Novel Writing

Novel writing is difficult as it requires a lot from you as an author. However, if you learn the process how novel writing begins and ends strong, it won’t be that difficult. Though it remains a tough journey. With the aid of novel writing posts I publish here, it will help you create a picture in mind in your own novel writing journey. That way, writing your own book will be clear and systematic.

How A Publishing Company Found Me On Wattpad?

After writing stories for free on Wattpad since 2014, someone invited me to join a contest to submit my stories. When I did, they offered me a contract, which I didn’t expect and I turned it down.

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How To Plan Your Writing Using Snowflake Method – Healer 2014 Review

To plan your writing using the Snowflake Method while having fun is the best strategy. Deciding what story to write should be a thrilling experience. Not forced by trend or short-term joys. Remember, a classic took at least 2 years before it’s finished. Yet, it withstands through time.