Learn How You Can Finish 3 Books In 1 Year Using The System I Used Myself

Learn How You Finish Books Fast

Learn the exact system how you can start writing your book nonstop just as I did. The system that lead me to finishing 3 books in 1 year without compromising my writing quality and my readers.

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If you want to commit to this lifelong journey as a writer for whatevers reasons you have in mind, it’s best to start now. Stop wishing and start writing your book now by learning the same strategy I did to finish my books fast without compromising the quality and disappointing readers.


What my readers say?

What I like about your books is the cover & the poignant amount of attention you present in your characters to make them diverse & different from all the stories I have read on Wattpad. Although, I do sometimes recognize the use of cliches. But otherwise, I really enjoy your books!
I love reading your books, because I couldn’t predict what’s coming. And it makes my reading exciting and thrilling. Your books makes me forget the time. One tip for the readers out there who’ll read her works, have your mind in blank slate. Because whatever you have in mind, won’t happen.
Kryzsa Nicole Lopez
Teacher, Reader
Your characters grow and progress as well as easy to read and believeable. Why I like reading your books is what makes it different to the rest, there isn’t many authors I go out my way to read though I will admit I can read almost anything to a point.
Luke Tam

NaNo 2018 Winner Twitter Header finish 3 books uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on February 7, 2019.

In this FREE course, you’re going to know exactly what I did to finish 3 books in 1 year and won NaNoWriMo 2018 after the first try. The exact prerequisites I did with discipline and dedication, as well as patience and determination to finish my work.

Are you ready? 

Remember, this isn’t for people who want an overnight success. The system may give you a clear path to make things easier, but it doesn’t mean it’s literally easy. Because writing a book isn’t an easy feat. It entails a lot of effort and attitude to guarantee success.

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