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53 Best Asian Time-Travel Series To Use As Novel Inspirations For Your Next Story

Nowadays, sageuk concept in stories rises. That’s why compiling 53 best Asian time-travel series makes sense in this post. Who knows, one of these series will aid you to come up with your next novel?

Loads of best Asian time-travel series you can make use as a reference for your next story. That is if you want to earn insights on how Asian writers challenge the cliche and reverse the impact of annoying tropes. Ugh! *shrugs*

I’ve been spending so much time searching for Asian time-travel series over the years. So, I decided to reach out to the folks in Disqus and asked them for their recommendations for this post.

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Without ado, I’m presenting *drum rolls* the 53 best Asian time-travel series you can use as novel inspirations for your next best-sellers. *winks*

53 Best Asian Time-Travel Series As Reference

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

2. Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin)

3. Queen In Hyun’s Man

4. Gu Family Book

5. Deserving of the Name

6. My Only Love Song

7. Splash Splash Love

8. Rooftop Prince

9. Legend of the Blue Sea

10. Goblin

11. Lost Love in Times

12. Nine Times Travel

13. Life On Mars

14. Tunnel

14. Shuttle Love Millennium

16. Erased

17. Todome No Kiss

18. Todome No Parallel

19. One More Time

20. Reset

21. Go Back Couple

22. Somehow 18

23. The Best/Hit The Top

24. Mirae’s Choice/Marry If You Dare

25. Orange

26. God’s Gift: 14 Days

27. Tomorrow With You

28. Familiar Wife

29. Eternal Love

30. You Who Came From The Stars

31. Faith

32. Oriental Odyssey

33. Love Through A Millennium

34. My Only Love Song

35. The Journey 1 & 2

36. King Is Not Easy

37. Cinderella Chef

38. Oh My Emperor

39. Step Into The Past

40. Eternal Love 1 & 2

41. Tokyo Girl

42. Time Travel App

43. Flipped

44. Suddenly 17

45. Miss Granny (Korean, Chinese, Filipino version)

46. Back To 90s

47. My Amazing Boyfriend

48. Love Lost In Time

49. Nobunaga Concerto

50. Operation Love

51. Operation Proposal

52. Heavy Sweetness

53. Ash-like Frost


I’m happy to share with you these Asian time-travel series for your reference. This is in relation to my previous post about 61 best ways to find novel inspirations for your next book. There, I stated about taking advantage of the media particularly movies, series or dramas like you see in the list.

So, how do you basically use these 53 series for your next book?

You’re a writer, my writing buddy. You have to harness that detective in you and observe each scene, character, and overall story. You need to make notes of each observation and review them prior to the writing phase.

Further, examine how the characters trap into the conflict and how they end up in that situation. Was it because of a mistake or because of someone’s negligence? Spy on them. Write everything you notice in bullet forms.

Once you’re done, give it a rest and think of what you’ve observed for days. Then, ask yourself “What if?”

These are the 2 words, the only 2 words, you need to remember when crafting the best-selling novel. Actually, it simple as it sounds, but you know, you need to test it out. That’s why Wattpad exists.  

Anyway, to sum up, I have fingers crossed with high hopes you can find your next story within these 53 recommendations from the wonderful FAYAD folks on Disqus. See ya next time, my writing buddy!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash



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