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Meum Miraculum Book Review

What's this book all about?

Maeum Miraculum Book Review Published On Wattpad

“Meum Miraculum” is one of Wattpad’s popular books published on the site.

The book talks about a man, a powerful beast, living alone of hundred of years and feared by all. Apparently, he did not have a mate in all his years. Yet, during his lifetime, he had ruined the lives of the humans. There’s so much darkness and cruelty in him that having a mate seems impossible. 

But after hundreds of years, he meets her. Everything completely changes as she became his world. To the point he’s going to do everything to keep her by his side, safe and sound.


Amara_Meum Miraculum


A young girl who belongs to the pack of Crescent Moon. Just like her father, she's a caring and sweet girl with a beauty that captivates everyone she meets.

Alaricus Knight

Also known as "The Beast," he's notable for cruelty and darkness. Because of these, he remained alone without a mate. But everything changes when he meets Amara.

Eros_Meum Miraculum


A by-product of a curse, he's Alaricus' wolf and other persona, known for his golden eyes similar of those of wolves. A temperamental and territorial by nature, he's gentle as a lamb to Amara.

Alpha Khan

Albeit having a human mate, he hates humans so much that he started to rebel against the race and attacked the palace.


Optimized-Maeum Miraculum Book Review Settings

Alaricus’ Castle

Most stories under this category (Wolf, Vampire series), you’re likely to expect settings in a castle inspired from medieval times with a gloomy atmosphere. Especially with the main lead’s personality. 

Overall "Meum Miraculum" Book Review - Final Verdict

Overall, I really like the story, especially how Amara slowly fell in love with the Beast. Plus, as soon as you read the first chapter, you’re immediately hooked with the story. No dragging scenes within the chapters, which urge me to read further.

Unlike a typical Wolf series like “Maeum Miraculum,” you don’t expect too much action scenes. Hence, for me, there’s not too much drama going on and the wits of the characters, as well as their realistic personalities, add up to my expectations. (It’s a light romance, what else do you expect?)

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In addition to that point, what I like about the author’s writing style is that she’s using simple and easy to understand words. This is beneficial to those who aren’t native English speakers (international readers) in a way they don’t need to use dictionaries to look for the definitions or wonder what these words meant, at least.

And to write this kind of book as properly as you could, there’s a need to plan how to execute those scenes. Especially those that are a bit tricky or probably mislead the readers if not done well.

As a reader, I am really jealous of how Alaricus shows his love for Amara. I wish I was her.

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Where to get the book?

To read “Meum Miraculum,” you have two options: 1) You can download Wattpad right through your smartpohones or 2) You can read online via browser.

Contributor's Name

Hann Cellymae Jamila

Hann is currently a graduating college student taking BS Business Administration. While she’s not studying, she spends time reading novels & edits videos for M Gaspary’s book trailers and YouTube videos (in the future).

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