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Rise Of Writing AIs: When Robots Replace Writers, You’re Done.

Rise of Writing AIs Featured Image

During the rise of writing AIs, do you think you have the skills to compete against it? I’ll tell you a secret. A secret I’ve never told anyone about.

What if Sophia—most intelligent and the most conscious AI—starts blogging?

In the past few weeks, I received suggested posts from Google News informing me about the possibility of replacing writers with AIs. This immediately caught my attention—the reason for writing this post.

I thought about the possibilities that could happen if this becomes a reality as most industries start to adapt to integrating robots in their production process. Manufacturing companies rely on AI to produce more products faster than human workers can deliver.

What if the time comes that AI writers start to compete with human writers? 

Rise of Writing AIs Sophia develops consciousness and talks about empathy

As of now, most online writers, including bloggers, rely on AIs for more lead generation, algorithms, and detecting plagiarized works. 

In the next 10 years, I assume, the time comes this becomes evident as a big threat to human writers. 

With that being said, do you think you have the skills to remain competitive against machines? 

I know it sounds daunting. It’s a terrifying idea. But you’ll never know. Technology advances faster than 10 years ago or even earlier. So, you could say this event is getting close.

If you continue blogging like you are doing now, you will likely be left behind, defeated and frustrated. You are left with no clues as to how the AI bloggers could do better than human bloggers. 

Become a Legendary Content Marketer Optin Button 1 writing ais uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on April 6, 2020.

Imagine a situation where more people prefer reading AI-produced blog posts than those written by humans for several obvious reasons. 

There will be no more need to hire freelance writers, partner with bloggers, and above all, publishing companies prefer AI-written book selections. 

When this happens, you will likely lose your job, your income generated from your blogs, your organic traffic goes low, as well as your influence. 

You don’t want that to happen, right? 

So, stick towards the end of the post and I’ll tell you what you can do to compete against intelligent machines. 

Rise of Writing AIs - Humans VS Robots

Humans VS AIs: Reasons To Worry About AI Writers

First, the AIs can leverage their blogs sooner than you think. This is possible because of its limitless capacity to outsource the best topics to write about. They know what keywords to target better than you do.

Second, they can be experts with grammar, resulting in flawless pieces of content. 

Human bloggers tend to have a lot of issues with content writing. Lots of typographical errors and other content-related concerns most AIs detect earlier than most of us, humans. 

Third, they know how to translate data into digestible content for its target audience and convince you with anything without problems. Be it an idea, product, or program.

Whatever an AI presents, you’re likely becoming convinced because of the data-driven arguments.

Lastly, AIs are far capable of doing more than humans. Machines don’t need to rest as long as they can. 

Rise of Writing AIs - When Robots Replace Human Writers

It’s possible to produce more content in a day than we can. Humans need to rejuvenate energy by sleeping at least 8 hours a day while machines continue until they face technical errors. 

While humans procrastinate, machines continue to produce content without imposing self-discipline and self-reflection. They don’t need that as they rely on the commands developed from, well, humans. 

It’s funny to think about how humans created this level of machine intelligence only to find out it could go out of control.

Are you getting my point? 

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to know how you can compete as a human blogger by knowing its capabilities. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we? 

Rise of Writing AIs - How Artificial Intelligence Affects Human Writers i.e. bloggers, freelance writers, affiliate marketers, etc.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Influence Blogging?

Anand Srivastava wrote an article about how AI can make blogging more productive on Smart Data Collective. 

According to him, humans asking help from AIs for their blogging career brings great results for 5 reasons, namely: 

  • Planning
  • content writing
  • quality improvement
  • data-driven narratives
  • maximized ROI

The 5 things he pointed out are some of the features artificial intelligence contributes largely to creating a successful blog. This is why humans rely on AI’s contributions to boosting human-related endeavors. 

Take a look around you. You have Alexa, Siri, and humanoids. You have Sophia, who can understand human conversations without problems.

If we take a closer look and think about its potential devastating outcomes, it is evident that human bloggers are likely to be defeated in many areas. 


Let’s be honest. We aren’t machines. We’re humans—fans of mediocrity and self-sabotage. We’re emotional beings.

We couldn’t blame ourselves for it because we’re born with it. We’re born with superior intelligence that sets us apart from other creatures and machines. We feel things, situations, etc. and act based on how we feel.

