Why Do Writers Want To Be Alone All The Time

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This post, “Why Do Writers Want to Be Alone All the Time,” was written in 2020 and was originally published on my old blog called “Behind Pen N’ Paper” (nulled).

As part of a personal project, I included this article in the republication list, hoping the message will inspire you to become a writer and learn more about our lifestyle. Enjoy reading and happy writing! 🙂

Why do writers want to be alone all the time?

Today, my boss and I talked about our day-to-day experiences. He asked me to live happily, no matter what. As soon as I saw his message, I honestly was taken aback because of one thought.

So, I told him he had been working as a writer for four years. I’d never been to most social events as others my age did.

I spent most of the time at home, writing the whole day at my desk. My sister and my dog were the only living creatures I talked to.

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Do Writers Want to Be Alone: A Personal Story

As a writer, I couldn’t remember the last time I hung out with friends. Yet, I could still see myself writing my books in the bedroom alone. It was enthralling and so exciting. But then again, I was alone. 

I could have gone out and celebrated the success with a few people. Yet, there was none. Nobody understands that feeling anyway. Not even my husband could.

I was alone when I began and alone when I succeeded. 

Surprisingly, he shared the same thing. He spent most of the time on his computer and focused on work. We share the same sentiments, which gives me consolation, even for a bit.

The Untold Truths From An Author’s Honest View

This is how writers live their lives and why they always want to be alone. As with most online sources, writing requires a bolster in mind, work, and concentration to finish the tasks. It’s not social as other creative artists do. 

We work underneath the spotlight, with nobody surrounding us except our lampshades, pens, and paper. We live in the shadows and suffer without letting everybody know.

Silence, despair, and loneliness are our best friends. 

Our unhealthy habits prevail no matter how much we try to hide our sorrows. Alcohol abuse, coffee addiction, loneliness, and despair are a few.

Many of us are convinced that nobody can apprehend our ways of thinking. We can’t help but immerse ourselves in the darkness and cope with our practices. I drink a lot and slowly destroy my body for it.

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These are the ways we could cope with the emotions boiling underneath us. So that you know, we feel frustrated and angry with ourselves for choosing this path.

Honestly, I’d want to punch the walls and cry a river resenting myself for doing it. But deep in my heart, I knew I was born to write.

Deep down in my soul, I want to scribble the words hoping someone could read what I want to say. No matter what they are.

Why Do Writers Want to Be Alone All the Time – My Final Thoughts

As Mary Sellers mentioned in her post, “All the time working on falling in love with that singularity. Because really. What’s so wrong with being alone?”

Yes, there’s nothing with being alone. Besides, what else could we do when our work requires it? This is our fate. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to see ourselves face its harsh truths as we go along the journey.

We’re working on our craft and should be enjoying the opportunity to express ourselves. Be it in the stories we create or the blog posts we publish. They’re all tangled in our veins.

We need the silence to concentrate and put our imagination into written form without messing things up.

Thus, we must accept that we must be alone to boost our creativity and express what we have to speak with perfection.

This is my vocation. By default, silence, despair, and loneliness are my best friends. As a writer, I have already accepted it.

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