Episode 2 – A Typical Life In The Life Of A Novelist

Writers share the same sentiment. If you’re a novelist, you would understand the isolation it requires for creative writing. You need almost all of your time to write the best story and you compromise time for others because you don’t know when an idea comes out from your head. It’s not only for your sake but for others who enjoy it. That’s why you do this. Otherwise, you would have chosen a different path. But here you are. You’re a writer. 

I hope this episode will inspire you to become a writer regardless if you plan to write a fiction, nonfiction, blog, whatever niche you choose that’s related to writing. If you want to read the whole post, you can read it here. 

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The Writer Warriors Podcast
The Writer Warriors Podcast
Episode 2 – A Typical Life In The Life Of A Novelist
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