Machines don’t have these problems. They act on commands and deliver results without emotions involved. Anything that’s based on logic is comprehensible. That’s all. 

Become a Legendary Content Marketer Optin Button 1 writing ais uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on April 6, 2020.

Rise Of Writing AIs: The Challenge

I’ll give you an example by asking you questions that would trigger that thought. 

At this point, do you know where your blog is heading to? Do you have concrete content plans to give your blog a boost? 

When it comes to content writing, how certain are you that in every blog post you write, it’s guaranteeing conversions i.e. leads, subscribers?

These questions are answerable by logic. AIs can definitely do the same thing. 

They comprehend and give more accurate content because they’re mostly data-driven as I mentioned earlier. It’s more convincing than providing opinionated content as most human writers do. 

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Shouldnt Become A Writer Featured Image

This is the problem: while you’re still in the process and wasting your time because of your relentless excuses, AI bloggers could already be ahead of you. 

While you’re still confused about what you want to share, AI bloggers have already written something about it. 

Humans are born intelligent in comparison to other creatures. But we simply can’t do what machines can. We can’t work for 72 hours without sleeping. We naturally need to rest to function better. 

I tried staying awake for 72 hours a few months ago to finish a boatload of work. The result wasn’t great. I wasn’t as productive as I imagined than following the natural process. Work. Rest. Work. Rest. 

Now, do you get the situation here? 

Rise of Writing AIs - When Robots Take Over Google's Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
This is an example of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Rise of Writing AIs: When Robots Take Over Google SERP

Once AI bloggers will be on the rise and make an influence in the public domain, chances are, you’re likely to be replaced by AIs on the top Google’s results page. Their posts will be more preferable to read than your content.


Google’s algorithm is based on quality. It wants the most unique and most valuable piece of content to share with its users. 

And an AI can do the same thing…better.

Rise of Writing AIs - Find Out The Devastating Consequences When Robots Replace Human Writers

How This Dangerous AI Affects Writers In The Future?

OpenAI’s GPT-2 is the most recent artificial intelligence intended to produce better language models and their implications. This is the same AI in which the company thought too dangerous for public use.

I’ve never thought this could potentially become a big threat to human writers. Once it’s ready for public use without problems, it could completely wipe out human writers. 

Companies and private individuals, who once hired freelance writers to do the work, can simply purchase the software and save more time and money from hiring human writers. 

“Due to our concerns about malicious applications of the technology, we are not releasing the trained model,” they mentioned. 

It predicts the next word and writes a perfect piece of content as if it was done by a human being but it wasn’t. 

GPT-2 could also generate conditional high-quality synthetic text samples, answer questions correctly, comprehend the texts, summarize content, and translate raw texts. 

Given, we could see more lay-offs in the future as more human writers will lose their jobs and other opportunities to make money. Robots take over humans and do the same better and faster. 

From an employer’s perspective, relying on AI like GPT-2 guarantees more savings to spend on other projects. For writers, on the other hand, it impacts otherwise. 

If you take a look at the comparison OpenAI released on its official website, you see no big difference between human-written texts versus machine-written texts. 

Rise of Writing AIs Presents A Thin-Line Difference Between Human Writers And Robots' Content

Though the company only released the smaller version of this AI, it will always remain a big threat for human writers economically.  

So, how can you defeat AI bloggers or, at least, remain competitive against the unprecedented event that will change our writing game forever? 

There are 5 simple but negligible ways to do that. 

5 Ways Human Writers Can Do To Defeat AI

I know you’re disturbed by this. But no matter how much you avoid it, it’s inevitable but can be challenged in 5 simple but negligible ways. 

The only way to remain competitive—regardless if you’re a blogger, freelance writer, affiliate marketer, whatever industry you’re in—is to know exactly what you should do to avoid the devastating consequences AI brings. 

What are the 5 simple but negligible ways you can defeat AI and remain at par in the public domain? 

How To Make $8000 A Month On Medium Featured Image

1. Humanize Your Writing Brand

AIs can never do this unless you stick with your current writing style. If you have no intention of relating with your readers, you’d likely fail as soon as these AI-written posts rise. 

Develop your storytelling skills in creating your content. Give them the story behind the data and what it implies. Give your audience a clear understanding of your subject that remains in their head.

Don’t become a writer that readers forget. Become a phenomenal writer who leaves a lasting impression. Share your story. Be human. 

