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“The Wallflower’s Revenge” Book Review

What's this book all about?

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“The Wallflower’s Revenge” is all about two kindred souls, connected by dark motives brought by experiences.

Cheated by her fiancé with her stepsister and left dying alone in the cold waters of Amalfi Coast,Tatiana survives the painful condition as she seeks revenge.

With the help of her husband, apparently of power and riches, she manages to succeed in her vidication. The man, who saved her in the brink of death, stands beside her as she attaints her goals, for justice she deserves.


Tatiana_The Wallflowers Revenge

Tatiana Rostova

With an American with Russian blood, a sole heir of Rostov International Hotels. Considered as the wallflower, she's a nobody, fading in the background unnoticed. Not until she meets Lucca.

Don Lucca Domenico Cavelli

An arrogant and playboy 14th Duke of Caprielle, known for his grey eyes that could make women crawl on his feet. With Special Forces training under his belt, he's considered a dangerous man to deal with.

Paolo Ranaldi

Tatiana’s fiancé, a well known Italian playboy and businessman. He betrayed her love by having an affair with her step-sister, who became a cold-hearted devil that forces his way to get her.

Sabrina Hunter

Tatiana’s stepsister, dubbed as “darling of the Manhattan Society,” with a heart filled with jealousy. Famous for her blond hair and pretty blue eyes, she's New York City’s most celebrated socialite.


The Wildflower's Revenge Book Review

Amalfi Coast to New York City

The story began in Amalfi Coast, where Tatiana having a vacation with her sister and fiancé and where Lucca lives. But in middle, Tatiana together with Lucca goes back to New York to continue her revenge.​

Overall "The Wallflower's Revenge" Review - Final Verdict

I like the character’s personality, and how strong the female protagonist is. There are no dragging scenes and very fast forward, which is very important to hook the readers to move further until the last chapter, the last word. Click here to know what your readers want you to write.

But the things I noticed is that there less POV of the male protagonist especially in middle of solving the problem. And lastly, there  is insufficient scenes at the ending. To avoid, learn how to create your own novel fast without dissatisfying your readers.

When you read the epilogue, it would leave you unfulfilled cause the POV comes from a friend of the main characters. But overall, you could totally enjoy the book.

What Did I Like?

What Did I Dislike?

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Where to get the book?

To read “The Wallflower’s Revenge,” you can download Wattpad right through your smartpohones or read online.

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Hann Cellymae Jamila

Hann is currently a graduating college student taking BS Business Administration. While she’s not studying, she spends time reading novels & edits videos for M Gaspary’s book trailers and YouTube videos (in the future).

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