Chapter 4, Dangerous Roommate (Cult of Eros #2, Ongoing Update)

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Here’s chapter 4 of the new book, “Dangerous Roommate.” Enjoy reading. Let me know your thoughts about this chapter in the comment section below.

“Yes, you are,” Stefan said, wrapping his hand with gauze while ignoring Nigel talking to him from afar. While he kept his business outside the MMA ring, Nigel stayed inside, watching him until he was done.

“I know I’ll be staying behind this time.” He slanted a grin in one eye while the other was hidden underneath the black medical patch. When he stretched his mouth wide, his cheek revealed an obvious scar on one side of his face that streamed along his injured eye.

“This might be the last week I’m meeting you this frequently,” Stefan said after he finished his hand wraps and swiveled his head, warming himself up—jumping and running in place. When he felt the sweat dampening his body, he didn’t have qualms about jumping into the ring and stood there in a fighting stance.

“Why? Are you going somewhere?” Nigel asked, walking around the ring.

“Yeah,” Stefan said with disinterest.


“Mind your life.” Stefan raised both arms, extending them over his head to stretch. Satisfied, his eyes sharpened, without knowing his mind wandered somewhere for a second. Even though he looked determined, he clenched his fists until his knuckles grew white, thinking about what his grandmother had told him. Knowing that his daughter’s life was at stake, he wouldn’t allow his emotions to get in the way.

In his mind, there was nothing else more important than saving Mia. Although he hadn’t tried this one-targeted mission before, he was more than willing to compromise. That alone surprised him. Because he didn’t expect he would come to reach this point where he would be left confused. And he hated to be confused.

But what should he do? He clucked, trying to get rid of his initial plan. Before he could figure out what he could do next, he had to know his target first. Despite his inhibitions, he was more convinced he had to see Frank and know who he was. Until then, he wouldn’t know.

“Are you okay?” Nigel asked him, only to worry when he saw how the look in Stefan’s had changed. It wasn’t friendly at all or welcoming. The fact that they were both inside the ring, he thought Stefan wasn’t there to fight with him. There was something else he had in mind. Whatever that something was, he was certain this wasn’t good.

For many years he had worked with him, and having seen the worst of this man in their line of work, he had never seen this man this angry. He looked as though he had nothing to lose. A man who looked like he was ready to die for anything for the sake of that something he wanted.

Though Stefan had remained silent as he stood, though he saw the man in a fighting stance, Nigel wasn’t convinced his friend was there. How he looked in the distance and swiftly back to him was enough to say this mission—whatever Madam had given him—was something he had never done. If so, he wondered how Stefan would come up with a plan alone and was curious about how this could go.

In their previous missions, Nigel was called to stand by for Stefan. While Stefan would do most of the planning, Nigel was the runner. Together in the scene, no wonder they’ve earned the best spots in Madam’s heart. They were young prodigies. But for some reason, Nigel wasn’t called this time. It was just Stefan.

With these considered, that kept him wondering. Because though he knew his professional boundaries with this man, he still saw him as a friend. And they’ve been working together since they barely reached twenty. With more than ten years they’ve spent, no wonder these young boys formed a deep bond.

In Nigel’s mind, he was more than a colleague. Without a family to return to, he was the only brother he could count on. He wouldn’t bother if he remained in the shadows for as long as Stefan was okay. Although he wouldn’t be present in his mission this time, he had promised himself he would also keep an eye on him.

“Ready?” he said to get Stefan’s attention again. Without any word, he suddenly dashed to him, screaming, and Stefan did the same as they got closer and closer and then whacked.

With his black sunglasses on, Stefan drove with his black Tesla to San Carlos University, looking for Frank. He went there and wandered around the campus to see and locate the School of Arts.

When he finally found it, he stood in front of the department, only to step back as soon as Frank went out. Only when he saw the man in person did he feel a cocktail mixture of feeling accomplished and sublime. As he guessed, the man must have been at least a hundred seventy centimeters. Like in the photos, he looked strong but feminine. While his body was ripped, Frank was slim but healthy.

Though there was nothing outstanding about him, Stefan couldn’t stop staring at him. Something about him made him do it, something magnetic. And the longer he watched him doing something else, the more he became curious about him. For the first time, he felt warmth.

He followed his path wherever he went, observing him from afar, watching him like a hawk. He stood behind the door eased open and overheard conversations between colleagues. It was then he learned about the upcoming Cult of Eros exhibition. At that moment, he remembered what that old bitch had told him.

But it was cut short when someone’s voice filled his ears.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Stefan turned his head and saw a familiar man standing near him.

Though his sunglasses were perfect to hide his surprise, they weren’t enough to convince the man. “Len? What are you doing here?”

“I should be the one asking you that. What are you doing here?” Len asked in his low voice.

“Nothing,” he said, almost stuttering. “You?”

Len couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m working here.” He paused and kept his face as he kept his eyes glued, glaring at him. “You wouldn’t come here if you weren’t up to something. Would you?” Though he tried to keep his voice down, it was audible enough to relay a concern.

But that concern wasn’t the priority in Stefan’s mind. “It’s none of your business.”

“Of course. It’s my business. You don’t belong here. So, leave,” Len said, watching him closely for his response. But when he noticed him eyeing Frank, he scoffed, planting both hands on his waist. What’s he going to do with Frank? He pointed the finger at him. “Don’t—”

Stefan clucked. “Don’t worry. I’ll leave if that pleases you,” he said in a sarcastic tone with a mix of an insulting giggle. He arched an eyebrow, whistling while flashing a smug before leaving him.

When he was alone, Len scoffed again, letting out a quick but loud, worried sound off his chest to ease himself. He went inside the office and watched Frank in action—talking with other colleagues while answering phone calls in frantic. Watching how hard he worked, he couldn’t help himself feeling bad for the man. And it had gotten worse, knowing Stefan was doing the same, too.

With all these considered, he had to know what he was up to, even if it meant breaking a promise he’d vowed a long time ago. His eyes sharpened for a minute as he continued observing the department head from afar. But when Frank called him, he blinked, returning to his senses.

He grinned and waved his hand. “Hey, I’m here,” he said, walking in strides approaching him. “What is it, Frank?”

Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for spending time reading this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did when I wrote this part months ago. This chapter, in particular, reminded me of those times when I sat before my desk, seemingly prepared to type in words, but I struggled to keep it up.

It took an external motivation to get it through, and, at that time, the NaNoWriMo event was upcoming. At that time, I thought, “This could be a great opportunity to try and give this a shot one more time. You’d done an excellent job with ‘The Rival,’ so you could do it, Mecyll.”

You know, it’s easier said than done because writing a chapter with a clear intent to finish it requires more than just a skill. Since I started writing fiction, I realized how much this work demands my ability to be naked and the guarantees to answer whether I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to face my fears, conscious or unconscious.

So, being able to write this down meant I managed despite the countless times dancing around with depression and enjoying the roller coaster rides my anxiety provided me.

This is why I don’t know how to thank you for your support, regardless of the scale or contribution size, from sharing my work with others or buying my books. It doesn’t matter because, for me, every small act you show is appreciated.

Again, thank you, and have a great day!

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