The more you get personal with your readers, they will appreciate that. But that doesn’t mean you become disingenuous here. 

Become a Legendary Content Marketer Optin Button 1 writing ais uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on April 6, 2020.

2. Improve Writing Skills

Make sure your content resonates with your audience. Through integrating emotions, it leaves a mark on them. Your goal is to write a post that’s too good to be forgotten. 

Understand how emotions play a vital role in people’s decisions. If you’re an affiliate marketer, learn how the audience feels the need for purchasing the product or program you promote. 

Do you get what I mean? 

Epic Guide to Self Publishing Content Image 15 min writing ais uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on April 6, 2020.

3. Read More To Expand Ideas + Data

“As a writer, you’ll find yourself hitting plateaus and roadblocks when you aren’t reading. You’ll run out of words, if you’re not regularly being challenged through books and other material,” Jeff Goins, a best-selling author, wrote on his blog. 

If you have been following my posts or if you have read my about page, you will realize that I wasn’t born from a native English-speaking country. 

Though the Philippines consider the English language as a secondary language, we don’t write the same as those who are from the US, etc. 

When I began my writing journey, the first editor I worked with pointed to the accents present in my content. 

For instance, the word positioning and the use of prepositions have similarities with the Spanish language.  

Epic Guide to Self Publishing Content Image 7 min writing ais uploaded by Mecyll Gaspary on April 6, 2020.

4. Become Data-Driven

Researching skills are necessary for writers. We can’t rely on our opinions as we need to validate our ideas. We need to present facts to support our alibis to convince our audience.

Whatever argument you write, as long as it’s backed with research, it gives an interesting insight for your readers. True. 

A shady but skillful marketer, when he presents facts to his customers, becomes believable. This is why people fall into scams. The same principle applies to writers.

For example, this post, as you’ve noticed, contains different resources to support my judgment. You will not be convinced that the AI isn’t a threat if I didn’t include facts here, right? 

Rise of Writing AIs becomes a threat for human writers. Therefore, it's best to learn how to connect with our readers with our content to defeat robots.

5. Target Human Connection

If you write like a robot, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Your content will sound as if it was an AI writing it. Take a look at the image I showed earlier. 

As I pointed out earlier, there are no differences when it comes to the content per se. It’s just how you convey the message. 

Artificial intelligence, GPT-2, for example, relies heavily on data to comprehend the context and predict the right text to tell something. 

Human writers, on the other hand, establish a connection. You possess what AIs don’t have. You can feel your readers and assume their conditions without problems.

Further, you can conclude something based on data that concerns the consequences, both positive and negative. You understand the struggle and imagine how it’s like to be in that situation.

Rise of Writing AIs Metrics
These are some of the metric list in which OpenAI compares GPT-2 vs human writing accuracy.

AI doesn’t do this at all. It doesn’t care if you’re overwhelmed or if you’re troubled. All it does is to glean information without feelings involved. 

This is what sets us apart from them, giving us more edge. But the thing is that, unfortunately, most writers tend not to be conversational with their content. 

You tend to be heavily-driven with data that you forget that you’re talking to fellow humans, not robots. You don’t believe that storytelling is the new blogging.

Conclusion – Become A Legendary Writer!

Discovering more of what artificial intelligence can do is unstoppable. No matter how much you deny it, it’s already happening. So, it’s better to be prepared while AIs are still in development. 

To repel from the devastating outcomes an AI can do to you and your business, improving your writing skills is the best weapon. You can’t simply write a piece of content that doesn’t gain traction and pretty vanilla. 

Become phenomenal that people won’t forget what you wrote. Otherwise, your readers will simply visit your page and leave your site without giving a damn on returning. 

It’s your turn to be more human to your audience. But that doesn’t mean you compromise quality. Continue writing better posts without succumbing from fear. 

Free online writing tools to use to bolster content writing

Here’s what you have to do:

You may be writing bad right now. However, if you continue learning and reading more materials i.e. books, blogs, etc., you’ll never notice how much you have improved. 

Just write. Write from the heart.

You’ll get better at it. I promise. 

I suggest you grab your FREE copy of my ebook and start improving your writing skills to become a legendary content marketer. Every writer needs to LEARN THIS SECRET SAUCE. 

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends and family, especially those who are currently struggling in writing. If you have thoughts to share, feel free to write them in the comment section below. 🙂

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