text Blaze Features

What does Text Blaze do?

Before anything else, I’d like to say that it’s simple to start with this tool because all you need to do is install the Text Blaze Chrome extension and sign up for an account to access your dashboard.

Once you have access, you will see the sample snippets on the left side, your writing space, and above it, there are fill-in boxes for you to fill in the snippet name and the command. (See screenshot below)

Text Blaze Chrome Extension Dashboard Screenshot text blaze chrome extension uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on February 22, 2023.
Here’s a screenshot of my Text Blaze dashboard. (Photo by: Mecyll Gaspary)

What are the Text Blaze sample snippets?

These snippets have been prepared for you to give you a glimpse of what you could do with this tool and how it helps you work around its features in keeping up with your writing demands, which include:

  • Demo – Styled Text
  • Demo – Time and Dates
  • Demo – Cursor
  • Demo – Forms

Does Text Blaze work with Gmail?

Yes, it works with Gmail and other apps and platforms you use daily, such as search browsers, email services from your web hosting providers, Google Docs, and more.

It is almost accessible to everything you use for personal and business, which you can see in the next section.

Command Packs

Access to the Command Packs is one of Text Blaze’s best features. Although these are only available in Pro and Business Plans, you can still have the chance to give them a try through trial access.

These commands allow you to create snippets, such as automating word capitalization, responding to the recipient’s email address, randomizing phrases and values, and curating targeted LinkedIn messaging.

Here’s a screenshot of how these commands work to give you a better example.

Text Blaze Chrome Extension Gmail Command Screenshot


Aside from flexibility and freedom to create your own snippets, Text Blaze also provides templates for you. They serve as guides and references categorized by role and tool.

Those templates are designed for customer support, recruiters, teachers, healthcare, real estate, property management, sales, small business owners, and product managers.

Templates by role:

  • Customer Support Snippets – These templates automate responses and save time without losing the personal connection with your customers.
  • Snippets for Recruiters – The templates promise an efficient and pain-free workload for recruiting outreach and communications with applicants and managers.
  • Snippets for Teachers – These ready-made templates help teachers at all levels save more time on repetitive typing, grading reports, and student feedback.
  • Healthcare Snippets – The templates included in this category aid in providing high-quality healthcare services and communications between the personnel and their respective patients.
  • Property Manager Snippets – These templates save time managing your listing and communicating with tenants and owners.
  • Real Estate Agent Snippets – They help real estate agents work more efficiently and save more time communicating with clients and showcasing properties to prospective property buyers.
  • Sales Snippets – These templates promise to boost sales by automating cold outreach and sales communications without losing personal touches in their messages.
  • Small Business Owner Snippets – The templates boost communication with clients, partners, and customers for your writing business.
  • Product Manager Snippets – Similar to the templates mentioned, these snippet templates push efficiency in product management.

If you like to learn more about these templates, you can find more examples here.

Dynamic Commands

Text Blaze Chrome Extension Reviews from Other Users

With a staggering 4.9 out of 5-star ratings on G2, this is quite a remarkable accomplishment for a new app.

If we look at other alternatives, based on the website’s recommendations, Semrush only has 4.6 out of 5-star ratings, and Grammarly with the same 4.6-star ratings.

According to one of its verified reviewers, Text Blaze is a must-have for all those who work with people, such as customer services and marketing. Additionally, many business owners with similar concerns can also benefit from it.

“If your job requires sending a lot of emails, then this tool could save a lot of effort and time, and it’s gonna boost your outcome.”

— Kapil A.

“I never have to worry about retyping frequently used reply emails, note templates, or any other templates I use daily [sic]. Text Blaze eliminates the need to type out long messages, note templates for meetings, LinkedIn messages, etc., and replaces them with a quick shortcut! I can use it on any tab without having the Text Blaze tab open.”

— a verified G2 User in Computer Software.
Text Blaze Chrome Extension ProductHunt Verified User Reviews text blaze chrome extension uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on February 22, 2023.

On the other hand, ProductHunt reviewers gave 5 out of 5-star ratings and positive feedback after using Text Blaze in their work.

One is from Konstantin Dubovitskiy, who wrote on the website, expressing his positive experience. He commended the app’s UX design, easy-to-use features and tools, and clarity regarding specific user benefits.

[I] absolutely loved the tool. I used to have a Google Keep where I would keep all my snippets under keywords, and every time I had to copy-paste something, I had to go to Google Keep, search it up and copy. Text Blaze is truly a game-changer for anyone who has to do outreach or any communication [sic]!

—Konstantin Dubovitskiy
Text Blaze Chrome Extension Features Screenshot 4
Image provided by Blaze.today

How I Used Text Blaze to Increase Productivity

Honestly, I haven’t gone through the rest of the features. But I started using Text Blaze to test its capabilities and promises to its users.

So, I created my snippets based on my needs to manage the writing business, such as signature lines, emails for potential sponsors, replies to agents’ publishing inquiries and website comments, guest bloggers, and other collaborative opportunities with other writers and business owners worldwide.

Here’s an example of one of those snippets to show you how I exactly did this for my daily writing. For instance, I receive an email from a writer asking for guest blog submissions. 

Instead of writing the entire email, I can type in the command (/guest) to automatically fill in the texts. Take a look.

Text Blaze Chrome Extension Guest Post Snippet Command GIF

Text Blaze Pricing Plans

Is Text Blaze free? Yes.

You can use this promising text expander tool by downloading the Text Blaze Chrome Extension.

As I mentioned earlier, you can sign-up for an account for free, though you can upgrade your plan to expand the possibilities this tool could do for your business growth and efficiency.

Regarding their plans, you have four (4) options: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise Plans.

The price range starts from free to $6.99/month (billed yearly), except for the Enterprise Plan, which requires you to contact their team for custom pricing.

Option 1: Basic Plan (Free)

This starter version allows you to use Text Blaze and create up to 20 snippets, 2,500 characters in a snippet, limited snippet sharing, and trial forms support.

Option 2: Pro Plan ($2.99/month, billed yearly)

This option is excellent for individuals and consultants like me, which gives me the basic commands and up to 1,000 snippets with a maximum number of words of up to 25,000 characters in a snippet, double the snippet sharing, complete forms support, and images in snippets.

Option 3: Business Plan ($6.99/month, billed yearly)

If you are a small business owner with a few team members working with you, the Business Plan is a great option. It is because this plan gives you more access to features suitable for efficient team collaboration.

This plan allows you to enjoy everything in Basic and Pro Plans. Additionally, it gives you more opportunities to create up to 4,000 snippets with as many as 50,000 characters in a snippet, unlimited snippet sharing, and more.

Want to see more features? Click here.

Option 4: Enterprise Plan (Custom pricing)

If you represent larger organizations, you understand why you need to access additional billing options, SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), Event-level action data, high-touch support, user training, implementation consulting, and dedicated feature work.

Considering these, this is the best option for companies mentioned in this article.

Text Blaze Chrome Extension Pricing Plans
Photo credits: Blaze.today

Text Blaze Chrome Extension + Windows: My Final Thoughts

Before I end this post, I’d like to announce that Text Blaze isn’t only available as a Chrome extension but also in Windows. You can check it out here.

Now, it’s your turn.

Suppose you need to increase your work efficiency and generate more positive results in your daily communication.

In that case, I highly recommend you download the Text Blaze Chrome Extension today and try it. If you use the links in this post, you’ll get to access its Pro features for one month for FREE.

Then, let me know your first-hand experience in the comment section below. 🙂

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