Writing Resources

In this section, you'll find the writing resources I recommend using because these are the same tools I use with my own works. Be it a novel-writing software or a book, as long as it helps me become productive and finish my books.Feel free to have a look at them and try to explore which of these work for you and not.

Dabble Writer App

my novel-writing partner


fave writing community

Wattpad as writing resource - M Gaspary

Wattpad For Writers

Practice Writing With Real Audience

Ultimate Novel-Writing Guide

free eBook for starters

Laptop as writing resource - M Gaspary

Personal Laptop

Where would you write your books but here?

Notebook image - M Gaspary

Small Notebook

Nothing beats this one!

Nice view to find novel inspiration - M Gaspary

Best Locations For Next Bookspiration

Search for best places for next story idea


commit to finish your book this year

StudioPress Themes

Show Guternberg-ready blog themes


The World's Best Grammar Checker

Updates soon...