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Former High School Teacher’s Debut Novel: Wattpad’s Top Erotic Romance

The Rival M Gaspary's Debut Novel in 2022 Featured Image


On October 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM Central European Time in Römerstrass 19, 79664 Wehr, Germany — MG Consulting & Web Content Writing Services is delighted to announce the launching of “The Rival” MM erotic romance fiction book by M. Gaspary. Everyone including critics will surely love this book.

It was one of many books I really enjoyed, and I wanted others to read it, too.


[The Rival] attracted me [to read it] because of two people hating each other but gradually falling for each other… I love the drama there is just from the beginning of it.


[The book had a] different plot, [so] I read a lot of boyxboy FFs and I don’t see any similarities in the aspect of the series, so I got interested. I love rivalry but ended up being with each other. So great! 


More about “The Rival”

Don’t miss M. Gaspary’s debut!

Here’s more information about her upcoming official book launch on October 31, 2022. So, if you like to read Alex and Chen’s steamy, yet, cute “coming out of the closet” love story, make sure you get “The Rival” across eBook retailers i.e. Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, and more!

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This is the UNCENSORED Version of this novel.

When Chen eventually decided to move on, he had no idea what he was in for, as he and Alex were compelled to collaborate for the university’s charity event. Despite his fame at school as the leader and drummer of a rock band, Alex lives the life of a hermit — aloof, remote, and mysterious.

For years, both men have despised and blamed each other for producing problems as a result of their violent rivalry over musical and personality differences. They had no idea they shared similar problems outside of music. Alex has always blamed himself for the death of his sister, Sam, while Chen had no knowledge that his opponent was not only his competition but also Sam’s former fiancee.

Could Chen forgive Alex, who had such a tumultuous past? Could Alex be willing to let go of his shame and accept Chen’s unforgettably beautiful love? What will become of our two main characters? Will they be able to have a “normal” love life, or will their trust difficulties take over?

This book is intended for mature audiences.

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