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Latest News: M. Gaspary to launch her debut With An Erotic Romance Novel

June 04, 2022 / 10:00 PM
The Rival A Novel by M Gaspary Book Cover

In this coming month of October, one of the most popular gay romance novels on Wattpad arrives in your favorite eBook retailers worldwide.

A love story of passion, music, and forbidden love, “The Rival” is a novel by M. Gaspary loved by more than 146K Wattpad readers worldwide (and is still counting).

This book is a must-read and will leave you breathless.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Mecyll has got the best of both worlds—fiction and non-fiction.

While she has authored multiple novels, she also has practical knowledge about SEO, content creation, and blogging. This attribute distinguishes her as a writer because she comprehends the medium and is well-versed in the digital age.

Mecyll is also a voice for many non-native English writers who are doubtful of their abilities.”

Masroor Ahmad, On-Page SEO & Lead Content Strategist, India

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Mecyll Gaspary is not just passionate about writing and storytelling; she is one of the few writers, who loves and respects her target audience. She can connect with a random creator and engage in deep and meaningful conversation about writing and life for hours!

She is emphathic, who understands the impact of words!

I believe everyone deserves a mentor like Mecyll, someone who would encourage a writer or a creator to dream, and execute it like a pro. We need more people like her to be able to overcome all the all the labels and take more steps to overcome the pay gaps! Kudos!”

Arunima Basu, Columnist, Screenplay Writer, & Radical Feminist

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About the Author

M Gaspary Author Bio Pic

An author from the Philippines, Mecyll Gaspary or simply known as M. Gaspary is a versatile creative writer that excelled in a variety of in-demand content writing jobs, from blog posts, and eBooks, to writing fiction for her readers and fans on Wattpad. She has been featured on Lifehack, Medium Publications, PsychReg, and Thrive Global.

Since 2018, she has been providing highly valuable resources for beginner writers around the world. Her unwavering determination to succeed has led her to work with online entrepreneurs, YouTube influencers, and company founders around the world.

Not only did Mecyll inspire many writers around the world but feel grateful for her generous efforts to provide highly valuable resources mostly for free have been received well. Currently, she still spends most of her time writing about anything with her husband in Germany.

Author’s Latest Published Stories

If you are an aspiring writer and author, read M. Gaspary’s latest blog posts and learn more about your writing craft. Whether you are interested in freelance writing or self-publishing books, you’ll surely learn a lot from her years of professional writing experience.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach her out via email. Click the button below to send your message.