11 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Awesome

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Writers are warriors of words. You fight for injustice and equality for everyone—your mother, father, siblings, friends, neighbors, nation, or yourself.

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You fight without guns, but your words are dangerous enough to win a war. Aren’t they enough to convince you why being a writer is incredible? Are they?

Amanda Gorman was an example of how writers portrayed exemplary efforts to win and tear down a strong fortress of evil.

The writer’s success is not measured by how much income you earn but by how many people’s hearts you touch.

You are a writer. You have the strongest yet, peaceful means to win a battle that every man thought impossible to see hopes of victory.

Many writers in history have proved it, from Jose Rizal to Franz Kafka. They shook the world and freed many lives without bloodshed, even without being armed.

As I asked you before, aren’t these enough reasons for you to believe that we don’t need to refuel hate with blood from innocent lives lost? With these said, allow me to introduce the 11 reasons why being a writer is fantastic.

11 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Awesome

  1. You become a warrior of words.
  2. Your thoughts and emotions become tangible.
  3. You can inspire millions of people around the world.
  4. You can teach someone about something.
  5. You become a calmer person.
  6. You learn faster.
  7. You solve physical disagreements faster in a peaceful way.
  8. You save yourself from boredom.
  9. You fill in your bookshelf faster with your crap.
  10. You can make a lot of money.
  11. You create opportunities to leave a legacy.

1. You become a warrior of words.

A great example is Jose Rizal, who is a Filipino national hero. He once said, “On this battlefield, man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force but his heart.”

In the 19th century, he shook the nation with his bravery as he faced injustice from the Spanish colonizers, who ordered his execution for worthless accusations. He led the opposition against the abusive Spaniards for freedom by writing.

He had no guns nor machetes. But his works were too powerful to ignore. They showed nothing but the realities of his homeland. He only wants people to know the truth under their rule.

The novels he wrote provoked the Spanish government to arrest him and put him into exile in the Southern Philippines before the Spaniards decided his fate—his execution. 

Who would have thought that his death incited revolution among the Filipinos, resulting in a series of wars that pushed the Spaniards to leave the country after 3 centuries of abuse?

Without a gun in his hand, he saved the country from its fall after successive defeats for hundreds of years.

2. Your thoughts and emotions become tangible.

Writing is the best way to turn your thoughts and emotions into something tangible. And that something can turn people to read and appreciate. No other approach provides the same impact as writing without the need for wasted lives lost in wars.

For instance, Anne Frank wrote the last moments of her life during the Nazi occupation without knowing that her words scribbled in a simple diary could inspire millions of people years after her death.

Imagine if she didn’t do it or never got her diary as a birthday gift. Do you think it would have been a waste if she chose not to scribble the events that happened?

3. You can inspire millions of people around the world.

You write to inspire. You release emotional baggage restraining you from wanting, dreaming, or living. Countless writers have done this in history, and we’re still counting.

4. You can teach someone about something.

As self-publishing continues flourishing, more independent authors explore writing non-fiction, especially since it has become more convenient.

With that said, writing has become an avenue for sharing a lesson to teach someone about something.

For instance, Michelle Obama, the former US First Lady, and Barack Obama, the former US President, shared personal experiences through their books “Becoming” and “The Promised Land,” respectively.

In that way, an average American, including others beyond borders, will know what it was like to manage White House-related affairs, which is surreal for everyone who never stepped into the home of the most influential people on Earth. 

5. You become a calmer person.

As I mentioned earlier, writing does its magic in so many ways. As you scribble the words on paper, for instance, you unconsciously allow yourself to let go of something or someone you never thought possible before.

I am unsure if you could relate to this, but I find it challenging to get as honest with myself as possible, even if I only have to jot them down. Each page seems to have listening ears that bring comfort and a strange sense of peace and apology.

6. You learn faster.

According to William Zinsser, a best-selling author, former journalist, and educator, you learn faster about anything when you write the lessons down.

His arguments are so powerful and relatable among educators that they sold more than 1.5 million copies and counting. He said that understanding the urge for clarity and simplicity in writing is the key to good writing.

In my separate post, I wrote about this book in detail. So, I highly recommend you read my post about “On Writing Well.” 

7. You solve physical disagreements faster in a peaceful way.

If it’s hardcover, you hit it right.

8. You save yourself from boredom.

As we are in a precarious situation, locked in uncertainty, the restrictive lockdown measures have certainly taken a toll on all facets of our well-being.

Again, writing lets you be honest about your feelings and thoughts without judgment. It also saves you a lot from getting bored, especially nowadays, writing can become your avenue to make extra bucks online.

If you want to learn more about how it works and the type of writing that makes money, I suggest you get access to my EXCLUSIVE library. I only share valuable tips with my exclusive members.

9. You fill in your bookshelf with your crap/unsold books.

Although authors compete with book sales and ensure every copy is out, you still have a collection of your writing progress.

Can you imagine how meaningful it would be to see your wildest imagination translated into something tangible for others?

10. You can make money.

“It takes one good story to become a millionaire,” my husband exclaimed after I asked him how writers appreciate their chosen craft. That reminds me of J.K. Rowling’s inspiring story.

You can check her story by watching the video below if you have the time.

11. You create opportunities to leave a legacy.

Now, this is a deal-breaker. Writing is the best approach when you devote your life to creating opportunities to leave a legacy.

Look at the works of the greatest writers, such as William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen, to name a few. Think about how their works survived over centuries.

If you are an INFJ, kindly check this post out to see if you can relate to the writing experience. I thought I was an INTJ a year earlier, but I realize I am too emotional to be one.

Conclusion – Why Being A Writer Is Awesome?

If you remain doubtful at this point, I have no other idea how to explain it further. Writing isn’t your forte, or it’s too cowardly to face the fear of translating your inner world to the physical.

I see our fear of judgment as the top reason for it. Most people would say it’s perfectionism. However, the root of perfectionism, for me, is fear.

When you fail to overcome it, it’s nearly impossible to appreciate this lifelong vocation unless you encounter an event that would challenge it.

Not only does it bring wellness for you in every aspect, but writing also does its magic, allowing you to be free—allowing your thoughts and imaginations to flow.

You may be working as a content writer or a copywriter right now. Perhaps, you write fiction novels. Whatever you’re working on, how you value your work matters.

Trust me. When I wrote the last word of my book in 2018, I cried and couldn’t find a logical explanation. I felt a strange emotion as my tears built up and crawled down my face.

At that moment, I realized I was in the right profession and, at the same time, a vocation. I am a writer. I hope you will do the same for yourself, too.

If you have anything to say or add, leave them in the comment section below. I genuinely appreciate it. Thank you! 🙂

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