Begin Your Story.

Learn how to begin writing your novel through a step-by-step process and end without destroying your story. The same system I used in my own works that allows me to finish 3 books in 1 year and win NaNoWriMo. Curious?

What people say?

What I like about your books is the cover & the poignant amount of attention you present in your characters to make them diverse & different from all the stories I have read on Wattpad. Although, I do sometimes recognize the use of cliches. But otherwise, I really enjoy your books!
reader, wattpad
I love reading your books, because I couldn't predict what's coming. And it makes my reading exciting and thrilling. Your books makes me forget the time. One tip for the readers out there who'll read her works, have your mind in blank slate. Because whatever you have in mind, won't happen.
Kryzsa Lopez

How to write a novel & finish it?

You’ve been frustrated at how you’re unable to start writing a single word. Now, you want to know how to write a novel and commit to your desire of telling that incredible story in your head for a very long time.